Advaitic Ratnas- Conversation With Radha Ma an Indian Advaita Guru (Transcription from The Original DVDs)
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Advaitic Ratnas- Conversation With Radha Ma an Indian Advaita Guru (Transcription from The Original DVDs)

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Author: Amar Alhassan
Language: English
Edition: 2009
Pages: 176
Other Details 7.00 X 5.00 inch
Weight 180 gm
The English title of this beautiful book is Advaitic Gems, and it is indeed a treasure chest filled with many precious jewels set in the pure gold of the Non-Dual Advaitic Truth. These well cut gems are presented with great love, compassion, wisdom and humor by a devoted lady Guru who with true humility, paradoxically denies that she is one. Her name is Radha Ma, and she is a familiar figure in Tiruvannamalai, often seen strolling gracefully in her orange robes, in the neighbourhood of sacred Mount Arunachala, where she has made her home.

First of all I would like to relate some details of my personal relationship with Radha Ma, which qualifies me to write this Foreword. I was in Tiruvannamalai for a short stop over, on my way back from Tasmania in the April of 2003 where I had been visiting some of my family who live there. On arrival, a very good old friend informed me there was a wonderful new Teacher currently giving marvelous Satsangs at the Kannapa Temple on Arunachala. Her name was Radha Ma and he described her as being a 'totally free being'. I trusted this informant and was determined to go and hear this Teacher at the very first opportunity. The next day I visited the Kannapa Temple and to my delight I saw and heard a beautiful lady Sanyasin answering profound questions on Advaita Vedanta and Ramana Maharshi's Teaching in clear and ringing tones, with incredible accuracy.

Realisation often referring to Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi whom she clearly loves.. Questions are posed by several different intelligent persistent interrogators, and virtually the whole range of issues, concerning the crucial teachings of Enlightenment and Spiritual Practice are covered in these compelling satsang dialogues. She answers each questioner with unfailing accuracy according to his or her needs, but in such a way that we may all learn and benefit from her eloquent prescriptions, advice and guidance.

This book is indeed a precious gem to be treasured, since she has decided not to give public talks anymore, and these are the only available materials about her teaching. They have been discriminately gathered from five DVD's of her Talks covering ten whole hours. This is in spite of the fact that she has been giving talks for almost three years.

This magnificent book will also serve as a valuable guide for all those earnest aspirants keen to understand the full implications of the advanced teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, who she often quotes devotedly in her replies, and obviously regards him with the greatest love and reverence. The book also provides a useful glossary, giving clear and helpful definitions of the Sanskrit and Tamil words which often crop up in the Advaitic literature and in her dialogues.

I am positively certain that Advaitic Ratnas will prove a most useful book of reference and guidance for Devotees as they proceed with their Sadhana and encounter new questions. I am equally positive that it will find a permanent place as a classic of Advaitic Literature.

It's always hard for the writers to choose a title for their books, where the title should always sum up the whole message of the book in a very short yet captivating way.

Many who already have their own readings and interests about spirituality will not bother about the first part of the title of this book, because of its lengthy fame that has been established over centuries where duality vanishes and only oneness remains. But the second part might be truly a new inquiry to many.

Ratna is a Sanskrit word meaning "gem" and anyone who knows even a little about the gem world knows how hard it is to find them, yet how simple is their beauty. Gems combine both complexity and simplicity in a very unique way.

Many individuals on the globe claim that they own the truth now; truth has become the bestselling commodity of today's spiritual world, where everyone eagerly wants either to sell it or buy it, which one doesn't matter. Truth is being put in between great thick covers; too many pages to flick through, too many lines to move your eyes over, too many debates; but truth can't always be said as is. Truth is beyond any sort of comprehension, how to comprehend something when you have to drop the mind in the process? The very idea of the mind won't exist anymore.

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