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Amidrishti- The Divine Attitude

Amidrishti- The Divine Attitude
Item Code: NAP006
Author: Acharya Bhuvanbhanu Suri
Publisher: The Write Place, Mumbai
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789352016983
Pages: 204
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 230 gms
About the Author

About the author “Jain Acharya Param Pujya Bhuvanbhanu surishwarji maharj ”

A Clairvoyant, academic genius, profound thinker , skilful orator, versatile writer, incredible mentor of approximately 250 disciples, great sage, and above all , humble devotee of Lord Mahavira and his religious order .

Surishwarji was instrumental in brining about a revolution in Jainism during the early 20th century. His effective skills and sight , impactful words and acts shook the youth and brought their fast –paced worldly life to a momentary halt. It was a halt to think ,reflect and contemplate upon where their current lifestyle was leading them....

Surishwarji acquired the prestigious GDA degree (Government diploma in Accounting , equivalent to the current Charted Accountants degree in India) from London . On his return to India ,he renounced the material world and accepted jain monkhood.

Along with following the strict code of conduct of Jainism , he sunk into the endless ocean of Jian literature.

He was a renowned scholar of Prakrit ,Sanskrit and Gujarati , and had mastered every aspect of Indian Philosophy.

After years of In-depth study of jain scriptures , he could explain advanced concepts of philosophy in lucid language to the masses.

His motivating and heart –rending sermons created a magical effect on people from all walks of life. In a short span of 5 years , as many as 35 youngsters from affluent families of Mumbai renounced the material world and accepted monkhood.

He started a weekly magazine, Divya-Darshan , in 1952 , which was published for 42 years.

Using his knowledge , logic , intelligence and convincing power , he was even successful in changing the thought the process of a former Prime Minister of India on the subject of “Child Diksha”.

He invented the innovative concept of “Shibar”(youth camps). These camps played a pivotal role in increasing the faith of the younger generation in religion , thereby providing them with a progressively satisfied and happy life.

There are no appropriate word to describe the transformation brought about by this legend in the first decade of the 20th century. Looking at his life, we understand that he lived many lives in one. He was not a jack of all trades but a master of all.

His unmatched ascetic legacy is now under the able leadership of Gacchadhipati Acharya Shri Jayghosh Suriswarji, who heads the world’s largest and most reputed group of Jain monks.


Life is a book. What to write in this book is our choice Hell or heaven War or peace Fight or Friendship Abuse or Appreciate Make life a garden or garbage dump Grow thorns or roses

The decision lies entirely in our hand s. Humans life is a golden opportunity for spiritual progress and religious practices. Humanity, nobility and striving for the well-being of others are the true essence of human life.

The purpose of our life is not to run after non-living , material things, but to care for all living beings. Shape this life into a beautiful garden and do not let it turn into a forest ! let this life not just end in food and family , money and mind’s bondage , nut let it flourish with devotion and dedication , charity and courage..

Good virtues are the real cream of life ! Flowers beautify a garden ... Just as virtues beautify life... Ornaments can only beautify the body, But true virtues beautify the soul...

The story in this book is not a mere story alone , but is a master key to make this life fragrant and fruitful. Do not just read this book. Instead, repeatedly contemplate upon what has been written and use it as an instrument for spiritual progress.

Amidrishti –the Divine is not only truly inspirational but also highly influential because it has been written by Vardhaman taponidhi param pujya acharya shrimad viajay bhuvanbhanu surishwarji maharaj , who was an exceptional thinker , orator and writer.

This story was not written by him to entertain the readers , but to inspire them to scale new heights in the philosophical and spiritual field by imbibing true values and virtues.

Words have been chosen and content presented in an interesting style and lucid language to ensure that the message is crystal clear. The writer intends that the readers , by repeatedly reading and reflecting on his book , imbibe the noble qualities of straightforwardness, composure , tolerance, selflessness , brotherhood , kindness, forgiveness, etc ., and thus glorify their birth in this world as a human being.

If we can ensure that, Pujyashri’s time and efforts will prove to be fruitful. The true destination can be reached only by implementing pujyashri’s words in day to day life and not just by flipping through the pages of the book. In today’s fast-paced world, such concise life-shaping literature ensures that our time is utilised meaningfully. What more to say to wise readers like you? I hereby put down my pen , sincerely hoping that after reading the book, the aura of your nectarous attitude spreads far and wide... I am grateful to all those who have directly or indirectly contributed towards the promotion and publication of this book.

1 Introduced Amichand 9
2 Amichand's Vow 15
3 Tara's Poisonous Attitude 21
4 Human Nature 26
5 How to Resist lust 31
6 Burden of the yoke 43
7 How to make Noble Thoughts last 55
8 The Root Cause of Avarice 62
9 Aminchand's Downfall 69
10 The Selfish World 75
11 The Essence Of Life 80
12 Amichand Disgraced 89
13 Goddess Laxmi Appears in a Dream 104
14 Amichand is Imprisoned 116
15 The ruler and his wife undergo a Change of Heart 131
16 Words of Wisdom 144
17 Amichand's rise 153
18 Vinu's Downfall 164
19 Vinu's Rise 176
20 Aminchand's Divine Discourse 189
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