The Art of Successful Parenting (How to Behave, so Your Children Will too)

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Author: Shalini Mitra
Publisher: Pustak Mahal
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788122306521
Pages: 150
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book

Being a successful parent is not easy. Love is not enough to raise well-behaved ad confident children. It is an essential ingredient no doubt, but as a parent, you have to do more. Successful parenting requires tremendous patience and courage.

A well brought up child is the result of good parenting. No doubt. But have we wondered, what "good parenting" actually is? It does not always come naturally. Parents need certain techniques, which may even challenge some old-fashioned views, to raise a healthy happy child.

The Art of Successful Parenting is a step towards that direction. It contains ideas and strategies to help parents to first change themselves, for parents and children are partners in discipline.

While reading the book, you may say "sounds great but will it work for me?" As long as a parent keeps an open mind, the book offers appropriate training through many do's and don'ts. It provides both advice and help to the parents dealing with growing children.


About the Author

Shalini Mitra is a freelance writer since 1990. She mostly writes on topics related to women, child psychology, relationships and parenting. Her articles appear in various newspapers and magazines. She holds a Master of Science degree in Communication from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA. Besides being a writer, she is a professional translator too and is also associated with the All India Radio. She has two children- a son and a daughter.



I loved children since I was a child. I think most of the children love their fellow beings. I always thought that they are just beautiful, harmless and the most lovable. But when I became a mother, I discovered that like anything else on this earth, they too have another side to their personality. They can be annoying, irritating and even detestable.

I also realised that parenting can be one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Parenting is demanding. It requires countless sacrifices and continuous hard work. To raise confident, responsible and above all well behaved children can consume tremendous amount of your time, energy and patience. Most parents have all these, and yet they fail. Why?

Television is cursed and changing social values are held responsible for children's misbehaviour. But is it right to put the blame on all these? The answer is an absolute 'NO.' It is faulty parenting that, leads to faulty children.

Children are like raw earth. Their behaviour can be moulded into the desired shape or be left to be scorned at. Parents are like a potter who not only just produces but can also impart a desired shape to his creations.

This book is all about shaping your children's behaviour, so that they grow to be lovable, responsible and well behaved human beings.




1 How Successful Parents Behave 9
2 What is Discipline 16
3 How to be a Good Role Model for Your Child 24
4 Your Role in a Joint Family 29
5 How to Focus on the Positive Behaviour and Attitudes in your Children 41
6 Children Believe What You Tell Them 49
7 Rules and Results Teach Decision Making 51
8 How to Plan for Improved Behaviour 54
9 How to Deal When Children Misbehave 60
10 How to Motivate Your Children 69
11 Healthy Family Climate is Important 75
12 How to Develop Healthy Self-easteem in Your Children 80
13 How to be Consistent 84
14 How to be More Consistent 92
15 Why Children Drive You Crazy 96
16 How to Punish Your Child 101
17 Should You Spank Your Children 112
18 How Much Attention is Too Much 116
19 How to Resolve Conflicts Between Siblings 123
20 Dealing With Your Slow Learner 128
21 How to Solve Homework Hassles 131
22 Help Your Child Choosing a Career 137
23 Teaching Children About Responsibility 140
24 Final Thoughts 147

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