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Author: Ramana Maharshi
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788182882775
Pages: 3523 (223 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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At the close of the nineteenth century, South India, or at least a part of it, was being slowly introduced to Western civilization, customs and industry, and railway lines were laid connecting important cities. However, life in the remote parts of South India was exactly the same as it had been centuries ago. During this period if a traveller were to take a country road from the temple city of Madurai in South India and travel westwards, he would have had to pass through one of the most arid areas of India. He would have seen men clad in loincloths toiling under the hot sun to grow a few grains of corn and millet for their families. Occasionally the traveller might have crossed green fields of paddy, where the mode of irrigation was a peculiar see-saw device used for drawing the water. The passerby might also have heard the singing of folk songs by these yeomen, a custom that has all but vanished with the advent of mechanical farming.

Further on his way the traveller would have come across small villages consisting of cottages with thatched rooves and naked children playing around. These children and their parents lived in abject poverty. If the monsoon was bountiful the family would enjoy two square meals a day for a few months. The rest of the year they subsisted on gruel and spinach. Their domestic requirements were met by a barter system. Once in a week there used to be a village fair where neighbouring villagers would bring things to buy and sell - their farm produce, provisions, vegetables, condiments, corn, pulses, toys, trinkets and coarse cloth for garments. However, the affluent ones living in the cities had things brought to their houses. During the harvest season they bought their annual requirement of rice and stored it in the granary. Most of them had cows which met their dairy requirements. Both the rich and the poor hardly left their village, especially the poor, who for generations had been born, bred and died in the same village. Even the rich travelled only to sacred places such as Banaras, and did not expect to return from such a journey. Wayside inns provided free board and lodging for these pilgrims.

All Indians considered entertaining guests to be very important. Even to this day, in most houses a weary guest is always welcomed and offered a meal. Unlike modern-day citizens, people of yore had no great desire or ambition to acquire wealth, fame or property. Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife, they kept the noiseless tenor of their way. Every caste and creed kept to themselves without interfering in others' affairs and lived in harmony, respecting others' faith and beliefs. Although there were skirmishes between factions, these were localized and did not spread.

During this period a great saint of West Bengal came to spread love and devotion and his message was carried throughout India by one of his illustrious disciples. Cults like the Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj, etc., were also taking root in certain parts of India, but generally people had no leaning towards spirituality. As was later pointed out by Sri Bhagavan, where philosophy ends religion begins, and where religion ends spirituality begins. Hence spirituality transcends all religions and lies beyond them. Spirituality removes narrow beliefs, superstition, fears etc., and is common to all religions. This was understood only later in the twentieth century, as we shall see in this biography.

The effect of the Maharshi was tremendous on those who came to him as it still is. In these volumes we present the reminiscences of Raman as devotees and their reflections on his teaching. Thus those who were blessed to sit at his feet are sharing their experiences with the reader. In the various experiences and accounts one finds an underlying unity - unity of deep devotion and love for the Master.

What was the first impression on those who saw Bhagavan?

From the moment Bhagavan's eyes fell on a devotee, the latter's heart went out to him in spontaneous love and reverence. Their visit to Ramanasramam was a shattering experience for some. They literally fell in love with Bhagavan. The love which was awakened was of a sort which bypasses the physical and creates an awareness of a mindless rapture, pure joy.

And what was the devotees' experience while they sat in his proximity? Sitting in Bhagavan's presence people commonly felt that for the time being all their troubles were over. And this was the wonder of his presence.

The most remarkable feature about Bhagavan's form was his eyes, extremely penetrating and profoundly fascinating. Once you had come within the range of those beaming eyes, there was no need for any other sadhana; and once these eyes had rested on you, there was no more fear or worry for you. The experience of a disraught young widow was quite typical. She went into the hall where the Maharshi was reclining and sat down. Bhagavan looked at her - just looked - with such infinite compassion that she felt that her sorrows were just not important any more. She remained sitting and felt totally at peace, though not a word had been spoken.

The Maharshi was a centre of love to his disciples. He showered his love and grace on the devotees in so many ways. It is said that love was the force that created the universe. Perhaps it is. But the force of such an unselfish love as Bhagavan's purifies our hearts when all other methods prove futile. Kindling a deep affection in the devotees' hearts, Bhagavan taught them by word and example. No discipline can give the disciple the true peace which the Master gives. His affection was always there unconditionally, and as fire melts ice so his affection made worries melt. Where else in the world could be found a purifying and transformative power such as this to bring peace to our hearts?

What was the change in a devotee's life after coming to Bhagavan? There was a pervasive state of being sparked by some kind of recognition which stayed with him and the sense of never being the same again. We may not claim that the devotee's life was totally transformed after seeing him. No. Most of them got married, set up house, had children and started a career of their own. Their grihasthasramam was their main preoccupation. But their visits to Ramanasramam had affected them. It had left a mark in their mind and heart. Although some of their material circumstances might have changed for better or for worse, their With regards to Bhagavan's life at Arunachala, one can see it slowly passing from the first stage to the second, and then on to the third stage. In the precincts of the temple and later on at Gurumurtham we find in Bhagavan a perfect example of all that is written in the Upanishads and other scriptures describing the state of ajnani, an enlightened being. During this first period, his body was unmoving; we see him sitting motionless, apparently oblivious of the external world or the movements of his own body. He knew not the difference between the passing of day or night, nor the changing of the seasons. Even the morsel of food put into his mouth by people who wanted to feed him remained there and had to be scooped out of his mouth by his attendant the following day. Such was his tate that even the natural functions of the body were minimal. Seldom in the history of sages does one come across a human being capable of such concentration, yet aware of things happening to his body. For, in later years, he recalled the first bhiksha he received from Arunachala, the disturbance caused by the urchins and his moving within the precincts of the temple from one place to another.

We judge Bhagavan from our own frame of mind, hence it may appear incredible to us that such concentration of mind simultaneous with the knowledge of the activities of the external world could ever be achieved. In the case of Raman a, he was both the doer and the witness.

It was in the second stage, at Virupakshi Cave, that Venkataraman was given the name Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, by Kavyakantha Ganapathi Muni. Ganapathi Muni was a great Sanskrit scholar and tapasvin who came to Virupakshi Cave in 1908. He immediately discerned the greatness and state of the young sage. Later he composed Uma Sahasram, Ramana Gita and Ramana Chatvarimsat, and also Sat-Darsanam, being a Sanskrit version of Raman a's UlladuNarpadu.

Except for a few, all of Bhagavan's works were composed while he was living at Virupakshi Cave and Skandasramam. While translations from Sanskrit texts into Tamil were made as a sublime expression of abidance in the Self and in response to the needs and requests of the devotees, the Five Hymns on Arunachala came gushing with a tearing force that completely engulfed Bhagavan. They were spontaneous outpourings of his deep love, springing from his intimacy and atonement with Arunachala who was mother, father, Guru and Beloved for Bhagavan. The composition of each hymn was mostly unpremeditated and spontaneous. Commentaries and translations of these hymns have been made in various languages. They are all right as they stand, but to comprehend the true significance of the hymns one should tune one's mind towards Arunachala Ramana. The hymns evoke various experiences in the listener or the reader, depending on the individual's circumstances.

The Advent of Sri Bhagavan, like that of every Master, was not so much to give us pleasure as to make us discover the pleasures of pain, for pain redeems and liberates. People run away from Masters if they find that life becomes too much for them in spite of the Master's presence. It is remarkable that devotees cling to Bhagavan and Arunachala even in extreme adversity. The more the grief, the more intense becomes their love and devotion for Bhagavan. There are devotees who even pray for adversities so that they may realize his unbounded grace and compassion for them.

TheFzve Hymns on Arunachala by Bhagavan offer perfect guidance and solace to the suffering mind. Each of the circumstances under which these hymns were composed is thrilling. When Bhagavan wrote Aksharamanamalai for the benefit of humanity, he walked around the hill composing the couplets with tears flowing from his eyes. It is reported that when he wrote the thirty-fourth verse (If thou fail to unite with me, my whole frame will melt into tears and I shall be destroyed), he wept and sobbed with his whole frame shaking. Aksharamanamalai surpasses in beauty and sweetness any other composition made in any language by any of the saints. It spans the whole gamut of human emotions and those transcending the human mind.

If we find, 'the world is too much with us', we may find solace in these hymns. When we are troubled by the complexities of our own mind, Bhagavan makes Arunachala readily available for us to cling to, to surrender to and to give ourselves unto him. Bhagavan had no need to compose these hymns, nor to go round the Hill and openly express his deep love for Arunachala. He did all this for the benefit of suffering souls. In Aksharamanamalai he implores Arunachala on our behalf to act as saviour, as otherwise we will be like tender vines that would wither away without his support. Such is his compassion for us.

Sages and saints have sung about Arunachala in glorious terms; but they have also sung about other deities, or at least about Siva in other shrines. As for Bhagavan, only Arunachala Siva existed. Bhagavan's reply to the Dikshitar from Chidambaram who invited him to have darshan of Nataraja is a case in point:

All the five elements come into existence only when Sakti seemingly forsakes her identity with Lord Siva, the Supreme Self. Since the five elements are only the creations of Sakti, She is superior to all of them. Therefore, more important than the place where the elements merge, is the place where Sakti herself merges. Because Sakti is dancing in Chidambaram, Lord Siva has to dance before her. But in Arunachala, Lord Siva remains ever motionless. Hence Sakti effortlessly merges in him through great love. (Arunachala Nava Mani Malai) After coming to Arunachala, Ramana never went beyond its limits. Though his mother and other relatives begged him weepingly to return, he held his own, conveying the message that nothing and no one could separate him from his Father who had given him spiritual refuge.

When Bhagavan lived in the caves on the Hill, he was very close to the birds and the beasts, the plants and the simple folk living there. Earnest seekers like Sivaprakasam Pillai and Gambhiram Se shier came and sat at his feet, while strife-torn souls found the peace they could not get elsewhere by just being near him.

Who am I? and Self-Enquiry contain Bhagavan's answers to questions put by Sivaprakasam Pillai and Gambhiram Seshier respectively. At the request of Gambhiram Seshier, Bhagavan translated Sankara's Vivekachudamani. Later he also translated Devikalottara, Sarvajnanottara, Sankara's Hymn to Dakshinamurthi, Guru Stuti and Hastamalaka Stotram.

This volume ends with the liberation of Bhagavan's mother, Azhagammal, and his coming down to live near her samadhi which later became Sri Ramanasramam.




Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume I ix
Tiruchuzhi and Its Glory 1
Ancestors and the Curse 4
Nativity 11
Childhood Days 22
A Schoolmate's Reminiscences 26
At Dindigul 27
Madurai 31
A Messenger from Arunachala 41
Peria Puranam 43
First Death Experience 52
On Death Experience 54
His Attitude Towards Life After the Experience 56
Incidents in Madurai After the Realization 60
Leaving Home 62
A Word in Parting 64
one to Sign It! 67
Journey in Quest of His Father 68
Arayaninallur and Kilur 71
At Tiruvannamalai 73
Home at Last! 86
In the Temple of Arunachala 91
Incidents in the Temple 97
At Gurumurtham 102
Traced at Last 112
Incidents in Tiruvannamalai 116
In the Wilderness 123
Gambhiram Seshier 134
Self Enquiry 137
Sivaprakasam Pillai and the Swami 152
Who Am I? 157
Condensed Version 159
Selections from Sivaprakasam Pillai's Composition 162
Reminiscenses of M. V. Sundaresa Iyer 165
Keerai Patti 176
Pachaiamman Koil 184
Again Virupakshi 187
Ganapathy Sastry and Bhagavan 194
Echammal (Lakshmi Ammal) 198
Mudaliar Patti 202
M.V. Ramaswami Iyer 203
Raghavachari 209
T.K. Sundaresa Iyer - Part I 212
Cooking in Virupakshi 214
With the Relatives 215
Again at Pachaiamman Koil 217
Again at Virupakshi 222
The Heart and the Brain 231
Vivekachudamani 233
Vivekachudamani 238
Bhagavan's Selections from the Vivekachudamani 268
Incidents on the Hill 269
Akhilandamma (Desuramma) 270
Masthan Swami 273
Seshadri Swami 275
Annoyances from "Sadhus" 284
Dakshinamurthy Stotram 298
Gurustuti 302
Hastamalaka Stotra 304
Bhagavan and Devotees 306
Animal Companions - I 308
Frank Humphreys 330
More Authentic Mahatmas 335
Iswara Swami 339
First Jayanti at Tiruvannamalai 341
Composition of Stray Verses 344
Devikalottara 351
Some Incidents 360
Ramanatha Brahmachari (Andavane) 361
Kapali Sastri 363
Talks with Ramana Maharshi 370
Jagadeesa Sastri 389
Genesis of the Song of Pappadam (Appalam) 390
Bhiksha by Ladies 393
In His Mother's Service 395
Vallimalai Tiruppugazh Swami 396
Kuzhumani Narayana Sastri ·398
Second Death Experience 399
Bhagavan and Mother Azhagammal 402
Arunachala Stuti Panchakam 404
The Glory of Sri Arunachala 408
A Marital Garland of Letters 410
The Marital Garland of Letters to the Eternal Being 416
Nine Verses on Arunachala 422
Ten Verses on Arunachala 424
Eight Stanzas on Arunachala 427
Five Stanzas to Arunachala 429
Sri Ramana Sthuthi Dasakam 433
Skandasramam 436
Origin of Skandasramam 436
Seshagiri Iyer (Ramana Dasa Sadananda) Contd. 441
T.K. Sundaresa Iyer- Part II 455
Jagadeesa Sastri (Contd.) 458
Arunachalavasi Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi 459
Sri Ramana Gita 462
Summary of Raman a Gita 469
Ramana Chatvarimsat (Forty Verses on Ramana) 473
A Schoolmate's Reminiscences 479
Animal Companions - II 481
Early Days with Bhagavan 491
Desur Akilandamma (Desuramma) (Contd.) 496
Vilacheri Ranga Iyer's Reminiscences Part I 505
N.R. Krishna Murthy Iyer 517
Ramantha Brahmachari 520
Kunju Swami Reminiscences - Part I 521
Recollections of Devaraja Mudaliar 544
A Conversation 546
Natananda (alias) Natesa Mudaliar 547
Spiritual Instructions 553
Venkateswara Sarma and Smt. Sala 566
At the Feet of Bhagavan Ramana 568
The Fortunate Boy 571
Liberation of Mother Azhagammal 573
How Bhagavan Came to Stay  
Permanently Near Mother's Samadhi 585
Appendix-I 589
Appendix - II 614
Appendix - III 622
Appendix - IV 624


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume II ix
Early Days at Ramanasramam 1
Ramaswami Pillai 3
.R. Krishnamurthi Iyer 5
Kunju Swami 7
The Significance of Mahapuja 9
How I Came to the Maharshi 13
Swamy Chidbhavananda 16
Recollections of Devaraja Mudaliar (Continued from Vol. I) 19
Again with Viswanatha Swami 22
Kunju Swami Reminiscences Part- II 29
Conversations with Kunju Swami 39
Reminiscences 43
TK. Sundaresa Iyer's Reminiscences - Part II 44
A Robbery at the Asramam 47
Desur Akhilandamma 55
N.R. Krishnamurthi Iyer's Reminiscences - Part II 61
Giripradakshina with Bhagavan 76
Muruganar 80
Composition ofUlladu arpadu (Reality in Forty Verses) 109
Ulladu Narpadu 111
Composition of Upadesa Undhiar 116
Composition ofAtma Vidya 122
Ramana Sannidhi Murai 124
An Introduction to Ramana Sannidhi Murai 125
Ramana Puranam 128
Siva Puranam 131
Ramana Puranam 132
Viswanatha Swami's Reminiscences - I 180
How I Came to the Maharshi 186
T.K. Sundaresa Iyer's Reminiscences - Part III 197
Krishna Bhikshu (Voruganti Venkata Krishnayya) 213
Lakshmiammal 236
Reminiscences of M.G. Shanmukam 238
Scenes from Ramana's Life 239
A Devotee's Observation of the Maharshi 240
Tears of Ecstasy 250
Annamalai Swami 253
Kunju Swami's Reminiscences 257
Reminiscences of Parameswara Iyer 260
Animal Companions 262
Jatini Sundarambal 274
Kunju Swami's Reminiscences Part- III 275
Jadaswami's Samadhi 278
Solicitude for the Devotees 279
Bhagavan's Teaching and My Spiritual Life 284
Veerappa Chettiar's Service 286
Laya Samadhi 287
Real Samadhi 288
God Waiting for Naivedya 289
Above Orthodoxy and Unorthodoxy - I 289
G. Lakshmi Narasimham (G.L.N.) 291
Bhagavan in the Kitchen 295
Bhagavan's Kitchen Devotees 296
Sama Drishti 342
M.S. Nagarajan 343
Some Incidents 345
A Day at the Asramam 347
The Ribhu Gita 359
Daily Parayana at the Asramam 368
Meditation at the Asramam 369
Yogi Ramiah 382
Ramanatha Iyer 388
arasimhaswami 389
A Haven Called Palakothu 392
Rangaswami Gounder ('Sofa' Gounder) 394
Asramam Book Stall etc. 395
Ramana Ashtottara Satanamastotra 398
Paul Brunton (Raphael Hurst) 401
From Early Days 486
A Spiritual Torch 491
Dedication of A Message from Arunachala 494
A Message from Arunachala 496
Reminiscences of M.G. Shanmukam 506
Appendix I 509
Appendix II 531


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume III ix
Atma Sakshatkara 1
K.K. Nambiar's Reminiscences - Part I 6
How Bhagavan Came to Me 22
A Day with Bhagavan 28
Ramana as I Know Him 34
Balarama Reddiar's Reminiscences - Part I 35
G.Y. Subbramayya's Reminiscences 41
Shankarlal Banker and the Maharshi 44
What I Saw in the Maharshi 49
N. Nataraja Iyer (N.N. Rajan) 52
Swami Ramanananda Swarnagiri 63
How I Came to Maharshi I:J7
Major Alan Wentworth Chadwick (Sadhu Arunachala) 99
Sulman Samuel Cohen (S.S. Cohen) 120
Aurobindo and Ramana Maharshi 145
Swami Ramanananda Saraswati (Munagala Venkataramiah) 152
Incidents, Connected with the Life of Bhagavan 157
Talks with Ramana Maharshi 159
Way of the Spirit 166
My Visit to Maharshi 176
Duncan Greenlees 191
M.C. Ekanatha Rao 204
Swami Paramahansa Yogananda 228
Baron Von Veltheim - Ostran 234
Balarama Reddiar's Reminiscences 240
G.V. Subbaramayya's Reminiscemses 248
S.S. Cohen 253
My visit to Ramanasramam 256
Birth Place 256
Bhagavan's Grace 257
How I came to the Maharshi 259
Talks (Contd.) 264
From Cohen's Talks 274
From Cohen's Talks 292
Talks (Contd.) 293
From Cohen's Talks 296
From Cohen's Talks 306
Talks (Contd.) 309
The Hill Of Fire 337
G. V. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 351
Talks (Contd.) 359
From Cohen's Talks 387
Talks (Contd.) 388
Talks (Contd.) 400
From Cohen's Talks 412
Talks (Contd.) 413
In the Tiger's Jaws 418
How I came to The Maharshi 425
Maurice Frydman 430
How I came to Bhagavan 432
Reminiscences of T.K. Sunderesa Iyer - Part III 435
Vilacheri Ranga I yer's Reminiscences - Part II 441
What Ramana Means to Me 455
How I Came to the Maharshi 457
Years of Grace 465
The Bhagavan I Know 466
Reminiscences 469
Sri Ramana Maharshi 496
Shuddanda Bharati 499
G.V. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 503
Some Incidents 509
Talks (Contd.) 511
From Cohen's Diary 535
Turn Eastwards 545
Major Chadwick's Account 586
Somerset Maugham and "The Razor's Edge" 589
Talks (Contd.) 598
Here Lies the Heart 614
Talks (Contd.) 631
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 664
Balarama Reddiar's Reminiscences 687
On Maharshi's Will 708
The Sannidhi of Sri Bhagavan 711
Sri Ramana Bestows His Grace 714
How I came to Bhagavan 726
His Grace 728
Krishna Ganapatigal and Vedapatasala 730
Seshadri Sastrigal 731
M.R.Rama Sastrigal 733
Pichai Ammal 733
Natesan 733
Inmates of the Asramarn at Various Periods 734
Buildings in the Asramam 735
Account ofVairava Achari (Sculptor) 736
T. . Venkataraman (Swami Ramanananda) 738
Rajapalayam Ramani Ammal 740
Impressions and Reminiscences 746
Swami Madhavananda 749
My visit to Bhagavan 750
A Long Life with the Maharshi 755
K. Chandrasekharan 761
Appendix - I 765
Appendix - II 768


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume IV ix
Dr. V. Srinivasa Rao 1
Reminiscences of R. Narayana Iyer 3
Prof. K. Swaminathan 7
S.S. Cohen 22
D.S. Sastri 24
Arnmani Ammal 42
Tapas Swamy 44
Pranavananda 46
Bhagavan the Way 49
The Bhagavad Gita Sara (The Song Celestial) 59
Subbaramayya's Reminiscences (Contd.) 63
Reminiscences of Dr. Ananthanarayana Rao (Contd.) 94
Peace that Passeth all Understanding 98
Madhavi Ammal 104
Major Chadwick's Reminiscences 106
Subbaramayya's Reminiscences (Contd.) 132
Memorable Days with the Sage of Arunachala 136
S.S. Cohen 140
Our Life in Tiruvannamalai 145
Arthur Osborne 162
How I Came to the Maharshi and My Experiences 172
Reminiscences of Catherine Osborne (Kitty) 233
Ramana Reminiscences 240
Coming into the Ramana's Fold 270
Devaraja Mudaliar's Reminiscences (Contd.) 274


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume V ix
Reminiscences of Devotees 1
Other Devotees of Bhagavan 2
S.S. Cohen 6
The Grace that Brooks No Barriers 10
The Hill of Fire 12
Devaraja Mudaliar's Reminiscences 17
Bhagavan's Replies to Questions 60
Suri Nagamma 64
My Pilgrimage to Ramanasramam 114
Suri Nagamma's Reminiscences 123
Reminiscences 142
From the Diary of S.S. Cohen 145
G.V. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 146
Devaraja Mudaliar - Day by Day with Bhagavan 152
Suri Nagamma's Account 158
Day by Day with Bhagavan 160
From Cohen's Diary 178
Day by Day with Bhagavan 179
Suri Nagamma - Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 187
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Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 274
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Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 285
Day by Day with Bhagavan 286
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 290
Day by Day with Bhagavan 291
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 292
Day by Day with Bhagavan 293
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 301
Day by Day with Bhagavan 301
G.V Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 306
Day by Day with Bhagavan 307
A Note on Ramaswamy lyengar 312
Day by Day with Bhagavan 314
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 317
Day by Day with Bhagavan 318
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 323
Day by Day with Bhagavan 324
Scientist Turned Vedantin 344
Day by Day with Bhagavan 346
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 352
Day by Day with Bhagavan 352
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 359
Day by Day with Bhagavan 361
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 364
Day by Day with Bhagavan 365
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 366
Day by Day with Bhagavan 366
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 372
Day by Day with Bhagavan 373
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 375
Day by Day with Bhagavan 376
Pantulu Lakshmi Narayana Sastri 379
From Nagamma's Letter about His Visit 383
Day by Day with Bhagavan 384
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 389
G. Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 390
Day by Day with Bhagavan 392
G.Y. Subbramayya's Reminiscences 395
Day by Day with Bhagavan 397
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 399
Day by Day with Bhagavan 401
Hari Chand Khanna 404
Day by Day with Bhagavan 410
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 413
Day by Day with Bhagavan 414
G. V. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 415
Day by Day with Bhagavan 416
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 416
Day by Day with Bhagavan 417
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 432
Day by Day with Bhagavan 433
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 435
G.v. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 437
Day by Day with Bhagavan 438
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 444
Day by Day with Bhagavan 445
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 446
Day by Day with Bhagavan 447
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 453
Day by Day with Bhagavan 454
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 457
Day by Day with Bhagavan 460
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 462
Day by Day with Bhagavan 463
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 464
Day by Day with Bhagavan 466
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 466
Day by Day with Bhagavan 467
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 469
Dr. Robert Fuchsberger 471
Day by Day with Bhagavan 476
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 476
Day by Day with Bhagavan 481
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 482
Appendix I 493
Appendix II 497


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume VI ix
Reminiscences of Devotees 1
Kanakammal 1
Suri Nagamma 47
Golden Jubilee Celebrations 57
Long Live Ramanar's Padam 75
Sadhu Ekarasa (Dr. G.H. Mees) - A Great Devotee 76
The Golden Jubilee Souvenir 79
G.V Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 283
Kanakammal's Reminiscences 288
Our Natural State 291
How I Came to Bhagavan 294
Ramana Maharshi 306
Reminiscences 319
Arthur Osborne (Contd.) 349
In to Bhagavan's Fold 353
Remembering Ramana 355
Balarama Reddiar Reminiscences (Part 11) 377
Dilip Kumar Roy - A Short Sketch 393
Dilip Kumar Roy 395
Dorabji Frarnji's Reminiscences 424
Portrait of the Guru 425


Publisher's Note iii
Introduction v
Introduction to Volume VII ix
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 1
Day by Day with Bhagavan 5
Suri Nagamma's Reminiscences 7
Reminiscences of Padma Venkataraman 21
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 23
Vichara Mani Mala 33
Sri Ramana Reminiscences 34
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 36
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 131
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 185
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam Reminiscences 187
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam S.S. Cohen 226
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 236
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 240
S.S. Cohen 244
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 245
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 246
S.S. Cohen 249
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 254
S.S. Cohen 255
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 256
S.S. Cohen 258
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 261
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 262
Atma Bodha 264
S.S. Cohen 265
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 270
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 276
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 277
S.S. Cohen 279
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 280
S.S. Cohen 282
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 285
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 286
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 287
Dr. Ananthanarayana Rao (Contd.) 288
Letters from Sri Ramanasramam 294
G.Y. Subbaramayya's Reminiscences 296
The Kitchen Garden Party 298
How I Came to the Maharshi 304
The Hill of Fire 312
Bhagavan's Attendants 314
Reminiscences 316


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