The Astadhyayi of Panini: Volume VIII (2.4.1 - 2.4.85)

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Author: Translation & Explanatory Notes By. S.D. Joshi & J.A.F. Roodbergen
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8126007516
Pages: 211
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Introduction:

P. 2.4: Survey of the Topics

1. The pada deals with a number of mutually unrelated topics and, like P. 1.2, is another instance of mixed composition. The main divisions are as follows:

(A) P. 2.4.1-31. This section deals with cps. Here the rules P. 2.4.1-16 deal with grammatical number, whereas P. 2.4.17-31 deal with gender. Within the first sub-section P. 2.4.1 deals with dvigu cps, and P. 2.4.2-16 with dvandvas . Within the second subsection P. 2.4.17 deals with dvigu cps and dvandvas, and P. 2.4.18 with avyayibhava cps. P. 2.4.19-25 deal with tp. Cps. and P. 2.4.26 deals with the gender of dvandvas and tp. Cps. P. 2.4.27-28 are about arthatidesa 'transference of gender' in connection with particular, specified dvandva cps. P. 2.4.29-31 are nipatana rules dealing with tp. Cps.

(B) P. 2.4.32-34. This section deals with substitutions of demonstrative pronouns and the anudatta accent of the form substituted in the case of anvadesa 'anaphora.'

(C) P. 2.4.35-57. This section opens with the adhikarasutra P. 2.4.35 which contains the condition for the application of the following rules up to the end of the section. The section deals with substitutions of verbal bases. The condition is stated as ardhadhatuke 'if an ardhadhatuka (suffix) follows.'

(D) 1) P. 2.4.58-61. Deals with luk -deletion in the case of the formation of names of yuvan descendants.

(D)2) P. 2.4.62. Deals with luk -deletion in the case of plural tadraja derivations.

(D)3) P. 2.4.63-70. Deals with luk -deletion in the case of the formation of gotra names in the plural.

(D)4) P. 2.4.71-74. Deals with luk -deletion in connection with the formation of finite verbs.

(D)5) P. 2.4.75-76. Deals with slu -deletion.

(D)6) P. 2.4.77-81. Deals with luk -deletion of the markers sIC and llT

(D)7)P. 2.4.82-83 (a). Deals with questions of luk -elision of gender and case suffixes in the case of avyayas and abh. . Cps ending in short a.

(E) P. 2.4.83 (b)-84. Deals with the substitution of am for particular case endings of abh. cps ending in short a.

(F) P. 2.4.85. This rule deals with the formation of the periphrastic future.

It will be seen that section (A) is rather a continuation of P. 2.2, which deals with cp. formation. The sections (B), (C) and (D) are clearly independent sections. Whereas section (E) shows connection with (D 7), section (F) is an incidental addition


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