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Author: Dr. Rajeev Sharma
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788131001158
Pages: 169
Cover: Paperback
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

About the Author:

Dr. Rajeev Sharma is an eminent consultant of Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine in India. He has written more than one hundred and fifty books(150) in Hindi and English and around one thousand articles which have been published in various newspapers and magazines. He is also an Editorial Board Member of the prestigious Asian Homeopathic Journal besides many other newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma has written books on ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy, yoga, naturopathy, acupressure, magnetotherapy, reiki, water-therapy, massage and aromatherapy etc.

The books written by Dr. Rajeev Sharma are published by renowned publishers of India. Besides this he is doing editing and translation also. He is content provider to many magazines.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma has written books on all major aliments like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stomach and respiratiory disorders, EN.N.T. disorders, female disorders, UTI disorders, paediatric problems, headache, stress and other mental problems and Sexual Disorders etc.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma is Medical Advisor to Ralson Remedies (a homoeopathic manufacturer), and Dixit Pharmacy (Ayurvedic Manufacturer), Medical Examiner at the LIC and Medical Officer in U.P.Govt. He has received several prizes for his outstanding achievements. He has been awarded the Best Author prize in Hindi by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Sarjana Puraskar by U.P. Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow. He has delivered talks on All India Radio and lectures on Alternative Medicine in various Government and Non-government Organisations. He has written Advt. Scripts for the products of several companies.

He is working as Vastu Fengshui Consultant, Educational Consultant and Marriage and Behaviour Counsellor too.
He is delivering lectures and providing lectures and providing literature on Personality Development and Life Style Management also to the MNC'S.
He has established an institute through which you can get certificates by correspondence in Acupressure, Massage, Yoga, Water Therapy, Diet Therapy, Naturopathy, Colour Therapy and Reiki besides other paramedical courses.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma is also a social activist. He has worked a lot against Addition and prevention of AIDS. Now a days, he is working to check the population growth of India with an NGO called 'Nav Chetna Manch'. He has worked for pollution control and human rights too and has received the World Human Rights Promotion Award. His name has been recommended for an entry in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS too. He has developed two websites too: A site of love, romance and sex. : Patriotic site (Future planning).



Asthma is condition that affects the lungs. People with asthma usually have difficulty in breathing, and often cough a lot. This is because the airways-the pipes that take air to your lungs when you breathe-become narrower than usual. This may be caused by the tightening of the muscles in the wall of the airways, a swelling in the linings of the airways and by sticky mucus blocking them up. This makes it harder for the air to go in and out of your lungs, so you have difficulty in breathing.

Asthma is common. It can start at any age. Men and women, young and old, people of all races and nationalities can develop asthma. Asthma tends to run in families, but sometimes it skips several generations, so not everyone in the family is affected, About half of all children who have asthma grow out of it.

The good news for everyone with asthma is that it can be cures. In fact, it can be treated so well that you can be treated so well that you can lead a normal life. It is important to realize that with regular medication, asthmatics can enjoy a life that is as fulfilling and active as anyone else.

Over the last 20 years, important advances have been made in understanding asthma. New therapies have been developed that can help you enjoy life to the full. Therapies the are simple, effective, and safe-to a degree vever possible before. Parents of children who suffer for asthma will be especially happy to know that their children can enjoy a largely symptom-free life, alongside normal children.

This book tries to cover most aspects of asthma, including the various triggers that might cause the symptoms. It looks as the modern asthma treatments available, as well as the importance of preventive care.

It aims to give you the essential facts on asthma and its treatment. Above all, to advise you that with guidance from you doctor, you can lead a happy and more fulfilling life. It there is need, you can consult a specialist physician or can write to me, but please to not come without prior appointment on phone.


With thanks and regards.




1. Know about Asthma 9
2. Diagnosis to Asthma by Skin Test 13
3. Kinds of Asthma 16
4. Asthma by House Dust 20
5. Asthma by Plant Pollens 22
6. Asthma by Fungi 24
7. Asthma by Insects 27
8. Asthma by Animals 30
9. Asthma by Food Articles 32
10. Influencing Factors of Asthma 36
11. Asthma in Older People 40
12. Asthma in Children 42
13. Allergy to Drugs 46
14. Allergy to Penicillin and Aspirin 50
15. Treating Asthma by Drugs 55
16. Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma 63
17. Naturopathic Treatment of Asthma 65
18. Fasting to Relieve Asthma 71
19. Diet for Asthma Patients 75
20. Healing through Pranayama 79
21. Acupressure to Relieve Asthma 89
22. Hay Fever 90
23. Perennial Sneezing or Allergic Rhinitis 93
24. Allergic Eczema 96
25. Contact Dermatitis 98
26. Urticaria and Pruritus 104
27. Acute Laryngitis 106
28. Enlarged Tonsils and Asthma 109
29. Hiccups 112
30. Dyspnoea (Breathlessness) 115
31. Emphysema 117
32. Pneumonia 120
33. Tuberculosis (Pthisis) 123
34. Acute Catarrh 130
35. Cold and Coryza 134
36. Weather changes and Cough 137
37. Testing Points for Cough, Hair Dyes and Skin Rash 143
38. Are You a Potential Asthmatic ? 146
39. For Asthma Patients 147
40. Alarming Signals 148
41. Answers to Some Common Questions 149
42. General and Medicinal Properties of Tulsi (Basil) 152
43. Water in Early Morning 157


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