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Astrology & Diagnosis

Astrology & Diagnosis
Item Code: NAY036
Author: Major S.G. Khot
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788194750734
Pages: 378
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It is a matter of great pleasure to write a foreword for the book "Astrology and Diagnosis" written by well renowned Astrologer Major. S.G.KHOT (Retired). This book contains wealth of material.

Major Khot has been awarded the most coveted title of Jyotish Vachaspati by Jaipur Institution, which shows his qualities as a well- known Astrologer.

Major Khot is well-known for his Astrological Predictions in general and specially in the field of diagnosis. He can predict the course of illness and their outcome many times against the well established diagnosis. Major Khot, who is the author of this book, is not a physician but his approach to the subject no doubt definitely indicates that he is an experienced and renowned research scholar. For a country like ours such an approach is greatly needed.

I have gathered some information from different persons, who came in his contact for their ailments. His forecasts have been responsible to bring solace to some ailing persons and their relations.

Major Khot's predictions for Justice Suraj Bhan, of M.P. High Court written in his letter on 7.4.74 were:

Over the next two months you are likely to keep an indifferent health.

3. After retirement the parts of the body that are likely to be affected are the portions between knees and ankles· calf muscles. The diseases heretofore to be guarded are - rheumatism, rheumatic heart disease, eczema, palpitation, High Blood pressure and fracture.

4. It is advised that you should get your heart checked periodically. Shri Suraj Bhan died of Heart Failure on 1.10.74.

2. Dr. C.K.GUPTA, T.B.Specialist.writes from Indore:

"The Rudraksha you had given me has kept me fit. I had taken one for Mr. K.N.Swami who had hypertension and heart trouble. It is pleasure to inform you that for the first time in many years his B.P. was found to be normal after the use of Rudraksha.

Now I want another piece for my aunt, who has also suffered from hypertension for many years. "

3. Dr. B.P.Thawait, M.S., Surgeon wrote to Major Khot: "My wife and I are extremely grateful to you Major Sahib, for your valuable predictions, advice and guidance. At times predictions looked contrary to existing medical findings but we are happy to say y that they were-the medical findings which were found to be incorrect subsequently. The predictions always stood as true facts.

Dr. P.P. Pandit, Ph.D., Director Technical Education, Madhya Pradesh, says in his letter, "I was so amazed with your extraordinary- nary accurate prediction of infection or injury in July and August. In fact, my eye trouble persisted in these months. I showed yearly forecast to some friends including Shri S.P. Verma, to show the accuracy of predictions ".

Dr. M.R.Bhidey, M.Sc. Ph.D. (Nag.)., Ph.D. (Lond.)., A. Inst. P (Lond.) saying about bis son's health remarked" My son left for - England on 23.9.73 for his post-graduation. I bad to make the mind bard way y after I received your forecasts, for him. I did not tell him or my wife the forecast, but kept on warning him about extreme care.

I am glad to let you know that he had no trouble at all in U.K. He also visited U.S.A. and Canada and returned to Poona in a far improved condition. His ailment has vanished and now he has got a good job in Blue Star Engage. Co. He has also got M.Sc (Eng) and D.U.C. of London. Similarly there are many letters proving the worth of Major Khot as an Astrologer.

He has contributed much to this ancient Science. It is no surprise that his vast experience in this field, based on observations and research should take the visible form in the publication of this valuable book. It will be monumental guide for the difficult art of medical Diagnosis at times. I have gone through this interesting book " Astrology and Diagnosis" in detail at places. written by the great author. I can emphatically say that correlation between prediction and disease is worth considering . while declaring the prognosis of any body.

I trust that this book will fulfill the need in that direction to a great extent. I recommend this book to all medical men and the public in general. The form in which this science is practiced and applied in the circumstances assumes a valuable position in our day to day life.

It may be true that there is no best way to arrive at a conclusion but there is always a better way.

I am confident that this book will achieve the success it deserves.

Astrology and Medicine are intimately linked in as much as the science of healing, forms an important part of remedial astrology. KARMA finds manifestation in physical, mental and spiritual planes, the resultant of evil Karma on the physical plane is disease and medicine is the first shanti or remedial measure for the alleviation of human suffering.

The fundamental purpose of Medical Astrology, is to give the planetary influences which cause the various diseases, afflictions and accidents. In ancient times all doctors were expected to know Astrology and its relation to disease what disease will be produced under different planetary conditions, the duration of such diseases and whether or not they would prove fatal.

Modern Doctors would do well to lay aside their prejudices and make use. of Astrology for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. When properly applied astrology would quickly determine the seat of disease in the patient. Modern inventions and researches in various branches of science, including medicine, have been useful for the betterment and well-being of humanity as a whole. Yet there is something hidden which cannot be detected by the stethoscope, 'X -ray' or modem equipment and, therefore, there is a vast scope for application of astrology for diagnosis, even today.

" A physician cannot safely a minister medicine, if he is unacquainted with astrology ", said Hippocrates, who is known as the father of Medicine. There is much truth in it. Even in Ayurvedic, principles of astrology have been taken into consideration. The science of fore- knowledge is not only useful in diagnosing a disease, but also to determine longevity of the patient before starting the treatment. It is just like testing the pulse of a patient Consulting horoscope for physical as well as psychological adjustment is definitely less expensive and practical. Before entering the more intricate and complex principles of astrology and "occult Therapy" we should conceive at least as a working hypothesis apparently the ancient idea that the misuse of creative force is the sole cause of the manifestation of disease. As a matter of fact, there is no ill-health in the physical body which did not exist first-in the Astral or psychic counterpart - the Etheric body.

Diseases may be classed under two heads - Inherent and Active. Inherent tendencies to diseases are shown by the affliction in the birth horoscope. These tendencies may remain latent for long periods and then appear when the directions of evil planets are in progress. On the other hand, the active diseases may make their appearance with every evil transit, provided the Ascendant is weak and afflicted.

Every student of astrology, must recognize the importance cuff mental influence upon bodily ailment. The Moon rules over the wind, the Ascendant represents the body and the Sun the Soul, so that when the Moon and the Sun are strong free from affliction, one can enjoy soul health even if the Ascendant is subject to unfavorable aspects a conjunctions. All these days modern medicine has been persistently preaching that all diseases are curable by drugs. Ayurveda, on the oaths hand, had recognized that physical diseases are inter-dependent upon the mind, and insisted that mental harmony was the sine quinoa of health and well-being. That is why great stress was being laid by ancients on the strength of the Moon in the horoscope.

Sickness in its various forms is caused through the differently composed afflictions of planets in the various signs of the zodiac and houses in the horoscope. For example, weakness of nervous vital energy arises mainly through the affliction of Saturn to the vital points via the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant. This causes lessening of the life force and simultaneously increases the tendency towards disease.

Undoubtedly illness is a necessary aspect of human birth. Each. individual who takes birth at some stage or other falls ill or suffers ford various handicaps, but all diseases are not alike. Some maladies are conginetal like colour-blindness which cannot hi cure by any treatment Such diseases are Karmic.

Diseases are the direct results of evil Karmas in the present and past births and the horoscope reveals the Karmas through the planets. It is possible to diagnose them through astrology.

Astrology can predict and diagnose diseases by merely looking at them . horoscope and can help mankind to take preventive measures. Astrology is therefore more useful than any other system of knowledge about diseases. A doctor cannot foresee a disease in a patient but an astrologer can.

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