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Astrosecrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part 1)

Astrosecrets and Krishnamurti Padhdhati (Part 1)
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Item Code: NAE309
Author: Sri M.P. Shanmugam
Publisher: Krishman & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8188082082
Pages: 378
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 331 gms
About The Author

My forefather were astrologers, that is traditional astrologers. In their footsteps, I have been practicing the same traditional astrology.

During February 1977, a friend of mine, brought to my attention, say a small explaining about a matter-event, made by the genius Sri.KSK. This was the turning point. From the next day, I started following the same levels of analysis and found the truths, surprising and inspiring.

From that day, KP for me, was a Voice from Heaven. I started mastering all the KP Readers. Therefore I contributed my articles, on KP, in “Astrology & Athrishta”.

I surprised the public in and around my area through KP with several findings, and continue the same to give the true findings to the public till today. Along with it, I added my own practical experience to KP, which KP will prove to be a Thrill as the Readers go through this book “Astrosecrets And Krishnamurti Padhathi”. Sri Ksk, to me is both a Guru and God. I have totally identified myself with this Guru-God-Immortal KSK.



The author of this book Sri.M.P.Shanmugham, has strained his nerves, to find out the truth In this Astroscience. following the foot steps and teachings of our beloved Guruji Sri.K.S.Krishnamurti for few decades and has found the truth, how the planets results/nature is modified due to various reasons.

In this book, the author shares his views and findings, that how the sublord theory offered to us by late Guruji Prof. K.S.Krishnamurti, who Invented the K.P.Stellar method, is the only one method available to us, to offer a result, for the various type of questions from the confused persons, who approach astrologers, to have their doubts cleared precisely.

He has written in detail, the Sublord theory and the results in various houses and how the scientific analysis Is to be made while offering predictions.

His sincere efforts to propogate the Sublord theory of KP, a system which is to be practised in this fast world, needs encouragement from one and all.




1 Introduction 1
2 What is Astrology 7
3 The Planets-How do they act? I 8
4 Planetary Aspects-I 16
5 Planetary Conjunctions-I 19
6 Planers in Retrogression-I 25
7 Planets-How do they act? II 30
8 Mars Dosha 39
9 What are the powers of Signs? 49
10 Legna- (Ascendant)- KP explains 53
11 About Accident-6 persons 57
12 The Native-Poor & Rich 64
13 Planetry Aspects-II 69
14 Planetry Conjunctions-II 76
15 Planets in Retrogression-II 85
16 The 12 Houses 101-209
17 The 12 Lagnas (Mesha to Meena) 210-238
18 Salient Points-Sublord, the Supremo 239
19 How to predict in the absence of a Nirayana Bhava Chakra? 244
20 Horary 253
21 Method of Prediction 265
22 Rahu & Kethu 307
23 All about Lagna Lord 313
24 Profession - PartI 330
25 Profession - PartII 345

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