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आयुर्वेद संजीवनी Ayurved Sanjivini (For Ayurvedic Competitive Examinations)

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Item Code: NZK165
Author: Dr. Sanjay Patil
Language: Hindi and English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789385959226
Pages: 840
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 inch X 7.5 inch
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Fair trade
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23 years in business
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Book Description


For the preparation of P.G. Ayurved competitive examinations solving mcq is the major part of study. It means that majority of questions for competitive exams are coming from various samhita, non samhita and modern subjects. So it is compulsory to solve the mcq of various samhita, non samhita and modern subjects for getting success in exams.

Though there is a lot of books available in market for preparation of entrance exam in market but still there is lacuna. So it is necessary to overcome these things. We are publishing sp’s MCQ bank by considering new facts such as.

-Giving references of so many previous exams all over the india.

-Correct answer of every question given along with reference

-Comparative opinion of other acharyas is given

-All the questions are arranged chapterwise in samhita and other subjectwise.

-For Samhita: Answer key is given with chapter and shloka number are given to each question, so that the students can easily understand the place of MCQ in the chapter or from where MCQ brought.

-Samhitawise and subjectwise question given first time.

-First time given subjectwise modern questions

This book enhance students knowledge and become helpful especially to competitive examinations.

I am very greatful to hon’ble Mr. Nishikant Bhosale Patil ( Dada), Founder, Prakash Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Urun, Islampur.

My Humble thanks Principal-Dr. Gavali Prasanna, Vice Principal-Dr. Ranjeet mohite, Dr. Virendra Meenkire and other teaching and non teaching staff of our college for their support.

I am special thankful to the MD aspirants students Dr. Pranav Puranik, Dr. Sanket yadav. Dr. Tushar Deshmukh, Dr. Vrushali Deshmukh, Dr. Chaitali Kamble, Dr. Dipali Tandale, Dr. Snehal Teware, Dr. Arju, Dr. Rohita, Dr. Tejshawani Sawant, Dr. Tejaswini Jadhav, Dr. Dyaneshwar vaidya, Dr, Manisha, Dr. Mayuri Deshmukh, Dr. Shruti Phadatare , Dr. Jyoti Patil, Dr. Sonal etc.

The work will be incomplete one if, I fail to remember my father Sakharam Patil, mother Padmini , wife Dr. Varsharani, Daughter Ayushree (Sonu) sister Swati and All my Relation. They have taken pain in providing all my needs.

At last I thanks to all those, whose name not mentioned here but helped me directly or indirectly in many ways to complete my work.

Reply of readers and suggestions are welcome.




1 Charak Samhita  
a Charak Samhita Charactristics 1
b Sutrasthan 4
c Nidansthan 69
d Vimansthan 69
e Sharirasthan 85
f Indriyasthan 101
g Chikitsasthan 123
h Kalpasthan 230
i Siddhisthan 242
2 Sushrut Samhita  
a Sutrasthan 261
b An Unfinished Past: Dharma Inspired us in the early days 297
c Sharirasthan 314
d Chikitsasthan 330
e Kalpasthan 351
f Uttartantra 358
3 Asthanga Sangraha & Hrudaya 378
4 Madhav Nidan 390
5 Sharangdhar 392
6 Bhav Prakash 405
7 Yogratnakar 412
8 Kashyap Samhita 415
9 Hareeta Samhita 427
10 Bhela Samhita 430
1 Ayurved Itihas 432
2 Padartha Vidnyan 442
3 Sharir Rachana 457
4 Sharir Kriya 475
5 Dravya guna vidnyan 520
6 Rasshashtra & Bhaishjya Kalpana 542
7 Swasthavrutta 560
8 Agadtantra 582
9 Rognidan 597
10 Strirog & Prasutitantra 626
11 Balroga 628
12 Kayachikitsa 644
13 Panchakarma 676
14 Shalyatantra 685
15 Shalakyatantra 687
  Modern Subject 242-247
1 Anatomy 689
2 Physiology 701
3 Pharmacology 722
4 Preventive & Social Medicine 727
5 Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 764
6 Pathology 778
7 Gynaecology & Obstretics 800
8 Paediatrics 800
9 Medicine 812
10 surgery 829
11 ENT & Ophthalmolgoy 835


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