Ayurveda Made Easy (50 Exercises for Finding Health, Mindfulness and Balance)
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Ayurveda Made Easy (50 Exercises for Finding Health, Mindfulness and Balance)

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Author: Heidi E. Spear
Publisher: Adams Media
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781507204399
Pages: 160 (20 Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.50 inch
Weight 300 gm
About the Book

The science of Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest ways to heal the body. Ayurveda Made Easy simplifies methods thousands of years in the making into fifty simple practices you can work into your everyday life.

This easy-to-follow book addresses the vitality of your entire being-body, mind, and life-force energy. Through straightforward, holistic health practices like tongue scraping, self-massage with oil, yoga poses, and chakra healing exercises, you can restore balance to your body and soul. Ayurveda Made Easy is the first step on your journey to ultimate health.

About the Author

Heidi E. Spear is on the teaching faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she leads experiential workshops using meditation, yoga, chakra theory, poetry, theatre, and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to guide participants on the path to joy and overall well-being. Author of The Everything® Guide to Chakra Healing, Spear's latest workshop and forthcoming book focus on the yoga of Shakespeare.


Would you like to flow through life with greater ease, contentment, mental clarity, and physical health? Would you like to feel a sense of empowerment and understanding when it comes to your overall well-being? Are you interested in preventing disease before it develops, knocks you down, or becomes life-threatening? If so, Ayurveda is for you. Ayurveda addresses the vitality of your entire being-body, mind, and life-force energy-for a life of balance, sustainable health, and longevity.

Ayurveda, often translated as "the science of life," can also be considered "universal knowledge." More simply put, it is an "owner's manual" that teaches you how to keep yourself running well day in and day out. Just as other creatures are wired into natural rhythms in nature such as hibernation or migration patterns, the human being, or Homo sapiens, is wired with particular rhythms as well. The more you align with your natural rhythms, the more balanced and harmonious you are, and the more harmonious the world becomes. These premises sit strongly in the system of Ayurvedic medicine and guide every aspect of existence.

Ayurveda teaches us the tools of living well in easy, practical ways; how to correct imbalances through simple changes to daily routines, food choices, exercise; and the use of natural herbal formulas or treatment protocols. Ayurveda is not only a science but a complete medical system based on sound principles of science, and as a system of medicine spanning thousands of years, it not only carries the knowledge base forward rooted in science, but it also can verify its effectiveness through its repeated applications and verifiable results that have been tried and true for all these many years.

Ayurveda Made Easy is a great place to start your journey. It will help you find your own balance through the lens and guidance of Ayurveda.

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