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Ayurvedic Clinical Practice: Neurology (II Volumes)

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Author: Dr. L. Mahadevan
Publisher: Ayurvedic Educational and Charitable Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788192252926
Pages: 634 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Dr L Mahadevan is one of the foremost luminaries among the clinicians of Ayurvedic fieldThrough his teaching he has inspired, guided and enlightened many Ayurvedic seekers He has the most talented style and vigorous exactitude of expressions.

Dr L Mahadevan is a contemporary clinical teacher He writes with timeless and uncomplicated clarity of the clinical medicine and imparts a simple yet profound message.

He has got amazing ability to distil ancient tridosha theory into contemporary usable practical guidelines this book brings hope and light to the people, who are confused with diagnosis.

With intense and compiling clarity, Dr Mahadevan’s guidance gives the promise of leading the students to their best and highest place in clinical medicine to resonate with and reflect the energy of true tridosha theory.

Students will find new discoveries on the way To read his book, is to make a journey where falsely created concepts will whither away The journey is very challenging, interesting and complete.

In this book, he presents a clinical protocol for a Ayurvedic student community and a clear strategy for siddhanta based treatment This book also explains the possibilities and limitations of our science More than students have studied in his Ayurvedic gurukulam and he has indirectly taught more than students all over India.



There are not much valuable literature available in clinical medical practice in Ayurveda. Thoseavailable, are written by physicians who know theory and having good clinical practice. To my dismay, I find that communication and patient interaction is not still taught in Ayurvedic colleges. Even now, there is no organized help in the area of ayurvedic education and training. There is a deficiency in Ayurvedic curriculum and in my view this is the cause for clinical Ayurvedic stress. There is a definite deficiency, which the population suffers in seeking the medical help. This is also a cause for poor clinical image. There are more than 300 Ayurvedic colleges in the country today. Every year more than thousand Ayurvedic graduates add to the already existing Ayurvedic community. What a student expects from the hospital is not taught nowadays.

Clinical neurology is an art. I can tell, clinical neurology is equal to basic anatomy plus Mulasiddanta plus Yukti. It is like mathematics. Reading a sloka of Pakshagata may not help you to treat it. We know that you have to do sneha, sveda, sodhana, virecana in pakshagata. Everybody can chant this sloka. But in management so many things we have to learn. How can you learn? You should be able to see cases (at least a few) acute and chronic cases, and you should sit with a master, who can teach all these things. Even in brain there is vata area, pitta area and kaphaarea. Frontal cortex is a vata area. Occipital cortex is a pitta area. Temporoparietal is the area ofkapha. This is not textual, but experience. You cannot randomly do the same treatment for everybody. You cannot start with udvartanam and finish with lasuna rasayanam in all the cases. This work is an anastamoses between professionals and students. You have to conduct more research in some cases as I have done a few. In some areas we have done a lot. It is very difficult to use modern research methodology in Ayurvedic practice, because we are going on changing the medicines based on avasta. I accept that there are a few lapses which produce sleepless nights in clinical practice also. What I have not seen in my clinical career during curriculum I will miss. I have to work a lot to correct this mistake and grow clinically. Many people think,using knee hammer is modern medicine. I tried my level best to convey that knee hammer is an instrument. They don't believe it. Even in the reflexes you are able to see vata pitta kapha. To see vata pitta kapha in natural and in ill health is a vision. It is a beautiful clinical vision.




  Introduction 17
1 Headache 43
2 Bells Palsy 56
3 Trigeminal Neuralgia 64
4 Meniere's Disease 71
5 Temporal Arteritis 76
6 Optic Neuritis 82
7 Aphasia 88
8 Dysarthria 101
9 Insomnia 109
10 Sleep Apnea 118
11 Dementia 124
12 Orthostatic Hypotension 138
13 Spinal Cord Compression 144
14 Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 152
15 Brachial Plexopathy 157
16 Sciatica 163
17 Cauda Equina Syndrome 172
18 Meralgia Paresthetica 179
19 Restless Legs Syndrome 184
20 Mononeuritis Multiplex 190
21 Diabetic Neuropathy 195
22 Burning Neuropathy 205
23 Entrapment Neuropathies 210
  Cubital Tunnal Syndrome 212
  Radial Tunnal Syndrome 213
24 Wilson's Disease 217
25 Post Herpetic Neuralgia 222
26 Meningitis 229
27 Encephalitis 237
28 Hydrocephalus 242
29 Essential Tremors 251
30 Ataxia 255
31 Dystonia 263
32 Myoclonus 271
33 Neuromyotonia 278
34 Chorea 283
35 Huntington's Disease 289
36 Urinary Incontinence 291
37 Guillain Barre Syndrome 301
38 Multiple Sclerosis 307
39 Parkinson's Disease 316
40 Transverse Myelitis 328
41 Syringomyelia 336
42 Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy 345
43 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 353
44 Stroke (cva) 359
45 Wallenberg Syndrome 382
46 Epilepsy 389
47 Motor Neuron Disease 401
48 Spinal Muscular Atrophy 413
49 Myasthenia Gravis 420
50 Tics 424
51 Autism 428
52 Mental Retardation 435
53 Cerebral Palsy 441
54 Muscular Dystrophy 446
55 Alcoholic Myopathy 451
56 Alcoholic Neuropathy 456
57 Morton's Neuroma 462
58 Syphilitic Myelopathy (Tabes Dorsalis) 465
59 Stiffperson Syndrome 467
60 Myotonia Congenita 471
61 Charcotmarietooth Disease 474
62 Marchiafavabignami Syndrome 477
63 Postconcussion Syndrome 479
64 Attentiondeficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 482
65 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 186
66 Arnold Chiari Malformation 491
67 Poems Syndrome 497
68 Chronic Motor Tics Disorder 503
69 Amnesia 506
70 Horner Syndrome 511
71 Vocal Cord Paralysis 514
72 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (ptsd) 518
73 Sleep Walking 522
74 Sleep Terror Disorder 526
75 Nightmare Disorder 529
  Neurological Examination 530
1 Higher Mental Functions 530
2 Cranial Nerves 536
3 Motor 542
4 Reflexes Deep and Superficial 545
5 Cerebellum 548
6 Meninges 550
7 Sensory Column 551
8 Bladder 553
9 Seizures 554
10 Ans (Autnomic) 554
  Other Physical Examinations and Signs Related to Neurological Conditions 555
  Blood Tests Related to Neurology Guidelines for Choosing The Imaging 565
  Modality in Neurological Disorders 575
  Critical Analysis of Yogas Used in This Text 585


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