Bande Mataram Early Political Writings of Sri Aurobindo

Bande Mataram Early Political Writings of Sri Aurobindo

Item Code: IDI675
Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8170584167
Pages: 921
Cover: Hardcover
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For a subject people there is no royal road to emancipation. They must wade to it through struggle, sacrifice, slaughter, if necessary. History suggests no short-cut. Other nations also were weak, disunited and denationalized like ourselves. It is the rallying cry of freedom that combined their scattered units, drawing them together with a compelling and magical attraction. Those who would win freedom, must first imbue the people with an overpowering conviction that freedom is the one thing needful. Without a great ideal there can be no great movement. Small baits of material advantages will not nerve them to high endeavour and heroic self-sacrifice; it is only the idea of national freedom and national greatness that has that overmastering appeal. We must not bend the knee to others but try to be worthy of our past here is an ideal which, if set forth with conviction and power, cannot fail to inspire self-sacrificing action. We need faith above all things, faith in ourselves, faith the in the nation, faith in India's destiny. A dozen men rendered invincible by a strong faith in their future, have in other times, spread the contagion of nationalism to the remotest corner of vast countries. Unbelief is blind - it does not see far ahead, neither stimulates strength nor inspires action. The lack of this faith has kept our moderate politicians tied down to a worn-out ideal, which has lost its credibility. No man can lead a rising nation unless he has this faith first of all that what other great men have done before him, he also can do as well, if not better, - that the freedom other nations have won, we also can win, if only we have the faith, the will.

India Renascent1890-921
New Lamps For Old1893-943
Unity - An Open Letter57
Bhawani Mandir59
An Organisation75
The Proposed Reconstruction Of Bengal - Partition Or Annihilation?76
A Note On "Bande Mataram"81
The Doctrine Of Passive Resistance83
I. Introduction11-4-190785
II. Its Object12-4-190790
III. Its Necessity13-4-190795
IV. Its Methods17-4-1907101
V. Its Obligations18/19-4-1907107
VI. It Limits20-4-1907113
VII. Conclusions23-4-1907118
The Morality of Boycott124
Darkness In "Light"20-8-1906131
Our Rip Van Winkles20-8-1-1906131
Indians Abroad20-8-1906132
Officials On The Fall Of Fuller20-8-1906132
National Education And The Congress22-8-1906134
A Pusillanimous Proposal25-8-1906135
By The Way27-8-1906137
The "Mirror" And Mr. Tilak28-8-1906140
Leaders In Council28-8-1906141
By The Way30-8-1906142
Lessons At Jamalpur1-9-1906145
By The Way1-9-1906146
By The Way1-9-1906148
English Enterprise And Swadeshi4-9-1906149
By The Way4-9-1906150
The Times On congress Reforms8-9-1906152
By The Way8-9-1906155
The "Sanjibani" On Mr. Tilak10-9-1906157
Secret Tactics10-9-1906157
By The Way10-9-1906159
The Question Of The Hour11-9-1906161
A Criticism11-9-1906161
The Old Policy And The New12-9-1906163
Is A Conflict Necessary?12-9-1906165
The Charge Of Vilification12-9-1906166
Autocratic Trickery1-9-1906166
The Bhagalpur Meeting12-9-1906167
By The Way12-9-1906168
Strange Speculations13-9-1906169
The "Statesman" Under Inspiration13-9-1906170
A Disingenuous Defence14-9-1906171
The Friend Found Out17-9-1906172
Stopgap Won't Do17-9-1906172
By The Way17-9-1906173
Is Mendicancy Successful ?18-9-1906175
By The Way17-09-1906177
Mischievous Writings 20-9-1906179
A Luminous Line20-9-1906179
By The Way20-9-1906180
By The Way1-10-1906184
By The Way10-10-1906186
By The Way11-10-1906189
The Coming Congress13-10-1906191
Statesman's sympathy Brand2910-1906194
By The Way: News From Nowhere20-10-1906194
The Man Of The Past And The Man Of The Future26-12-1906197
The Results Of The Congress31-12-1906201
Yet There Is Method In It25-2-1907205
Mr. Gokhale's Disloyalty28-2-1907207
The Comilla Incident15-3-1907209
British Protection Or Self-Protection18-3-1907215
By The Way21-3-1907219
The Berhampur Conference29-3-1907222
The President Of The Berhampur Conference2-4-1907226
Peace And The Autocrats3-4-1907229
Many Delusions3-4-1907234
Omissions And Commissions At Berhampur6-4-1907238
The Writing On The Wall8-4-1907241
A Nil-Admirari Admirer9-4-1907244
Pherozshahi At Surat10-4-1907246
The Situation In East Bengal11-4-1907250
The Proverbial Offspring12-4-1907253
By The Way12-4-1907253
By The Way13-4-1907256
The Old Year16-4-1907259
A Vilifier On Vilification17-4-1907263
By The way: a Mouse In A Flutter17-4-1907264
Simple, Not Rigorous18-4-1907266
British Interests And British Conscience18-4-1907 267
A Recommendation18-4-1907267
An Ineffectual Sedition Clause19-4-1907269
The "Englishman" As A Stateman19-4-1907271
The Gospel According To Surendranath22-4-1907273
A Man Of second Sight23-4-1907277
Passive Resistance In The Punjab23-4-1907279
By The Way24-4-1907280
Bureaucracy At Jamalpur25-4-1907285
Is This Your Lion Of Bengal ?25-4-1907287
Anglo-Indian Blunderers 25-4-1907288
The Leverage Of Faith25-4-1907289
Graduated Boycott26-4-1907292
Instinctive Loyalty26-4-1907295
Nationalism Not Extremism26-4-1907296
Shall India Be Free ?
The Loyalist Gospel27-4-1907300
The Mask is Off27-4-1907302
A Loyalist In A Panic27-4-1907303
Shall India Be Free?
National Development And Foreign Rule29-4-1907304
Shall India Be Free?30-4-1907309
Moonshine For Bombay Consumption1-5-1907311
The "Reformer" On Moderation1-5-1907312
Shall India Be Free?
Unity and British Rule2-5-1907314
Extremism In The "Bengalee"3-5-1907319
Hare or Another3-5-1907321
Look On This Picture, Then On That6-5-1907323
Curzonism For The University8-5-1907327
By The Way9-5-1907330
The Crisis11-5-1907333
In Praise Of The Government13-5-1907336
How To Meet The Ordinance15-5-1907337
The Latest Phase Of Morleyism15-5-1907339
An Old Parrot Cry Repeated 15-5-1907340
Mr. Morley's Pronouncement16-5-1907342
What Does Mr. Hare Mean?16-5-1907345
The "Stateman" Unmasks17-5-1907347
Sui Generis17-5-1907350
The "Stateman" On Mr. Mudholkar20-5-1907352
Silent Leaders21-5-1907355
The Government Plan Of Camaign22-5-1907357
And Still It Moves23-5-1907361
The Thunderer's Challenge24-5-1907365
An Irish Example24-5-1907367
The East Bengal Disturbances25-5-1907369
Mr. Gokhale On Deportation25-5-1907373
The Gilden Sham Again27-5-1907374
National Volunteers27-5-1907375
The True Meaning Of The Risley Circular28-5-19072-6-1907377
The Effect Of Petitionary Politics29-5-1907381
The Ordinance And After30-5-1907383
Common Sense In An Unexpected Quarter30-5-1907386
Drifting Away30-5-1907387
The Question Of The Hour1-6-19072-6-1907 389
Regulated Independence 4-6-19079-6-1907 393
A Consistent "Patriot"4-6-1907395
Wanted, Policy5-6-19079-6-1907 397
Preparing The Explosion5-6-1907400
A Statement6-6-19079-6-1907 402
Defying The Circular7-6-19079-6-1907 405
By The Way: When Shall We Three Meet Again?7-6-19079-6-1907 407
The Strength Of The Idea8-6-19079-6-1907 411
Comic Opera Reforms8-6-19079-6-1907 414
Paradoxical Advice8-6-19079-6-1907 417
An Out Of Date Reformer12-6-190716-6-1907 417
The Sphinx14-6-1907420
Slow But Sure17-6-1907421
The Rawalpindi Sufferers18-6-1907423
The Main Feeder Of Patriotism19-6-190723-6-1907 426
Concerted Action20-6-1907428
The Bengal Government Letter20-6-190723-6-1907 429
British Justice21-6-190723-6-1907 431
The Moral Of The Coconada Strike21-6-190723-6-1907 433
The "Statesman" On Shooting21-6-190723-6-1907 435
Mr. A. Chowdhury's Policy26-6-190723-6-1907 437
A Current Dodge22-6-1907440
More About British Justice24-6-190730-6-1907 442
Morleyism Analysed25-6-190730-6-1907 447
Political Or Non-Political 25-6-190730-6-1907 552
The "Stateman" On Mr. Chowdhuri26-6-1907453
"Legitimate Patriotism"27-6-1907455
Personal Rule and Freedom Of Speech And Writing28-6-190730-6-1907 458
The Acclamation Of The House2-7-1907462
Europe And Asia3-7-19077-7-1907465
English Obduracy And Its Reason11-7-190714-7-1907 470
Work And Speech12-7-190714-7-1907 474
From Phantom To Reality13-7-190714-7-1907 477
Swadeshi In Education13-7-190714-7-1907479
Boycott And After15-7-190721-7-1907 481
The Khulna Comedy20-7-190721-7-1907484
The Korean Crisis22-7-190728-7-1907 487
One More For the Altar25-7-190728-7-1907 487
The Issue29-7-19074-8-1907490
The 7Th Of August6-8-190711-8-1907493
The "Indian patriot" On Ourselves6-8-190711-8-1907 495
To Organise8-8-190711-8-1907 496
A Compliment And Some Misconceptions12-8-1907499
Pal On The Brain12-8-1907500
To Organise Boycott14-8-190718-8-1907501
The Bloomfield Murder14-8-190718-8-1907503
The Foundations Of Nationality17-8-190718-8-1907505
Barbarities At Rawalpindi19-8-190725-8-1907508
The High Court Miracles19-8-190725-8-1907510
Justice Mitter And Swaraj19-8-190725-8-1907512
Advice to National College Students (Speech)23-8-1907515
Sankharitola's Apologia24-8-190725-8-1907518
Our false Friends26-8-1907521
Repression And Unity27-8-19071-9-1907522
The Three Unities Of Sankharitola31-8-19071-9-1907524
Eastern Renascence3-9-19078-9-1907527
The Martyrdom Of Bepin Chandra12-9-190715-9-1907529
The Unhindu Spirit Of Caste Rigidity20-9-190722-9-1907533
Caste And Democracy22-9-190722-9-1907536
Impartial Hospitality23-9-1907539
Free Speech24-9-190729-9-1907540
"Bande Mataram" Prosecution25-9-190729-9-1907542
The Chowringhee Pecksniff And
The "Stateman" In Retreat8-9-19076-10-1907551
True Swadeshi4-10-1907555
Novel Ways to Peace5-10-19076-10-1907555
"Armenian Horrors"5-10-19076-10-1907557
The Vanity Of Reaction7-10-190713-10-1907558
The Price Of A Friend7-10-190713-10-1907561
A New Literary Departure7-10-190713-10-1907563
Mr. Keir Hardie And India8-10-190713-10-1907564
The Nagpur affair and True Unity13-10-190727-10-1907566
The Nagpur Imbroglio29-10-19073-11-1907569
English Democracy Shown Up31-10-19073-11-1907573
How to Meet The Inevitable Repression2-11-1907578
Difficulties At Nagpur4-11-190710-11-1907583
Mr. Tilak And the Presidentship5-11-190710-11-1907586
Nagpur And Loyalist Methods16-11-190717-11-1907590
The Life Of Nationalism16-11-190717-11-1907595
By The Way: In Praise Of Honest John18-11-190724-11-1907600
Bureaucratic Policy19-11-190724-11-1907607
The New Faith30-11-19071-12-1907612
About Unity2-12-19078-12-1907615
Personality Or Principle3-12-19078-12-1907617
Persian Democracy3-12-19078-12-1907619
More About Unity4-12-19078-12-1907621
By The Way5-12-19078-12-1907623
Caste And Representation6-12-19078-12-1907630
About Unmistakable Terms12-12-190715-12-1907634
The Surat Congress13-12-190715-12-1907638
Reasons Of Secession14-12-190715-12-1907640
The Awakening Of Gujerat17-12-190722-12-1907644
"Capturing the Congress"18-12-190722-12-1907648
Lala Lajpat Rai's Refusal18-12-190722-12-1907649
The Delegates' Fund18-12-190722-12-1907650
The Present Situation (Speech)19-1-1908652
Bande Mataram (Speech)29-1-1908666
Revolutions And Leadership6-2-19089-2-1908668
The Slaying Of Congress
(A Tragedy in Three Acts)11-15-2-190816-23-2-1908673
The Future Of the Movement19-2-1908701
Work And Ideal20-2-190823-2-1908703
By The Way20-2-190823-2-1908705
The Latest Sedition Trial21-2-190823-2-1908707
The Soul And India's Mission21-2-19081-3-1908710
The Glory Of God In Man22-2-19081-3-1908714
A National University24-2-19081-3-1908717
A Misconception24-2-19081-3-1908719
Mustafa Kamil Pasha3-3-19088-3-1908721
A Great Opportunity4-3-19088-3-1908724
The Strike At Tuticorin4-3-19088-3-1908726
Swaraj And The Coming Anarchy5-3-19088-3-1908728
Back To The Land6-3-19088-3-1908732
The Village And The Nation8-3-1908736
Welcome To the Prophet Of Nationalism10-3-1908740
The Voice Of The Martyers11-3-1908744
What Committee?11-3-190815-3-1908747
A Great Message12-3-190815-3-1908749
The Tuticorin Victory13-3-190815-3-1908752
Perpetuate The Split14-3-190815-3-1908754
Loyalty To Order14-3-190815-3-1908755
Asiatic Democracy16-3-190822-3-1908757
Charter Or No Charter16-3-1908760
The Warning From madras17-3-190822-3-1908761
The Need Of The Moment18-3-190822-3-1908764
The Early Indian Polity20-3-190822-3-1908767
The Fund For Sj. Pal21-3-190822-3-1908770
The Weapon Of Secession23-3-190829-3-1908773
Sleeping Sirkar And Waking People23-3-190829-3-1908777
Anti-Swadeshi In Madras23-3-190829-3-1908778
Exclusion Or Unity?42-3-1908780
Biparita Buddhi24-3-1908784
Oligarchy Or Democracy?25-3-190829-3-1908785
Freedom Of Speech26-3-190829-3-1908790
The Comedy Of Repression26-3-190829-3-1908793
Tomorrow's Meeting27-3-190829-3-1908795
Well done, Chidambaram27-3-190829-3-1908797
The Anti-Swadeshi Campaign27-3-190829-3-1908798
Spirituality And Nationalism28-8-190829-3-1908799
The Struggle In Madras30-3-1908802
A Misunderstanding30-3-1908805
The Next Step31-3-19085-4-1908807
A Strange Expectation31-3-19085-4-1908809
A Prayer31-3-1908810
India And the Mongolian1-4-1908813
Religion And The Bureaucracy1-4-1908817
The Milk Of Putana1-4-1908818
Oligarchy Rampant2-4-1908818
The Question Of The President3-4-19085-4-1908820
Convention And conference4-4-19085-4-1908824
By The Way4-4-19085-4-1908826
The Constitution of The Subjects Committee6-4-1908830
The New Ideal7-4-190812-4-1908834
The "Indu" And The Dhulia Conference8-4-1908838
The Asiatic Role9-4-190812-4-1908842
Love Me Or Die9-4-1908845
The Work Before Us10-4-190812-4-1908847
Campbell-Bannerman Retires10-4-190812-4-1908849
United Congress (Speech)10-4-1908850
The Demand Of The Mother11-4-190812-4-1908852
Baruipur Speech12-4-1908855
Peace And Exclusion13-4-1908858
Indian Resurgence And Europe14-4-190819-4-1908860
Om Shantih14-4-190819-4-1908862
Conventionalist And Nationalist18-4-190819-4-1908864
The Future And the Nationalists22-4-190826-4-1908867
The Wheat And The Chaff23-4-190826-4-1908870
Party And The Country24-4-190826-4-1908875
The "Bengalee" Facing-Both-Ways24-4-190826-4-1908878
Providence And Perorations24-4-190826-4-1908879
The One Thing Needful25-4-190826-4-1908880
Palli Samiti (Speech)26-4-1908884
New Conditions29-4-19083-5-1908889
Whom to Believe?29-4-19083-5-1907891
By The Way: The Parable Of Sati29-4-19083-5-1908892
Leaders And A Conscience30-4-19083-5-1908895
An Ostrich In Colootola30-4-19083-5-1908896
In Cannot Join30-4-19083-5-1908897
By The Way30-4-1908897
Ideals Face To Face1-5-19083-5-1908902
The New Nationalism906
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