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Bhagavad Gita's Message of Harmony and Synthesis

Bhagavad Gita's Message of Harmony and Synthesis
Item Code: NAE873
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789381325179
Pages: 260 (16 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 6.0 inch
weight of the book: 430 gms
Publisher’s Note

The Bhagavad Gita is indeed a part and parcel of the Mahabharata In order to remove Arjuna’s bewilderment due to sudden preponderance of Tams in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna sang to him the massage of the Upanishad. The Gita contains His massage that as a Kshatriya Arjuna should perform his duty of fighting against evil, the Kauravas, for the sake of duty itself.

It therefore appears that Arjuna is encouraged by Sri Krishna to fight that will inevitably lead to death and destruction. But how can then the Gita give us the massage of harmony and synthesis? This question is of significance and in the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of culture a two day National Seminar was held (8-9) January 2011)to discuss the question. That the Gita contains distinct message of harmony and synthesis in various chapters is established beyond doubt by eminent scholar from Different parts of the country, Long ago Swami Vivekananda also drew attention of the world to the Gita’s wonderful doctrine of harmony and synthesis in his historical speech at the Parliament of Religions in America : Whosoever comes to me, through whatsoever from. I reach him; all men are struggling through paths which in the end lead to me.

The Gita’s above mentioned massage is not also unique it is in full conformity with the Vedic statement that the Truth is One; approaches of the sages and seers are only different.

In the two day National Seminar, many papers were presented and there were as usual some other addresses too, All those are brought to light in the form of a book so that Bhagavad Gita massage of harmony and synthesis can put a check to disharmony, disorder, conflict as are found at different levels of the society at large. Peace is the crying need peace is possible through harmony and synthesis. We are confident enough that the Gita will stand us in good stead in this regard.




Publisher's Note V
Inaugural session  
Welcome Addrss 3
Inaugaral Addrss 5
Keynote Address 14
Special Address 25
Presidential Address 33
First Academic session  
Sri Ramanuja's Harmonious Interpretation of the Gita 39
Gita's Massage of harmony & Synthesis in the Light of the Teaching of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda 54
Second Academic Session  
An Analytical Study of the Bhagavad Gita 107
The light that can turu the Yuddhakshetra into Yogakshetra 121
The Eternal Massage of the Gita 131
Third Academic Session  
Jnana Karma Bhakti: A synthesis of Appraaches; A case for Social Harmony 141
Madhusudana Sarasvati's Intepretation of Bhagavad Gita 158
Nishkrma Atttitude as a Menns of Achieving Harmony among Yogas in the Bhagavad Gita 195
Fourth Academic Session  
The Vision of Harmony and Synthesis in the Gita Light of Abhinavagupta 207
Gita's Massage of Bhagavata Dharma as presented by Jnaneshvara 213
Acharya Vinoba Bhave;s though on the Bhagavad Gita 224
Valedictory Session  
Concluding Address 233
Summary of the Academic Session 235
Benedictory Addres 242
The Contributors 247
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