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Bhagavad Gita (Simplified)

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Author: Saktheedharan Villwamangalam
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788175110922
Pages: 205
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About the Book

The Bhagavad Gita Simplified is a collection of poems and translations of the pearls of wisdom delivered by Lord Krishna to rejuvenate Arjuna from inaction on the battle field, as depicted in the Mahabbaratha written by Saint Vyasa. It is the essence of the ancient epic and vedas condensed into eighteen chapters, with each chapter elaborating on ayoga - a skill. The following chapters are a series of interpretations of the vedic poems for self-upliftment. Sankha yoga explains the two paths; karma and knowledge. To achieve ultimate knowledge, one should follow both. In karma _yoga, the need to perform karma is explained, because karma is the only means to achieve anything. In jnana - karma sanyasa yoga, the need for relinquishment is stressed. The _yoga of meditation is very important, as it is said that without meditation, peace and enlightenment is impossible. Thus each chapter teaches a different skill, ultimately leading the reader to God Realization.

About the Author

My obeisance and salutations to thee Lord Shri Hari and Lord Ganesha. Let me salute my teachers, parents and forefathers. I salute the great sage Veda Vyasa and all other great souls. Some, times, their spirit or blessings would have induced me to take up this special task. So I bow to them all from the bottom of my heart. I know my attempt to comment on the Holy Bhagavad Gita in verses is a stupendous task or it is mere foolishness on my part to discuss on the subject as I am myself an ordinary mortal without any spiritual or religious background.

First let me admit that I am less literate in Sanskrit and my only connection with the language was that my father late Shri Villwamangalam Kalari Vasudeva Kurup, Puthenchira, Kerala; was a Sanskrit Pundit in his own right. His collection of books were on Astrology and epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. Among them I was first drawn to the book named Bhartruhari. When my father brought the Holy Bhagavad Gita, I was not knowing its worth. But occasionally I used to read it. It was my uncle Shri Saseendran Vadakkedath Kalari, who made me aware about its importance. Sluggishness brought up many a problem and unhappiness in my student life. But the occasional reading of Gita gave me enthusiasm and a rare courage to understand the world in a better perspective. Even in the midst of difficulties I found an inner peace and solace by reading Bhagavad Gita. So I wish all to read Gita, the text of which is originally in Sanskrit, a language which is not followed by a majority. I feel English can reach more people. Once I saw a Malayalam movie in which the well-known comedian, late Shri Adoor Bhasi, reciting one of the verses resembling that of Bhagavad Gita. It was in localised English and it read some-what like this... "What-what things at what-what time will happen, that-that things at that-that time will happen and will happen." Though he was making a fun, this thymes remained ringing in my ears always. In short, things will happen at its ordained time. I cleared my higher secodary exam and got admission in the S. S. M. Polytechnic at Tirur in Kerala. To improve my English, my uncle Shri Vadakedath Kalari Sukumara Panikker gave me a bunch of books. One of the books was indeed a translation on Bhagavad Gita written by a saint in Malaysia. The book was partly in poems and balance in prose. I was knowing the perennial value of the book, but I neglected the availability of the book and presented it to one of my teachers. My uncle on knowing this; not only got upset but reprimanded me. This incident haunted me for some time. Now I understand how right he was, I now wish to present him with a Gita fully in poems, which I have acquired for him.

In 1980, I went in search of a job to Sabarmathi with my uncle Adatt Shri Balan Panikker. There I was impressed by my cousin Shri Gopinath B. Panikker, who read Gita (Gujarathi) regularly with great devotion. I realised, I am lacking devotion and needed correction. When I came to Bombay I found myself in a world of devotion and in the midst of religious fervour. People are drawn towards reading Bhagavad Gita every where. One day while attending a funeral, I was dismayed by a visitor by his reciting of the 11th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. I felt, that the reciting had its own effect and had reached the ceased soul in heaven and surely it also benefited those who attended the funeral having heard the Lord Hari's messages. It sounded that it is

not to grieve on death, but after the last rites doing our own duty of day to day life is the real homage to the dead. I had no idea of taking up Bhagavad Gita in poem form or to be precise, I was not having the courage to venture into it. Meanwhile due to family problems, and job insecurity; I was going through a hard time. It seemed that all those whom I had loved, are lost I needed support, but I was not able to broach anybody on and it was then that I started reading Gita with all seriousness. I felt, it was turning point in my. As it always happens, Mother Gita was there, giving me strength and hope. I started by chanting - "At Dharmakshetra - - Kurukshetra..." Thus I started compiling Gita in poem form a snail's pace. Soon it became my passion. In course of time I became a voracious reader of Bhagavad Gita and commentaries written by well-known scholars.

At the end of the Seventeenth Chapter I found my work was stalled with umpteen problems. A feeling haunted me that the work taken up with all seriousness, cannot go The situation continued for some time. However - remained an inner urge with me to start the work - in spite of all the problems I faced. I relied on my devotion and prayer and nothing else. Strangely enough, I felt an inner strength, and the obstacles began to thin Slowly but steadily it dawned on me that things are for better. With an ecstasy I continued my work on Gita repeatedly made revisions to improve the text. My prayer to Lord was heard at last, and a ray of hope was seen able to complete the work.

However, the rough copy of my work was lying unattended for several months without further progress. A Span of three-four years passed. One day while I was travelling in train and was correcting my work on Bhagavad Gita a co-passenger who was watching and reading my drafts, requested me to spare a copy of it saying that by his watching the draft has resolved some of his doubts and problems that was haunting him for the past. This incident inspired me and I felt the necessity of confining the work. My wife Sreelatha, extended me a helping hand by copying the corrected versions, and I was able to complete the first draft of the complete text which I showed to my brother - in - law, Shri K. K. Radhakrishnan, Cherpu Kalari, who was all praise for my work. He encouraged me to take it to his neighbour Shri Mr. N. R. Murti at Dombivili, a known scholar who regularly recites Gita. Mr. Murti confirmed its worthiness and appreciated my efforts and advised to publish it. He said "Bhagavad Gita has thousands of translations and to such an ocean add one more drop. Will it make any difference?" His words on my work gave me encouragement to get it printed. Another scholar Shri. K. V. Velayudhan, the famous Bhagavada Sapthaha Siromani of Palghat also gave me the much needed encouragement.

I got the draft printed and I presented few copies to my friends and well wishers to get some suggestions. Unfortunately, I did not get response. Some of the copies were presented to my Guruji Shri. T. R. Parate, master of Kundalini Yoga of Universal Peace Sanctum. When I joined `Art of Living' course by Poojya Sri. Sri. Ravishanker, under Baba SE Ab an Batiwala at Dadar, some copies were distributed among the students. Invoking the blessings of Guruji, Poojya Sri. Sri. Ravishanker some copies were also distributed in the 'Art of Living' congregation at Dadar. I was encouraged by Shri. Mukesh the Chief Engineer (Construction) Central Railway, Mumbai, who wished me profusely to continue my work and new ventures. I was elated by his encouragement, which I will always cherish to remember. I am thank full to Shri. Shiv Kumar AEN C. Rly., who advised me to take up the work in Hindi, so that it can be read by the majority of people in India. I am highly obliged to Shri DevKrishna Jha for correcting the poems, Shri Kailash Chandra Sahu and Shri Promod KumarJha Central Railway for correcting the prose portion of my Hindi work on Bhagavad Gita. All those who read my draft states that I was able to do this due to the blessing of my parents and teachers. Such words really humble me and I beg all those who read this book on Gita to pray on my behalf for their salvation.

Acharya Chinmayananda Swamy is 'THE HOLY GITA' was my main reference along with some translations and commentaries in Malayalam by Kalarikkal Balakrishna Panikker and other languages of well-known authors. My humble request is to excuse me if I have gone wrong anywhere, but at the same time I look forward receiving suggestions to improve upon wherever necessary. The spiritual quest was on and I joined Kriya Yoga by Ananda Sangha of Paramhansa Yogananda. The commentaries by Gurudev is unique. I take this opportunity to thank all friends and well-wishers who helped me to accomplish this humble work. I am sure that the entire work is the result of their pure love. With love and salutations to all, I request all readers to promote reading Bhagavad Gita as a service to the Lord to spread his teachings. Let there be perennial peace and joy with all of you.


Bhagavad Gita is the oracles of wisdom delivered by Lord Krishna to rejuvenate Arjuna from inaction. Arjuna was the main warrior of Pandavas, the sons of the King Pandu. The blind, Dritharashtra, was the brother of Pandu. Kawravas are the sons of Dritharashtra. Pandu was ruler of Hastinapura. On the death of Pandu, Dritarashtra began to rule the kingdom on behalf of Pandu. The eldest son of Pandu, was Udhishtira, has the right to rule the Kingdom. But, Dritarashtra divided the kingdom in two parts so as to make his son Duryodhana also a king. The righteous Pandava's kingdom prospered well. The jealous Kawravas cheated the Pandavas in dice; a betting game of kings. Pandavas lost everything including their kingdom, in the bet; and their wife Drawpati was openly insulted. She was made to surrender as a pawn. Pandavas were exiled for 12 years which includes one year of disguised life. On successful return, the kingdom was to be returned. The promise was not kept by the king Duryodhana and eventually a war was fought between Pandavas and Kawravas for 18 days at Kurukshetra.

Gita begins with blind Drutharashtra, asking about the war to his attendant Sanjaya; who was given a divine power for vision by Sage, Ved Vyasa, on all happenings in the battle field. Sanjaya see that the valiant Arjuna tells Krishna to lead him to the center of the battle field to show his enemies. Krishna shows Arjuna his most beloved grand-father, teacher and many relatives whom all he had to defeat or kill to win the war. Seeing his beloved people among the opponents, Arjuna felt dejected and not wanting to fight with them, though the Pandavas had to face insults and injustice from them. Grief cause surrendering and surrendering brings greater achievements. Arjuna is not grieving for his selfish interests, but he grieves on the incoming dark future on the whole society. Thus the first chapter of the Gita discuss as on the grief that befall on human in the battle of life. Human body is the 'mortal house of pain on earth' having gained it man should seek liberation. The search happens when one understand 'how helpless is himself as nothing is under his control'. He gets disgusted and dejected goes either to suicide, inaction or surrenders to the ultimate. The lucky one like Arjuna, gets a Guru. Surrendering all egos, he opens his heart to the Guru, begs for help. Krishna the Guru takes pity and first tells him to leave stupidity and warms him to be vigilant and to cast off weakness of heart thus making him ready for initiation to yoga. Krishna initiates him to the knowledge - Yoga as in chapter two. Once your doubts are cleared through knowledge, your thoughts are channeled properly. Knowledge is the understanding of right action, ie. action abided in Dharma. Right action is devoid of wish for wage or fruit. The right knowledge is also that of eternal self. For right action, you should also know those actions which are forbidden. Those who are dejected or lose aim of life, should read Chapter 2 & 3 and will surely get the desired benefit.

Then, Arjuna is introduced to Karmayoga (Ch. 3), to achieve any object action is the only means. Every success is the fruit of action. Ideally, Lord himself do act without any relaxation, for the upkeep of the world. Every success is the fruit of an action. Even a great leap starts with a small step. Thus you too have to prosper through Karma Yoga. But, actions may cause bondage. Only actions done as sacrifice do not cause bondage. So, everyone should do action as sacrifice to benefit the mankind. It is the worship of God; whereas non-doing action is horrible than death and it’s a shame.

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