The Bible The Qur'an And Science

The Bible The Qur'an And Science

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Author: Alastair D. PannellAnd Maurice Bucaille
Publisher: Idara Isha' At-E-Diniyat (P) Ltd.
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8171011322
Pages: 262
Cover: Paperback
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In his objective study of the texts, Maurice Bucaille clears away many preconceived ideas about the Old Testament, the Gospels and the Qur'an. He tries, in this collection of Writings, to separate what belongs to Revelation from what is the product of error or human interpretation. His study sheds new light on the Holy Scriptures. At the end of a gripping account, he places the Believer before a point of cardinal importance: the continuity of a Revelation emanating from the same God, with modes of expression that differ in the course of time. It leads us to meditate upon those factors which, in our day, should spiritually unite-rather than divide-Jews, Christians and Muslims.

As a surgeon, Maurice Bucaille has often been in a situation where he was able to examine not only people's bodies, but their souls. This is how he was struck by the existence of Muslim piety and by aspects of Islam, which remain unknown to the vast majority of non-Muslims. In his search for explanations, which are otherwise difficult to obtain, he learnt Arabic and studied the Qur'an. In it, he was surprised to find statements on natural phenomena whose meaning can only be understood through modern scientific knowledge.

He then turned to the question of the authenticity of the writing that constitute the Holy Scriptures of the monotheistic religions. Finally, in the case of the Bible, he proceeded to a confrontation between these writings and scientific data.

The results of his research into the Judeo-Christian Revelation and the Qur'an are set out in this book.

Back of the Book

The functioning of Human body from womb to death, a natural phenomenon and many other related incidents, movement of earth, sun and lunar system etc. has put the author Maurice Bucaille, a French surgeon, perplexed. To quench the thirst for the explanation, learnt Arabic and studied thoroughly the Holy Qur'an and several books comparing with modern science and monotheistic religions, i.e., Jews, Christianity and Islam. He also presents the comparative study belongs to Revelation from what is the product of errors or human interpretations in the Jews and Bible.

In the Holy Qur'an , he found the statement on natural phenomenon, who's meaning has also been more clarified by the Modern scientific observations. He tried to prove that what the Holy Qur'an has said and guided 1400 years ago on subjects like creation of Universe, different stages of child in a womb etc.




I General Outlines 1
  Origins of the Bible 4
II The Books of the Old Testament 7
  The Torah or Pentateuch 10
  The Historical Books 14
  The Prophetic Books 17
  The Books of Poetry and Wisdom 18
III The Old Testament and Science Findings 21
  The Creation of the World 22
  The Date of the World's Creation and Date of Man's Appearance on Earth 29
  The Flood 32
IV Position of Christian Authors with regard to Scientific Error in the Biblical Texts. A Critical Examination 36
V Conclusions 42
I Introduction 44
II Historical Reminder. Judeo-Christianity and Saint Paul 49
III The Four Gospels. Sources and History 54
  The Gospel According to Matthew 58
  The Gospel According to Mark 63
  The Gospel According to Luke 66
  The Gospel According to John 68
  Sources of the Gospels 71
  History of the Texts 77
IV The Gospels and Modern Science. The Genealogies of Jesus 82
  The Genealogies of Jesus 83
  Critical Examination of the Texts 88
  Commentaries of Modern Experts in Exegesis 92
V Contradictions and Improbabilities in the Descriptions 94
  Descriptions of the Passion 94
  John's Gospel does not describe the  
  Institution of the Eucharist 95
  Appearances of Jesus Raises from the Dead 98
  Ascension of Jesus 100
  Jesus's Last Dialogues. The Paraclete of John's Gospel 102
VI Conclusions 107
I Introduction 110
II Authenticity of the Qur'an. How It Came to be Written 126
III The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth 133
  Differences from and Resemblances to the Biblical Description 133
  The Qur'an does not lay down a seouence for the Creation of the Earth and Heavens 137
  The Basic Process of the Formation of the Universe and the Resulting Composition of the World 139
  Some Modern Scientific Data concerning the Formation of the Universe 142
  Confrontation with the Data in the Qur'an  
  concerning the Creation 147
  Answers to Certain Objections 149
IV Astronomy in the Qur'an 151
  A. General Reflections concerning the Sky 152
  B. Nature of Heavenly Bodies 155
  C. Celestial Organizations 158
  D. Evolution of the Heavens 165
  E. The Conquest of Space 167
V The Earth 170
  A. Verses Containing General Statements 170
  B. The Water Cycle and the Seas 173
  C. The Earth's Relief 180
  D. The Earth's Atmosphere 182
VI The Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms 185
  A. The Origins of Life 185
  B. The Vegetable Kingdoms 187
  C. The Animal Kingdom 190
VII Human Reproduction 198
  Reminder of Certain Basic Concepts 198
  Human Reproduction in the Qur'an 199
  The Qur'an and Sex Education 207
I General Outlines 211
  Parallel: Qur'an/Gospels and Modern Knowledge 211
  Parallel: Qur'an/Old Testament and Modern Knowledge 213
II The Flood 214
  The Biblical Narration of the Flood and the Criticism Leveled at it-A Reminder The Narration of the Flood contained in the Qur'an 216
III The Exodus 219
  The Exodus According to the Bible 220
  The Exodus According to the Qur'an 221
  Confrontation between Scriptural Data and Modern Knowledge 224
1 Examination of certain details contained in the Narrations 224
2 the point occupied by the Exodus in the history of the Pharaohs 228
3 Ramesses II, Pharaoh of the Oppression; Merneptah, Pharaoh of the Exodus 231
4 The description contained in the Holy Scripture of the Pharaoh's death during the Exodus 237
5 Pharaoh Merneptah's Mummy 239
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