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Bihar Diaries (The True Story of How Bihar's Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught)

Bihar Diaries (The True Story of How Bihar's Most Dangerous Criminal Was Caught)
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Author: Amit Lodha
Publisher: Penguin Random House India Pvt Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9780143444350
Pages: 291
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
weight of the book: 225 gms
About The Book

Bihar Diaries is the thrilling account of low Amit Lodha arrested Vijay Samrat, one of the region’s most feared ganglords, notorious for extortion, kidnapping and the massacre of scores of people. The book follows the adrenaline-fuelled chase that took place across three state during Amit’s tenure as superintendent of policy of shekhura, a sleppy mofussil town in Bihar.

How does Amit navigate between his many professional challenges and conquer his demons? What does he do when Vijay comes after his family? Bihar Diaries vividly captures the battle of nerves between a dreaded outlaw and a young, urbane IPS officer.


I am fortunate to be an officer of the Indian police Service for I find the work for a policeman the most challenging yet immensely satisfying. It is one of those rare jobs where you can see your hard work bear for instantly. The feeling when you help unite a mother with her kidnapped child is indescribable. Most people associate glamour with a policeman’s job, but in reality, there is lot of blood, sweat and some tears too. Losing a colleague or having your family in danger is a professional hazard we face almost every day.

As a policeman, I am expected to be someone people look up to. However, I am not perfect. I have my weaknesses and human fallibilities. I do my best to repay the trust that so many people have in me. I am not a hero who kicks open doors and beats the hell out of goons, but i stand by my principles and ethics. I do what is just and right.

In my long career, I have had a number of thrilling encounters, almost all them etched firmly in my memory. I have been very lucky to have worked in Bihar. I received a lot of love from the people of the state and my seniors during my tenure there. It was here that I came into my own.

This book deals with one particular mission, an absolutely determined chase of one of the most dreaded dons of Bihar – Vijay Samrat. Unfortunately, as the book is about to go for printing, Horlicks Samrat, his accomplice, has come out on bail. In view of the clear and present danger to my family and others involved in this mission, the names and characteristics of quite of view individuals, particularly the criminals, have been changed.

During 2006, Bihar was on the cusp of revival. The establishment believed in sushaasan, or good governance, and the results are for everyone to see. I was transferred to shekhpura, a posting I was not exactly looking forward to. It was quite a backward district then where time seemed to stand still. For quite long. I was going through a minor professional crisis and was in no mood to serve in a mofussil town when my friend were doing exceptionally well in life.

Vijay Samrat, ably supported by Horlicks, ruled Shekhpura and the adjoining areas with an iron fist. His writ ran large; he was the ‘Gabbar Singh’ of Shekhpura. For him, a murder was just an addition to his resume, which included killing a former MP, a block development officer (BDO) and a few policeman. After experiencing the pain that Vijay had Brought upon so many innocent people, I got over my trivial issues and become a man possessed with a sole aim – to bring vijay and his gang to justice. I was Lucky to have colleagues who supported me in this dangerous high-stakes case and helped pursue these brigands relentlessly. And, of course my wife stood beside me like a rock through this roller-coaster ride under grave threat to the children and herself from Vijay.

I have been as truthful as possible in narrating this story. No mission, however challenging and dangerous it is, can be without its share of funny anecdotes. There is a liberal does of humour in this otherwise absolutely serious story about catching dreaded criminals. The book also has a lot of references to movies and sports because I enjoy both of them. I have also recounted some of my experiences from my IIT days that so my metamorphosis from a shy, meek teenager to an overconfident cop.

I would like to remind readers that book is a work of non-fiction. The views and options expressed in the book are only mine and do not reflect or represent the views and options held by the Government of India. It is based on actual events that took place in my life and drawn from variety of sources, including Published material. It reflects my present recollection of experiences over time as truthfully as memory permits and can be verified by research. All person within the book are actual individuals have been changed to respect their privacy. The objective of this book is not to hurt ant sentiments or be biased in in favour of or against any particular person, society, gender, creed, nation or religion.

Through this book, I aim to show readers how much hard work, patience and strength of character is required to pursue a criminal like Vijay Samrat, who not only had a large posse of men to do his bidding but also well-wisher in high places. It is also with pride that I am able to talk of the work I do as an IPS officer, which brings me so much satisfaction and makes me believe that I can make a positive impact on the society I serve.

Amit Lodha is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer presently holding the rank of inspector general of police. Over the course of his career, he has been part of a number of successful operations, including the arrest of gangster and rescue of kidnap victims. He has been awarded the prestigious President's Medal for Meritorious Service, the Police Medal for Gallantry and the Internal Security Medal for his work.

Amit enjoys playing tennis and squash, and is an ardent fan of Kishore Kumar. He regualarly writes for the Times of India blog. He can be reached on Facebook and Twitter (@Ipsamitlodha7). Indian has had very few tales of valour and heroism that are both real and inspirational. Bihar Diaries is one such about a top cop who takes his work seriously and the cause of natural service even more so. The book is anecdotal to the point of being refreshing and leaves the reader with insights that only someone at the front lines can capture. Amit's style of writing and the way he weaves the storyline reminds one of those fine thriller writers who can leave you at the edge of your bed whilst you savour their tales.' –Suhel Seth

'It's more than just a thrilling cop story as it's real and contextual. Best read at one go as it's unputdownable.' –Ronnie Screwala


Ranks in the Indian Police xi
Foreword xiii
Introdcution xvii
1. The Jailbreak 1
2. 'What Is the Score, Uncle?' 13
3. The 'Shunting' 29
4. The Fall 35
5. The Messacres 42
6. Kursi Sab sikha Deti Hai' 48
7. Copulating Lizards 55
8. Back to Work 59
9. The Making of a Butcher 69
10. 'Laha Hi Lohe Ko Kaat Sakta Hai' 79
11. 'Aap Suspend Ho Gaye Hain' 84
12. 'You Are Eunuchs!' 90
13. The Cable TV Connection 93
14. 'Krazy Kiya Re' 100
15. 'Dekhte Hain' 109
16. The Traitor 112
17. Nature's Cell 116
18. Bujia 122
19. 'Bol Bam' 126
20. 'Bagal Mein Hai, Huzoor' 133
21. The Headbutt 147
22. Beauty Kumari 150
23. 'Aloo Le Lo' 153
24. 'Suttal Hai' 158
25. 'My Husband Is the "Famous" Criminal of Bihar' 166
26. 'Sahib Gusal Mein Hai' 171
27. The Interrogation 175
28. 'My Son Will Become a Police Officer' 181
29. 'Shekpura Police Zindabad!' 185
30. 'Mard Hai to Aaja!' 189
31. 'Jai Chamundi Maa' 193
32. 'Phone Kyon Nahin Baj Raha Hai' 196
33. The 'Encounter' 200
34. 'Network Nahin Aa Raha Hai' 202
35. 'How Do I Turn Off the Gas?' 209
36. 'You Have Won a Nokia Mobile Phone' 215
37. 'Ringa Ringa Rojej' 223
38. 'Jagah Mil Gayi' 232
39. 'Aa Gaya Hoon Chhatt Par' 238
40. 'Sir, Pakad Liya' 242
41. 'Put On Your Uniform' 249
42. 'Saregama' 256
43. The Attack on Avi 264
44. An Attack on the MLA 269
45. 'Who Hi Laddu Hain' 272
Epilogue 275
Acknowledgements 279

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