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The Bijak of Kabir

The Bijak of Kabir
Item Code: NAZ013
Author: Lakhi N. Paryani
Publisher: Kabir Parakh Sansthan, Allahabad
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 302
Other Details: 8.70 X 5.70 inch
weight of the book: 0.51 kg

I have made the translation in versicular form of the great scripture, the Bijak of the highly illumined, the gem of the saints, the great spiritual master Kabir Saheb on the directions of my holy spiritual master Sadguru Shri Abhilash Sahebji, the propounder of the spiritually serene organisation known as the Kabir Parakh Sansthan, Allahabad. Hence, this presentation of the work is a magnificent gift from my revered holy master. The task of translation of the holy scripture, the Bijak of Kabir is the outcome of the deep inspiration and minute guidance to me from the holy master. I must confess that almost a literal translation of the Bijak which is the authenticated holy scripture of the Perfect Master Kabir Saheb would not have been possible but for the choicest blessings of my most generous master. I have departed from or added to the literal work, is only to convey the clear meaning with special reference to the Parakh Philosophy of the highly enlightened Master, Kabir. In order to make a very clear sense of the translated poems, a caesura has been used in many lines. It is of course just impossible to transfer the full vigour and terse vitality of the original to an English translation. For mystic words, the English language has no equivalents. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that this work will prove a great source of spiritual illumination to the English knowing seekers and aspirants.

Since I have made a mention of Kabir's Parakh Philosophy as above, it is imperative on my part to produce atleast a bird's eye view of the same. M enlightened spiritual master Sadguru Shri Abhilash Sahebji is one of the most acknowledged saints in this Parakh plane. Completely based on this doctrine, my holy master has written two big volumes of commentary on the Bijak in Hindi which have witnessed a tremendous demand and high acclamations from the readers all over the world. Besides, the master has also mines a voluminous book namely the "Kabir Darshan", especially based on Parakh philosophy. To be brief, this holy master of the present days has written about a hundred small and voluminous books which have been in wide circulation throughout the length and breadth of the country and also in some parts of the foreign lands. His pen sees no pause and as such this realised soul keeps on writing books after books for the last about 45 years. His recent works are the "Yogadarshana"; What do the Vedas Say?", which line been greatly appreciated by many spiritual seekers, scholars as also the common readers. It will be a great source of attraction when his exhaustive commentary on the 'Dhammpada' of Gautam Budha comes out which is under the final touch.


Kabir is one of the best-known and highly acclaimed names in the Indian subcontinent. In Indian religious traditions, he is the most unique saint for his sterling and peculiar qualities of the head and heart. If at all, there has been a poet and saint symbolic of true secularism throughout the world, it is he and he alone. He is the ocean of virtues, a veritable sun in dispelling the darkness of ignorance, distractions and delusions. He is held with a great esteem both by the Hindus and the Muslims alike as a great mystic, bold religious reformer and spiritual teacher. In the literary field too, Kabir ranks very high; he is often hailed as the Father of Hindi. Literature.

He is the champion of the Hindu-Muslim unity and a great promoter of the Universal Religion or the 'Religion of Man', as Rabinder Nath Tagore has rightly put him so. Kabir is the name of truth; he is the torch-bearer of humanity as a whole. He stands as a pole star in the plural, diverse, multi-religious, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic India. In modern progressive circle, he is greatly lauded as a social reformer, a bold enemy of the Brahminical sham pride and the caste and class distinctions. He vehemently assaults the pseudo principle of untouchability and social discriminations.

Kabir is considered to be a mystic by intellectuals, a 'Pir' of the highest Sufi tradition by the Muslims and a great seer by the Hindu society. With 'me sterling human attributes permeated with compassion, he is able to dear himself the most with the common folks. A great marvel Kabir is! What a unique product of the sum total of all the accumulated deeds of the Kabir is!

He asserts on the one class of humanity and only one religion of Turnanity. He has revolutionized in the social, religious and spiritual planes. zit avouches every soul as the Parmatman.

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