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The Bijak of Sadguru Kabir (Elucidation Sakhi Chapter)

The Bijak of Sadguru Kabir (Elucidation Sakhi Chapter)
Item Code: NAY725
Author: Abhilash Das
Publisher: Kabir Parakh Sansthan, Allahabad
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 818422172x
Pages: 740
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.9 kg
About the Book
Sakhi or couplet is the pithy utterance. It literally means 'witnessing' to the ultimate Truth. At the same time the Sakhi itself is conceived as the word fallen from the guru's mouth. Being the true foundation of wisdom, the witness of the Sadguru abolishes the need for all the other proofs; it puts an end to vain disputes and arguments, as it substitutes direct evidence transmitted by word of mouth for scriptural evidence. Though Sakhi may be written, a sakhi by its very nature is meant to be memorized: it lives in the heart of those whom it has struck and who have been penetrated by its message.

Kabir Saheb is known all over India essentially as a composer of Sakhis. His Sakhis are popular even among those who are not Kabir's followers and almost all the main compilations of his verses contain a large number of Sakhis. Bijak, his authentic text contains 353 sakhis which are the repository of spiritual prudence and very much speaks of the mental makeup of Kabir as well as his penetrating commentary on religion, society, culture and politics of his time.

The book in your hand is the translation of the commentary and elucidation in Hindi of the Sakhi chapter of Kabir Bijak, done by Sadguru Shri Abhilash Saheb-Jee, under the title Parakh Prabodhini Vyakhya.' Bijak is the authentic version of the teachings of Sant Kabir, which contains eleven chapters. Sakhi chapter is the eleventh chapter; containing 353 Sakhis by Sadguru Kabir; and nine Sakhis by an unknown saint, which are very significant and hence, the inseparable part of the book. Sakhi is a couplet, having two lines and is therefore very easy to recite and comparatively easy to understand than the verses contained in the other ten chapters of Bijak. Sant Kabir is widely known for his Sakhis, which are often quoted in conversations, even by persons who do not know about him otherwise. Sakhis by Kabir are frequently quoted by the religious preachers of all sects, which add an authentic and pointed version to the subject being preached by them. Sakhi chapter largely contains thoughts on spiritual practices and about getting stationed in the Self. In the last Sakhi, he has stated, "The Sakhis are the eyes of cognizance and witness of truth. Behold and ponder over those in your heart. Worldly disputes are also not settled without eye witness and evidence."

Sant Kabir was a scientist of religious field. Five hundred years earlier when the modern science did not exist anywhere, the statements then made by Kabir are not inconsistent with today's science. He accepted and advised to follow the principles based only on the cause and effect system, denying the statements and principles full of blind faith and false veneration prevalent in the field of religion. His mental aptitude was fully capable of seeing the eternal truth and real nature of religion and humanity, piercing through the haze of religious hypocrisy and blind faiths. He laid stress' and fully supported the establishment of society based on unfettered religion and human equality, rising above the caste and religious shortsightedness and of following blindly the principles adopted in a particular religion or community.

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