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A Brunch Focus on Agnikarma

A Brunch Focus on Agnikarma
Item Code: NAQ774
Author: Dr. Anju Lata and M.S Shalyatantra
Publisher: Chaukhambha Orientalia
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386660817
Pages: 32
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.04 kg


The book "a brunch focus on agnikarma" written by dr. Anju lata is a small contribution to ayurvedic literature. Ayurvedic literature considers the agnikarma as a main line of treatment for various diseases. There are so many upkarna's description for agnikarma i.e pippli, ajaskrut, sar, shalaka etc. In ayurveda there is also detailed description of sites of agnikarma like wise teak, mansa, sira, snayu, asthi and sandhi and their characterstic features of samyag dagdha. Different types of dagdha like plustha, durdagdha, atidagdha with their features and their treatments also given in ayurvedic text. There are so many diseases described in ayurveda in which agnikarma can be done mostly of vataj and kaphaj diseases. So agnikarma is wast subject in ayurveda. Hence there is need to make a bridge between ayurvedic concept of agnikarma and modem view.

the book is divided in nine comprehensive chapters. First chapter is introductory and includes definition while second chapter includes dahanupkarnas according to site of dagdha. Chapter three is devoted for classification of agnikarma and dahan. Chapter four deals with procedure of agnikarma which includes preparation for agnikarma, main karma and post agnikarma conditions. Chapter five devoted for itarata dagdha. Chapter six includes all types of dagdha treatments. Modem perspective given in chapter seven. Chapter eight includes mode of action of agnikarma and chapter nine devotes for bibliography.

The book provides ample matter on agnikarma in both perspective ayurveda and modern usefull for students and practitioners in these field. More research and development are required in this area. I congratulate dr anju lata for her contribution to the contemporary literature on agnikarma with its advancements in modem era.


The 21. Century began with a few landmark observations that helped decisively to rediscover the lost links between modern science and ayurveda. This period has also proposed certain new models to comprehend ayurvedic fundamental acceptable to the western word.

in ayurveda agnikarma is described as main line of treatment for lots of disease. But in modern era it comes under parasurgical procedure.

In ayurveda acharya susruta has described the agnikarma in detail and upkarna (instruments) for agnikarma.

acharya susruta also described the complication of asamyag agnikarma and their treatments. In modern era cautery is used for agnikarma to stop the bleeding during surgery, incision and excision of the tissue. Diathermy also used for coagulation of tissue during surgery or in cryosurgery in piles.

now a days the problem is that there is a very little cross-system knowledge imparted during medical education or training. As much as ayurveda physicians need an understanding of modern medicine, modern practitioners need an understanding of ayurveda if they are interested to use ayurvedic medicines.

By authoring the book "a brunch focus on agnikarma" i have tried to bridge the gap between ayurveda and modern medicine. In purview of epistemological differences between the 2 streams, to convey the knowledge base of ayurveda to modern medicine practitioner in a legible manner is really a tough task.

i hope this book will provide comprehensive understanding of agnikarma as it includes ayurvedic and modern fundamental concepts.

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