Cardiology in Ayurveda (A Comprehensive Textbook On Cardiac Disorders in Ayurvedic Bastivijnyan)
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Cardiology in Ayurveda (A Comprehensive Textbook On Cardiac Disorders in Ayurvedic Bastivijnyan)

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Item Code: UAE911
Author: Amarprakash Dwivedi
Publisher: Indus Source Books
Language: English and Sanskrit
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789385509322
Pages: 204 (10 B/W Illustrations)
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About the Book
In Cardiology in Ayurveda, the author has described cardiology as explained in Ayurveda along with guidelines of related modern cardiac disorders for better understanding. This book also gives guidelines for the treatment of various diseases of the heart both according to Ayurvedic texts and modern medicine. He has elaborated the pathogenesis and treatment of various heart diseases of modern medicine according to Ayurveda and has interpreted modern pathogenesis with the various Hrudya Rog mentioned in Ayurveda.

This book will benefit Ayurveda practitioners, students and researchers in understanding various cardiac disorders and their management. This book will also prove useful to modern (Allopathic) physicians, who wish to know about cardiology concepts described in Ayurvedic texts.

About the Author
Professor Dr. Amarprakash Dwivedi is a renowned Ayurveda academician, researcher and practitioner. He is presently with the Ayurveda department of D. Y. Patil University, as Professor and Head of Shalya Tantra (Surgery) department. He is also Vice Principal & Hospital Administrator of D. Y. Patil Ayurvedic Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Dwivedi has published more than fifty research papers in international peer reviewed journals and has authored two books - Nasya Chikitsa and Para Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda. He has expertise in anorectal surgery and is the recipient of several national and international awards.

Ayurveda, which has its origin in Atharvaveda, is an ancient Indian Medical Science. As we know prevention is always better than cure, the basic aim of Ayurveda is to protect the health of un diseased and to cure the disease. The potency of Ayurveda is accomplished by the dynamic interrelation between the universe and human being. Also, from time immemorial, man has always been fascinated by the mode of function of the Heart. He is the one concerned about the slightest change in the function of Heart.

In the present era educated people are very much conscious regarding their health and they are aware of various side effects and temporary nature of relief given by allopathic medicines. So they have turned to Ayurveda and very soon a time will come for the appreciation of Ayurveda. Naturally, now it's our duty to prove true to their belief.

In the present situation of mechanical life and metropolitan life, hazards are very serious. The growing stresses and strains on human community, the whole mankind is facing the various serious conditions like hypertension, Angina, IHD and various other cardiac problems. Changing lifestyle, aggressiveness, competitiveness, a sense of time urgency are key points to predispose various heart troubles. The increasing percentage of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, excessive weight etc. predispose arterial and cardiac disease.

Heart disease has become a challenge for the physicians as well as cardiac surgeons due to underlying risk factor and cost of surgery. The common middle class people cannot afford surgery. As we know many people appeals for financial help in daily newspaper. Moreover, they are worried for monetary restraint and surgical complication.

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