Complete Astro Palmistry (How to Cast Horoscope From The Lines and Signs of the Hand)

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Author: L. R .Chawdhri
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788170822547
Pages: 474 (120 B/W Illustrations )
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the book

This book unfolds the methods of casting a horoscope from the line, signs and marks on the hands, when the date and time of birth of a person is not known and if known, in most of the cases it is erroneous. Also the methods of exhaustive and scientific analysis of lines, signs and marks on the hands, physiognomy and pedomancy from Astro Palmistry’s view point have been detailed there in. These methods are not available anywhere but now have been expounded through mathematical formulae and 44 detailed illustrations.

The hand has been divided into 12 Zodiac position of plants has been fixed on the hand according to the canons of Palmistry and Astrology. All the Five Parts of the book have written with minute attention and contains scientific, exhaustive and comprehensive details of the subject.

The position of planets in different houses of the horoscope though 108 combinations have been linked with Astro Palmistry and analysed under the chapter “Curious Interpretations of lines”. The results are very curious, hardly to believe but are astounding and correct. These are based on famous book Lal Kitab.” Written by Pt. Girdhari Lal of Punjab.

Upayes or planets have been provided which are cheap, simple and best based on scientific canons. These upayes show immediate results and are beneficial to the users.



How to make the horoscope from the Lines, marks and signs on the hand is jealously guarded secret by the few who know, it. The author was inspired a few years back from such an incident and since, then is in quest of the exposition of these secrets and methods of finding out birth data from hands.

The art and science of Astro-Palmistry deals with such subjects for the determination of birth data.

Very little has so far been said about this art of Science of Astro Palmistry being a' most difficult and ticklish subject and on the same account, unfortunately it is getting extinct. One cannot deny that a few know this, but such people so secretly guard it that it remain confineded to a handful practitioners. The modern Palmists and astrologers have not made any efforts to further investigate it and nothing about this has been found in the Western Science also.

In majority of the cases, exact birth date and time is not recorded or it is doubtful and in Astrology, through rectification methods these bio-data are corrected.

But in case nothing is known to the native, need to study the ASTRO PALMISTRY arises. A Palmist has one advantage that the hands are available to him as his instrument rather to work out on an unconfirmed data to baffle, but through this science, one has to work methodically by examining both hands, face, body and pedomancy in case of either sex. Through the rational methods, one can find the birth bio-data of the native safely and draw the horoscope for delineation.

So under the above difficult positions and conditions, the author has worked hard for a number of years to unfold these mystries. This guarded information was obtained by the author after much labour and spending a considerable time and money from a Sanyasi as explained later in the book. These secrets were obtained only on the conditions that these should be published for the benefits of the Astrologers Palmists and Public at large, which the author is, obliged to fulfil and has presented this work.

The author is thankful to Shri Narindcr Sagar of Sagar Publications New Delhi, who has inspired rile for this noble task and has undertaken the responsibility to publish it.

In this work, the author has tackled the problem through FIVE PARTS. Each part has been dealt in a very cornprehensive way for achieving the object and has unfolded the mysteries of drawing correct horoscope. For this, one should not bank upon one or two factors, but other factors are also to be considered, and when these all are put together, would definitely lead to positive results. A palmisr should not search for tiny formations but to study the whole palm and see the principle lines forming a bigger picture.

The main thing to be born in mind is ENPURANCE and PATIENCE. One should neither be too enthusiastic not pessimist. The problem is to be solved calmly and in a methodical way. A futile attempt to jump to the conclusion should always be avoided, so one if will act upon this advice, success will be at his command. Readers should read this book TWICE and then start applying the principles.

The hand has been divided into 12 Zodiac signs and the position of planets has been fixed according to the canons of Palmistry and Astrology also based on the author's experience. The author disagrees with the divisions as indicated by Mr. Abayakoon, Mihiracharyya, M.M. Gaffar and Saint Germaine. The results found through author's division have shown successful results and the author is confident, that readers will appreciate after putting them in practice. Likewise, the author disagrees with the commencement of Line of Heart as indicated by many authors on Palmistry.

To find an ascendant from the appearance and birth marks on the body is a difficult job. Efforts have been made to make the methods simple and easy for the benefit of readers through a simple language of the book. The help of physiognomy, Chiromancy and Pedomany has also been taken for ascertaining the birth bio data. Interpretations of Lines, marks and signs on the hands have been detailed in a very exhaustive way and have been analysed scientifically based on the personal experience of author. These interpretations are not customary but from the view point of ASTRO PALMISTRY, which will be a guide for the readers.

Some curious interpretations of Lines, marks and signs in ASTRO PALMISTRY have been laid down, which are hardly to believe to any logic, but when the same are put into actual practice, the results are very marvelous, accurate and astounding. The methods of propitiations of planets or UPA YES indicated are very effective and cheap which are within the range of every body.

The Curious interpretations have been detailed based on the Jines, planets and their signs on the hands. These have been connected to Astrology with reference to the Zodiac houses and position of the planets there in. The cpmQination of planets in different houses from Astro Palrnijtry view point ave not been explained keeping in view the volume of the book. These may be analysed by the reader and may be provided by the author at some later stage. The readers should note that when a planet is strong, in own house, exalted, debilitated or otherwise, the nature provides the clue on the line which have been experienced and detailed in this chapter.

The help of "LAL KITB" has been taken.

The chapter on interpretations of Lines is too bulky, it was not considered fit to bifurcate them into sub chapters for nothing. So the readers have to bear with it.

The upayes or methods of Propitiations of Planets have been explained in a simple way, which have been tested by the author. Readers should test them and feel the genuinity of the claim. These upayes are based on scientific canons and not arbitrarily. The author is confident that readers will not be disappointed.

The author has in mind to write a book on the detailed methods of propitiations of planets through articles of planet mantaras Tantric ways etc. which have been experienced in author 20 year experience. Lord Shiva will bless the author to fulfill this promise in the near future. Dragon head (Rahu) and Dragno tail (ketu) are no doubt a shadow planets but they have an astounding effects on the human beings. Their study is very valuable and in teresting in the study of Astro Palmistry but on the other hand very difficult. Mr. abayakoon says that he has not come across any treatise Eastern or western which has treated this branch of the subject. The author feel his claim to be semi correct. In our ancient works may not necessarily be in Sanskrit or Hindi but in some regional language the effects have been provided. These have been detailed in chapter of curious interpretation. But the readings of Nodal signs or Rahu and Ketu as explained by Mr. abayakon are also worthstudy the precise account of which has been provided in this book in the Chapter, "Rahu-Ketu effects on the hands." In précising this chapter, the author has frankly admitted that in this chapter, there is no contribution of the author. The places fixed for these planets on the hand needs careful consideration. The black white or bluish dots, moles, grilles, islands, wavy lines etc. are the signs ascribed to these planets. The readers should testify these readings and be benefitted. A very burning topic of the Science, "The Methods to Calculate Longevity" has been dealt with in a very exhaustive and practical way through the lines of the hands. Also a method has been given from the finally prepared horoscope, mathematically through a few tables prepared to serve as ready reckoned and for counter check. Fixing of time on Lines is another baffling question, the author here also differs with others and believe in a rational method rather to follow traditionally varying methods. The author declares confidently that the readers will find better results, if acting on the advice and methods of the author as explained in this work. In the end, a few practical cases have been provided explaining the use of fundamentals and methods of ASTRO PALMISTR Y as detailed in the book. The author is thankful and indebted to Mr. Abayakoon, Mihiriacharyya, Pandit Girdhari Lal, (LAL KITAB), Saint Germaine and others, whose books were a source of guidance, In case the readers are benefitted and this Science is known to many rather than a handful persons, the author will feel amply rewarded for having presented this work.



  Preface ix
  Part 1 1-50
1 Science of Astro Palmistry 3
2 The Division of Palm, Thumb, Fingers and Planets 7
3 The Line, Signs and Symbols 20
4 Steller Palmistry and Zodical Physiognomy 39
  Part-II 51-113
5 Planets Position on the Palm 53
6 The Zodiae signs on the hand and body 76
7 Birth marks for the Ascendants 90
8 Ascendants from the hand Appearance 97
  Part-III 115-172
9 Calculations of birth data viz. Year, Lunar and Solar months, Moona;s age or Tithi, day and time of birth from the on the hands 117
10 Solar signs for Ascendants 145
11 Casting the horoscope from the hand 155
12 Time and events on the Palm 162
  Part-IV 179-416
13 Rahu Ketu effects on the Hands 175
14 Interpretations of Lines in Astro Palmistry 187
15 Some curious interpretations of Lines and Pedomancy 231
  Part-V 417-462
16 Methods for calculations of Longevity 419
17 Practical Cases 442


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