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Consultations in Ayurvedic Dermatology (Padmasri Dr. K. Rajagopalan Ayurveda Grandhamala- 7)

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Consultations in Ayurvedic Dermatology (Padmasri Dr. K. Rajagopalan Ayurveda Grandhamala- 7)
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Consultations in Ayurvedic Dermatology (Padmasri Dr. K. Rajagopalan Ayurveda Grandhamala- 7)

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Item Code: NBZ520
Author: P. M. Madhu
Publisher: Kunnath Mana Ayuveda Books, Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788192017297
Pages: 160 (12 Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.19 kg.

Dermatology is a fascinating subject. Not only because of it's variety of experiences, but also due to the possibilities that it provides the clinician to unleash his potentials in a different area of life. A practitioner may come across varieties of morphological conditions of skin which are entirely different experiences from one another. More than the morphology, each patient may also have exclusive histories also. A dermatologist cannot confine himself merely to a study of skin, but must also study various metabolic processes and many environmental factors which so frequently cause skin problems. He must be aware of the most traditional or basic substances such as clothing, food and water to the newest and rarest man made chemicals, which may affect the skin adversely in some circumstances. Along with this awareness, he must also pay attention to the indefinable entity, the psyche. Very often, dermatological consultation may be a manifestation of an underlying mental stress. In that case, the dermatologist has to modify his role as a psychotherapist. By the rational use of his own abilities, a dedicated dermatologist can diagnose and treat the patient successfully. This is more valid when we consider Indian medical science, Ayurveda, where this holistic perspective has already been applied successfully in all the diagnostic as well as therapeutic means since many centuries.

Ayurveda possesses a very rich collection of knowledge endowed with the core principles of unique science, regarding the diagnostic as well as therapeutic aspects of dermatological cases. Detailed observations about the etiopathogenesis, catogories, manifestations and their specific management schemes are seen in our classics.Experiences of effective healing practiced by physicians are also there. There are so many potent herbal medicines as well as specific therapeutic procedures for specific clinical situations. The branch of ayurvedic dermatology has that potential to deal with most of the annoying conditions of the skin.

Observations and experiments are the methods of science. Constant re-examination of facts forms its back bone. Indian medical science is not an exception from is our duty to validate the scientific back ground of Ayurveda and to prove it with solid evidence. As observed by WHO expert committee, 'traditional data base has its own authenticity. In many cases,their theory and application are quite different from those of conventional medicine.ln conducting research and evaluating traditional medicine,knowledge and experience obtained through the long history of established practice should be reported'( General guidelines for evaluation of traditional medicine, WHO 2000),In this aspect, every single case experience provides data to evidence based traditional knowledge.

A convertion of experiences to literature becomes valid only when it is done with clarity of ideas and authenticity. Preparations behind such a work should be motivated by continuous quest for excellence and hence it also provides enormous chances of self evaluation of clinical practice.'Consultation in ayurvedic dermatology' is a honest attempt in this regard.Each narration given in this book tries to reveal an untold story of ayurvedic dermatology.

In the course of medical practice, every clinician must have noticed the necessity in developing the most essential basic skills to apply the theoretical facts in the clinical problem presented before him. During the assessment of a case, in spite of theoretical considerations, it is highly essential to debrief the data received from the patient and to interpret them in terms of applied Ayurveda. Genuine attempt is made here in this regard. Special effort was made to reassess or standardize some general dermatological management schemes with the help of some unique basic principles of Ayurveda and consulting experiences.

Following the basics of diagnostic and management principles, each chapter in this book deals with a case of common skin problem came for consultation. Current medical detail of that particular ailment is given as a note for general awareness. Data collected regarding the history and disease evolution to the present state is debriefed and a short discussion about the ayurvedic interpretation is also made. Thereafter, the practical line of treatment in each stage is explained. Evaluation of the efficacy of this line of treatment is done in the follow-up analysis.

This may not be accepted as an absolute or unique model in the diagnostic as well as management designs. A wide range of subjective variations are shown by Ayurvedic practitioners in the selection of appropriate treatment. In order to design an excellent standard treatment protocol for skin diseases, every course of treatment opted by eminent physicians should be thoroughly analysed, of course, on the basis of scientific facts and methods. This book may be considered as a humble initiative for a brainstorm among practisioners, teachers and students. I expect valuable criticisms from all corners for corrective measures, which would be greatefully acknowledged.

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