The Dawn of Freedom
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The Dawn of Freedom

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Item Code: UAD309
Publisher: National Book Trust, India
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788123769035
Pages: 188
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IN the novel, The Dawn of Freedom I have tried to create the ambience of a bygone era. The last thirty years in our history are like three hundred years. It seems as if the time before independence was linked with the medieval age, but the present time is concerned only with the futuristic vision. The modern man is a befuddled person and if he has to succeed in finding his identity he will have to connect himself with the earlier times. The generation, which was attaining manhood at the time of independence, bade goodbye to the time-tested moral values at a later stage. But admittedly they were aware of the ethical concerns and, as a result, they suffered a lot of mental conflict. But this generation, which is now on the road to manhood, has turned its back at old values and is in search of new values. So the son thinks of his father as an inhabitant of another planet. This novel might bridge the generation gap, which has turned those living in the same house into strangers.

Between Grandpa and Biri, there is a gap not only of one but two generations. Still both the characters are having more or less the same vibes.

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