Death and Reincarnation

Death and Reincarnation

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Publisher: International Yoga Society
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8185883432
Pages: 192 (Illustrated Throughout In & B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
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Publisher’s Note

Life beyond life has been the most mysterious field of knowledge for all since advent of the human race. There are scriptural writings giving detail of death and life after death. However, at most places these descriptions are highly symbolic that need authentic explation.

H. H. Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda an enlightened sage, has brought out this unique book “Death and Reincatination” giving a comprehensive and authentic account of death, experiences after death, heaven, hell the nature of the soul, reincarination, law of karma and how to be free from the cycle of death and rebirth.

After reading this book one gets clear under standing of process of death and experiences in the astral world that is helpful in overcoming the fear of death.

This book was first published in 1970 from our USA Centre and was very popular in the western world. Its Hindi edition was printed many years ago from Loni Ashram which is in great demand.

Increasing request for the original English edition from Indian readers compelled us to publish this book here in India. I am sure readers of this most inspiring and elevating book would get divine blessings of Sri Gurudev to overcome fear of death and attain liberation through Self-realisation.


The prominent feature of this book is its bold strokes with subtle shadings that paint with dexterity in the most potent language the mystery of death, what happens after death, and the process of Reincarnation. Each reader will verify the propelling power of these writings that break the incrustrations of fear, that have forced one to avoid the thoughts and talks of death.

Those who have in the past refused to give up their false fear of death now will rejoice and welcome this most unusual book of swami Jyotir Maya Nanda. No limitations are imposed on the reader; rather it opens a new sphere of a vast realm of ideas that are clear and unobtrusive.

Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda’s genius lies in writing his profound thoughts and making them alive, almost walking with a dynamic movement. Each one should give this book the fullest and most careful consideration. Cinsequently, you will feel rushing within a breeze blessed with blazing dispassion. That will dispel fear and doubts which have been restraining your upward movement to Self-realization.

This book “DEATH & REINCARNATION” is an extraordinary literature. It is unconventional in form and highly original in quality, and is sure to receive the recognition that it deserves. Many ardent admirrs and sincere followers have long awaited this excellent work. Swami jyotir Maya Nanda with this momentous movement of his pen has reanderd a lofty and sublime service to humanity. We are sure that this powerful literature will be felt throughout the world in all levels of society.

The circumstances that laid the foundation for this book were the weekly radio and T.V. lectures given in WKYN and WKAQ in English and Spanish on the lovely tropical island of Puerto Rico where the author lived and worked overlooking the vast expanision of the surging blue ocean. Certain repetitions have been intentionally allowed so that an aspirant may view the profound subject of death and reincarnation form various angles, and receive added confirmation of spiritual insight.

In order to redouble your capacity to grasp the subject permanently, there are charts and illustrations in color which make the book a modern gem with its foreground of ancient philosophy.

Any one reading this compelling book will be granted with out doubt a greater measure of happiness and a gigantic lift up-ward toward eternity, where happiness is bliss, and pain is left behind forever.

May the Lord grant you that absorbing perception. Spiritual aware-ness, and everlasting peace of Self-realization!




Philosophy of Reincarnation 12
The Mystery of Death 31
Behind The Dark Curtain Of Death 37
The Phenomenon Of Reincarnation 43
Journey After Death 49
The Mysterious Tree Of Human Existence 55
Experiences After Death 61
Between Death And Rebirth 67
The Illusion Of Time 73
Do We Remember The Experiences Of Our Past Lives? 79
The Role To Memory 84
The World As A Long Dream 90
Law Of Karma : Part - 1 96
Law Of Karma : Part - 2 103
Fate, Free Will & Predestination 110
Law Of Karma : Part - 3 116
Law Of Karma And Rebirth 134
Questions And Answers 167
Excerpts From Vedatic Scriptures 174
Where The World Stops 178

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