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Dictionary On Indian Religions in Set of 2 Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: UAI930
Author: T. Rengarajan
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8178540223
Pages: 650
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About The Book

The book Dictionary of Indian Religions is the first Dictionary purely based on Indian Religions. The book, which covers entirely all Indian Religions, art, literature, mythology, philosophy and its religions writers. The book, which covers, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Zoroastrianisen and Parisim. The book is more informative and educative. It brings to know more about Indian based religions. This book pays equal weight age to all Indian religions. The books also cover all religious festivals and its future. The book discusses more about the religious founder and their works of all Indian religions. The book will bring a great revolution in the middle of all religious readers.

About the Author

Rengarajan, T. Son of Sri. A.S. Thiruamali was born in 1962, at Srivilliputur, Tamil Nadu. The author completed his graduation in Physics at Madura College, Madurai. He complete his Bach-elor of Law from Sri Venkate-shvara Law College, Tirupathi. Different publishers in India published his 80 books. The books were mainly associated to Hindu Religion, some books covers in depth knowledge in Hindu Religion.

The author name is under recommendation for different awards based on his works to Hinduism. They were Maharana Mewar award—Best Religious writers, Satish Goyal award-Upanisad-02, G.D. Birla award-Best Spiritual writers. The author's name is specified in the Sahitya Academy 'who's who' Indian writers. His name is also specified in the International Biblio-graphic writers in India, London and Asia. The author had received Best Spiritual writers—City Cultural Association, Madurai.

The author is best social workers. He was Secretary of Public Grievance Redressing Society, which is Registered Body under Tamil Nadu Society Registration Act. He actively participated in the Social workers with respect to certain Government policies. The author was practising Advocate.


This is, I presume, the first exhaustive and elaborate work of its type written with reference to original authorities in almost every field of Indian religions. Its completion has taken many years to exacting study and research in the several aspects of the all-embracing features of this vast and multifarious subject.

The publication of Dictionary of Indian Religions contains information on all-important areas in Indian religions. The book covers all most all-Indian cultural based religions with induction of Muslim. This work is, in a way a departure in the sphere of Dictionaries studies in which generally, authorities for the statements made and cited information with all respect towards Indian Religions.

Briefly speaking the book covers art, religion, philosophy, mythology, and literature. A perusal and study of this work is, I hope, thus bound to provide an invaluable panoramic and enlightening picture of the entire field of Indian Religions. Such a survey is essential in order to study, fathom and appreciate Indian Religion whose vastness and manifolds nature in its various complexities, would normally baffle and deter any undertaking in this field. Every attempt has been made to make this book serious and exhaustive as was possible, keeping in mind of course, the limitations of space, production costs and similar considerations. The language employed in this study is simple, direct and easily understood by the student, common reader and the scholar, avoiding pompous verbiage and jargon.

This Dictionary is the result of intensive study of raw materials, which have been critically examined and transmitted in order to furnish as complete, scholarly and authoritative a work as is practicable. This is the work, which needs more elaborate ideology, philosophy and religious aspects. I hope this Dictionary will have a universal appeal wherever Indian religions is studied and admired in India and abroad. It is also intended to provide more information with respect to Indian religions to student, scholar, and philosophic thinkers and referring personalities in all folds of Indian religions.

Before I conclude, I sincerely thanks to Mr. Sham Lal Malhotra, Prop. M/s. Eastern Book Linkers, New Delhi and also thanks to Mr. Mehar Singh for readily accepting and publishing this work with commendable foresight courage and confidence which I fold lacking in several publishers. For various type of assistance I also thank my parents Mrs. Ambujam Thirumalai, my brother-in-law S.V.K.S. Srinivasan, my brother, and Sisters. But for their unfailing enthusiasm, encouragement and co-operation this work would not have been either written or published.

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