Die to Live

Die to Live

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Author: Maharaj Charan Singh
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 9788184664652
Pages: 320 (1 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Hardcover
weigh of the book: 535 gms
Other Details 9.0 X 6.0"
Weight 540 gm

"Die to LIVE and LIVE forever," we are told by our Master. Satsangis, his initiates, daily die to this world in their meditation, Daily they rehearse for that inevitable final departure. But now, with their Master always with them, they travel those regions of Light and Sound through the Celestial Spheres of the creation within, back to the level of the Father, back to their Divine Source. Through meditation, and with the grace of the Master, the purpose of human birth is fulfilled, and the soul, liberated for eternity, is taken back to Him for whom it has been yearning since its separation. Hence, the theme of all Saints and Masters is to attend to meditation.

This book, then, has its conception in our Master's exhortation to attend to meditation. Its intent is to explain what meditation is, and to dispel any doubts, questions, and apprehensions a seeker may have regarding meditation. It states clearly the Master's teachings about how we must conduct our lives to make meditation our foremost and primary concern.

The sequence of the book is designed to guide the disciple through all phases of meditation, from managing one's daily activities to creating the right atmosphere for meditation, from actually attending to the practice to realizing and understanding the effects of meditation.

Then the Master gives us encouragement as we follow the path. He calls us that controlling the mind, as each disciple quickly becomes aware, is so small task. To withdraw one's consciousness and reach back to the level of the father is the most difficult and the highest of all goals to achieve. So the Master comforts us by providing insight into our plight. He gives a perspective to our journey as he guides us with his grace at every step on our Path Homeward.

The format for this book, consisting entirely of questions from disciples regarding meditation, followed by Master's answers, has been designed in an attempt, as well as the profoundly and lucidly beautiful truths spoken by the Master.

To all those involved with bringing this work to completion, we are deeply grateful.



Die To Live, this collection of Maharaj Charan Singh's answers to questions about meditation, continues to be popular with initiates and seekers alike.

Meditation constitutes the basis of the teachings of the saints. It is the way to God, an inspiration to the mind to seek Him, and food for the soul starving for union with the Beloved.

After spreading the message of divine love for forty years, carrying Sant Mat to almost all parts of the world and initiating about 1,300,000 seekers in the technique of spiritual practice, Maharaj Charan Singh left this world on June 1, 1990, to merge back into the Supreme Father.

On May 30,1990, two days before his departure, he made a Will appointing Maharaj Gurinder Singh as his successor who has taken up the heavy responsibility of looking after and guiding the satsangis and seekers with spiritual insight, love and dedication.

We have pleasure in bringing out the fifth edition of Die To Live and are confident that the readers will continue to derive spiritual benefit and bliss from the Master's inspiring words.


  Preface to Fifth Edition vii
  Preface to the First Edition ix
  Teachings of the Saints 1
Chapter 1. The Divine Design 33
Chapter 2. Creating the Atmosphere  
  Introduction 53
  Essential Prerequisites 55
  Way of Life 69
  Protecting the Treasure 103
Chapter 3. Meditation  
  Introduction 109
  Concentration 111
  Dying while living 135
  Simran – Repetition 138
  Dhyan - Contemplation 162
  Bhajan – Listening to the divine sound 181
  Inner guidance 195
  The Effect of Meditation 206
  Love and Devotion 216
  Divine Grace 234
  Love is His Gift 271
  References 281
  Glossary 290
  Index to the Introductions 298
  Index to the Questions and Answers 299
  Addresses for Information and Books 303
  Book on this Science 309

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