Drishtant Mahasagar: Spiritually Enlishtening and Inspring Episodes of The Lives of The Great Ones

Drishtant Mahasagar: Spiritually Enlishtening and Inspring Episodes of The Lives of The Great Ones

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Author: Ganga Prasad Sharma
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788131003084
Pages: 224
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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To unravel the truth, concentration is required. The mind wanders off from what does not interest it. The ancient Indian sages had the knowledge of this trait of the human mind. They created interesting stories to attract the attention of the mind which led to the compilation of Puranas and Upanishadas. The episodes were directly connected to a person as an anecdote or a significance incident of his life or they were woven around an imaginary character.

This device is intelligently used by Junapithadhishwara Swami Avadheshanand giri Ji Maharaj. His Discourses are interspersed with witty anecodotes, references, quotes and suitable episodes which unwitting convey the message very efficaciously. You can learn from this book the art and the devices to make your speech more intresting and fascinatingly impressive.

A tresurable book indeed.


You are judged by the company you keep15
Value of a person16
True faith16
Reverence for one's nation17
Brilliance of true knowledge17
More precious than the paras18
Identifying one's own vices18
Greatness of chait any a mahaprabhu19
Lord buddha's sorrow20
God's will20
Meditation or service21
Test of dedication21
Kind-heartedness of H.G. Wells23
Guru nanak and a mendicant23
The secret of being carefree24
The indian culture25
A gift of honey26
True generosity26
Vidyarthi ji's generosity27
The joy of serving others27
Love and desire28
True intimacy28
The importance of words29
How things can be worked out30
The last sermon of bhishma31
Teachings of swami dayanand32
Truth and falsehood32
The meaning of inattention32
True surrender33
Test of greatness34
Real age34
End of avarice35
There is a defect36
The advice of swami vivekanand37
A team of arjunas37
The fragrance of rose38
The meaning of the dharma38
First opportunity39
Giving a way ego in charity39
Mother of vinoba40
Place for everyone40
Sometimes a lie is better than a truth41
It is only a matter of time42
No-one's personal property42
The inner light43
Feelings of love43
Son and disciple44
Buried treasure45
Worshipper of soul45
Which one is more valuable46
A healthy mind47
One's own world47
Importance of work48
Swami vivekanand's spontaneity50
The secret of happiness50
Honesty and large-hearted ness50
Gokhale's truthfulness51
Limitations of a king52
Jasmine flower53
What is greater53
Usefulness of a lamp54
Right time54
Grandest of all palaces55
Invitation from duryodhan56
Self-conceit and humbleness56
Karma and devotion57
A prayer of its own kind57
Plato in quest of truth58
Being with god58
Alexander's insight59
Real diamond60
Beauty of a spot60
It is that very bull61
Heaven and hell62
The power of concentration62
Preparation of speech63
The importance of schooling63
Public money64
A piece of firewood64
Childhood days of ranade65
The responsibility of science65
When jesus came again66
The filthiness of mind67
Ego and its limits68
Who are you68
Safety of life69
Nanda's rice pudding69
True feelings70
A truthful advocate71
Moral conduct71
Journey of life71
Yudhishthir in meditation72
Necessity of a guru73
Perfection in the field of knowledge74
Haji ali74
Brilliance of soul75
Firmness of tilak75
An ideal incident76
Positive thinking76
The image of one's inner being78
Greatness of mansoor78
Observance of fast in true sense79
Soul of music79
The impact of humbleness80
Difference of viewpoint81
Veena of life81
1922 movement82
Flower and thorns82
Greatness of chait any a mahaprabhu83
Casting aspersions84
Test of religious austerity84
Poorest of all85
Reward of truthfulness85
A king in true sense86
Ashtavakra and king janak87
Importance of the karma87
Orders of the guru88
The core of instructions88
Dates for picnic89
More beautiful90
Ego of being a haji91
True devotion92
Comfort able sleep93
A mother is above everything93
The path that leads to salvation94
Sheikh sadi's mistake95
Why self-admiration96
Impact of thoughts96
Kanhaiya's neutrality97
The eternal truth97
Who is greater98
Mother's teaching98
Gama's advice99
Worship and faith99
Love and ego101
Drawback of a human being101
The psychology behind making charities102
Hurry for mantra102
Farsightedness of lincoln102
Message of islam103
Test of the divine knowledge103
Path that leads to god and faith105
Who is an emperor in real sense105
For attainment of salvation106
True and beautiful107
Don't be carried away by your dreams108
The seat of a guru109
Rabindranath and his criticizers109
Worthy of reward110
Do not weaken yourself110
Poor but honest111
Fearlessness and truthfulness112
Let not the obstrucfions bother you112
The greatest surprise113
Realization of truth113
Ornaments in true sense114
What is worthless115
Who is the greatest115
Everyone is not like you117
Knowledge and good moral conducf118
Gandhi]i's prudence119
Secret of success119
What should be the aim of sadhana119
This world is like a mirror120
Shastri ji's coat121
Who is greater121
Taking care of the unwell122
Unnecessary wastage123
The nature of a saint123
Vegetarian and non-vegetarian brain124
There is no end to greed124
Last test125
In quest of god126
Prayer and hea yen126
Carrying wealth to the other world127
False ego128
True love128
A boon for constructive purposes129
Hanuman's reply130
Control over your mind130
The bangles of lakshmibai131
Gold is as good as soil131
The greatest duty132
Softness of tongue133
What is death134
Charitable donation of ego135
Necessity of spiritual practice135
simplicity of tolstoy136
Modesty of bhadrajit136
The greatest devotee137
Prayer is the food of my soul138
Value of freedom138
The secret of pits139
No complaints139
The thorns of the rose140
When he roared like a lion140
True happiness141
Guru dakshina141
The ideals of nasruddin143
Correcting one's mistake143
True repentance145
God's gift145
Lincoln's sincerity145
The entry of the british146
Determination and firmness146
Fruits of charity147
Home and office148
Fear of death148
The meaning of leading an ascetic life149
Socrates and the old man150
Greatness of rabindranath tagore150
Patience and its fruit151
Mantra given by a guru152
Twenty dollars still in circulation152
Improving one's mistakes153
Blessings as a result of honesty154
Bringing an end to ego154
Saint kabir and his devotion155
The fire of love156
Truthfulness of washington156
Being comfort-loving158
True worship159
Last supper159
Kind-hearted ness161
Exercising control over one's mind162
In quest of truth162
Victory to the world and163
Not to india alone163
Knowing one's soul163
Change of heart164
In quest of sadguru165
Truth and happiness166
Existence of soul166
It will be remembered forever167
The great impact of truth167
Vivekanand's prayer168
A lion's gratefulness169
A sany asin and his ochre robe170
How to attain peace of mind170
The yoga of concentration171
Uncoln's formula172
God is the real giver172
Alexander's change of heart199
Father's promise200
True devotion201
Preach only what you practise202
It's good that you came202
Lord krishna's flute203
Sanyasa in real sense203
Flowers of seven kinds204
Unity brings victory205
Knowledge and good moral conduct205
Where is the child206
Pretension of taking sany asa207
Feelings and the karma207
The wealth of kanad208
Principles of an ideal life209
Large-heartedness of Dr. Ansari209
Salvation of a pig210
An ordinary man211
Pain in legs211
Worry for the seventh genera non212
Definition of ego213
God never harms213
Swami ramtirtha in america214
The real meaning of sany asa216
Victory of the power of forbearance216
Half-eaten mango217
An old woman's sacrifice220
Solution to a problem221
The irrefragable truth222
True faith222
Import ance of discussing knowledge223
I am absolutely alone223
A thief's wish224
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