Dvaita Philosophy (As Expounded by Sri Madhvacarya)
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Dvaita Philosophy (As Expounded by Sri Madhvacarya)

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Author: B.N.K.Sharma
Publisher: University of Madras
Language: English
Edition: 1996
Pages: 52
Cover: Paperback
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Professor B.N.K. Sharma is one of the leading philosophers who has specialized in Dvaita Philosophy. There is hardly any aspect of Madhva’s philosophy to which to he has not contributed significantly, and which has not been transformed by his significant works.

The Present work is the outcome of his lectures delivered under “Sri Aroor Srinivasa Rao Endowment Lectureship” for 1989-90 on Dvaita Philosophy as expounded by Sri Madhva carya, at the Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced Study in Philosophy.

In the present volume, Professor B.N.K. Sharma examines the place of Dvaita School in Vedanta Sastra and its progressive development. In the course of his illuminating lectures, Professor Sharma explicates the relevance of madhva’s realistic philosophy to his own times and to human progress for all time. The core of his lectures centres on the conflict of Advaita Srutis with perceptual evidence and experience. This book, I am sure will be of immense interest to all researchers, scholars and all those who are interested in Philosophy in general.

With deep sense of sorrow I record that the donor of this Endowment lectures Shri Aroor Srinivasa Rao, is no more to share the joy the publication of this volume brings to all of us.

I thank my colleagues Dr. S. Panneerselvam, Dr. G Mishra and R. V.K.S.N. Raghavan, Professor, Department of Vaiishnavism, who have spared no pains to gothrough the proofs.

Finally, I thank the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, Professor P.K. Ponnuswamy for making the publication of this volume possible despite the delay caused due to unforeseen circumstances. I also thank M/s. Avvai Achukkoodam, Madras for their neat execution for the work.




  Foreword v
1 The Place of Dvaita School in Vedanta Sastra and its Progressive Development 1
2 The Historical and Ideological Background of the Revival of Vedantic Realism by Madhva 5
3 Madhva's Part in the Reclamationof our Ancient Literary Legacy 9
4 madhva's Influence on Other Schools 10
5 Relevance of Madhva's Realistic Philosophy to his own times and to Human Progress for all Time 13
6 The Logic and metaphysics of Madhva's Philosophy 16
7 The True Identity of the Aupanishadah Purusah 23
8 The State of Moksa in Madhva's Philosophy 29
9 Madhva's Contributions Guidelines for the Solution of the conflict of Advaita Srutis with Perceptual Evidence and Experience 32
10 The Criterion of Upajivya Pramana prabalya 37
11 Other Important Contributions to Indian Thought 41
12 Conclusion 49

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