Easy-to-Make Mithai

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Author: Jyoti Nikunj Parekh
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788124308004
Pages: 68 (10 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.5 inch x 7.5 inch
Weight 100 gm
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

About the Book

This recipe book on Indian sweets is the first in the Easy-to-Make series. These recipes for all occasions, can be managed by both, the experienced and the fresh cook, for all occasions, can be managed by both, the experienced and the fresh cook. Learn traditional sweets as well as creative new ones, all of which are presented in five sections:
1. Mithais with Fruits
2. Mithais with Vegetables
3. Kheer, Payasam and Rabdi
4. Desi Mithais
5. Mithais for Children


About the Author

Jyoti Nikunj Parekh is a well-known figure in the field of vegetarian cooking since 1969. She has taught Indian and international vegetarian cooking, along with the art of fruit and vegetable carving, to a large number of students. Mrs. Parekh is an acknowledged expert in the areas of bonsai, candle-making and gift-wrapping. She has also displayed her skills in many countries around the world including the USA, Canada and Japan.



Ah! Mithai. This is the first in a series of recipe books which I plan to write - all of which will come under the category 'Easy-to-Make'. These recipes use tried and tested methods, flawless measurements and, as the name suggests, are easy and quick to make. Yet, some will remind you of your grandmother's culinary skills and others will come as a surprise.

In this book, I have included the well-known, traditional sweets along with some exotic and trendy ones. These recipes have been actually sampled in many kitchens and were included in this book only when I was absolutely confident that the resultant mithais would melt in everyone's mouth. No amount of diet- consciousness will hold back our sweet tooth. And why should it? Our ancient texts, especially those which dealt with food, gave sweets the pride of place in the festival menus. In her report on ancient food, Mrs. Malini Bisen, a well-known food writer says, "... all the sweets that we make and eat today with so much relish seem to have their roots in the past. Today the sweets are almost the same, only the names have changed."

Yes, even today, almost all the sweets we make at home have connections to age-old recipes. Sweets have always been part of our diet and will continue to be. Hence, this book.




1 Weights & Measures 7
2 Measurement & Temperature Guides 8
3 Important Ingredients 9
4 Mithais 17
  Mithais With Fruits  
1 Custard Apple Lilies 19
2 Phal No Matho 20
3 Pear Malai Boats 21
4 Apple-Sweetlime Cheese Cake 22
5 Mango Halwa 23
6 Pineapple-Paneer Sandwiches 24
7 Mixed Fruits-Khoya Crumbs 25
8 Strawberry-Coconut Barfi 26
  Mithais With Vegetables  
1 Raw Papaya Towers 29
2 Matar Barfi 30
3 Parval Rose Delights 31
4 Gajar-Jamun Rolls 32
5 Aloo and Sweet-Potato Halwa 33
6 Cauliflower Kheer 34
7 Red Pumpkin Halwa 35
8 White Ash Gourd Paak 36
  Kheer, Payasam and Rabdi  
1 Bundi Halwa 39
2 Jalebi-Bundi Paak 40
3 Moong Dal-Kaju Payasam 41
4 Baked-Sevai Payasam 42
5 Badami Doodh Poha 43
6 Gajar-Jamun Kheer 44
7 Apple Rabadi Layer 45
8 White Pumpkin Basundi 46
  Desi Mithais  
1 Wheat Flour Sattu 49
2 Sevai-Paneer Laddoos 50
3 Kesari Sandesh 51
4 Easy Khoya Modak 52
5 Mitha Khoya Chawal 53
6 Rabadi Baskets 54
7 Golden Drops 55
8 Sweet Dal Pakoras 56
  Mithais For Children  
1 Chocolate Shahi Tukade 59
2 Rasmadhuri 60
3 Cashew-nut Flowers 61
4 Kaju-Chocolate Katri 62
5 Kesar Mawa Ke Phool 63
6 Kala Malai-Gulabjamun 64
7 Bird's Nest 65
8 Date-Coconut Candy 66


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