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Elements of K. P. Stellar Astrology (Set of 2 Volumes)

Elements of K. P. Stellar Astrology (Set of 2 Volumes)
Item Code: NAN513
Author: S. K. Kapoor
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 464
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 565 gms
About the Book

KP Astrology is all about being able to anticipate events using the Natal Chart, Horoscope as the basic starting point and then to apply the concepts of Star Lords and Sub Lords thereon to understand the concepts of Event Analysis. In this volume an effort has been made to explain the rudiments of Horary Astrology, Ruling planets, Rectification of birth time,. Timing of Events and predictions through Sub and Sub-Sub Lord, in a simple way, and with illustrative examples, to enable the reader to comprehend and evaluate the horoscopes by KP methodology.

About the Author

The author of this book, S. Kapur, M.Sc. (Statistics), CAIIB, is a senior retired banker wose passion for learning continued even after retirement. A Diploma in German Language followed by a Diploma in Journalism led further to study in Vedic Astrology at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan under the able guidance of Sh. K.N. Rao, a distinguished and learned astrologer. A chance reference to KP Astrology during net surfing led to a serious study of this subject under guidance of Sh. C.B. Narnauli, whose able assistance and encouragement gave him the initiative to write this book. This book contains large number of illustrative examples, which will help the readers to understand and evaluate the horoscopes by KP methodology.


In this book the writer wants to tell us that how the sub lords theory gives us correct result for every type of events. This is called K. P. Stellar Method.

With the help of Steller Theory Method, invented by our Guru K. S. Krishna Murthi, we can predict by the Horary as well as Natal. This is the only system in astrology gives correct predictions with date and time. Mr. Surendra Kapur, the author of this book, has scientifically thrown light on sub lords theory. Krishnamurthi Paddhati is a scientific name of Astrology. Mr Surendra Kapur is well versed in traditional as well as K. P. Astrology. He has found the truth how the planet gives correct results.

Method of Dasa, Bhukti, Antra is also explained in this book. This book is a worth investing as a Treasure in Astrology Book Collection and Professional works. I hope this sincere of Mr. Surendra Kapur will prove a sussessful step in predictions through Scientific Astrology.

I pray lord Shirdi Sai Baba to belss the author for a healthy, long peaceful life for many more years, so that he can write many more books on K. P. Sub Lord Theory for K. P. followers and readers.


Volume I

Section 1
1.1. Krishnamurti Padhiti 1
1.2. Order of Significators 3
1.3. Rahu 7
1.4. Significators 12
1.5. Significators and its Sub Lord 20
Section 2
2.1.Ist house (Ascendant) or (Ragna) 22
2.2.IInd house (Money matters) 24
2.3.Free from Financial Tenures 29
2.4.Will, Get Money by Way of Will from by Circle 36
2.5.Entangled Money 40
Section 3
3.1.The 3rd House (Profession) 44
3.2.The IVth House (Property) 48
3.3.IVth House (Vehicle) 62
3.4.4th House (Mother) 71
Section 4
4.1.Analysiugs 5th House 73
Section 5
5.1.Turius 78
5.2.6th House 87
5.3.Some Serious Illness 92
5.4.Hearth Problem 95
5.5.Breast Cancer 108
5.6.Cancer 117
5.7.Cancer (Leukemic) 124
5.8.Heart Fail 129
Section 6
6.1.7th House 133
6.2.Late Marriage through Court 141
6.3.Divorce and Remarriage 145
6.4.Delayed Marriage 150
6.5.Suicide in Married Life 153
Section 7
7.1.8th House (Longevity) 157
7.2.Longevity, Breath within a Mouth 162
7.3.Longevity 164
7.4.Accident 167
Section 8
8.1.9th House 172
8.2.Education 174
8.3.Education with a Break 180
8.4.The 10th House (Status in Profession) 183
Section 9
9.1.Speculation 192
9.2.Speculation as a part time profession 196
9.3.Lottery 200
9.4.Business in Debt: Loan from Banks 203
9.5.When Employment 207
9.6.Service or Business 209
9.7.Transfer of My Wife When 211
9.8.Transfer/Court Case/Reinstatement 215
9.9.Business from When 219
9.10.Partnership Business 223
9.11.Independent Business 226
9.12.Employment 229
9.13.Timings of Employment 231
9.14.Timings of Business or Employment 236
9.15.Service Matter 240
9.16.Industrialist's Chart 244
9.17.Native's Occupation as an Industrialist 246
Section 10
10.1.11th House 251
Section 11
11.1.12th House 252
Section 12
12.1.Summary 260
Volume II

1Ruling Planets and their and importance of Ruling Planets 1
2Timing of events, and signification of planets28
3Rectification of birth time and birth date based upon approximate/accurate time33
4Correction of birth year when doubtful 72
5Method of prediction with data and time 76
6Erecting the Horary chart 85
(a) Dudging the Horary
(b) Fulfilment of query
(c) Timing of marriage
(d) Recovery fo money chart
(e) Job chart
(f) Books Publishing
(g) Construction of Building Chart
(h) Romance and marriage chart
7Application of Cuspal lnterlinks theory and Calculation and type significators, and potential of Dasha/Bhukti etc 116
8Predication based on Sub-Sub Loard Questions related to marriage, business and romance 121
9Daily Events predictions 134
10Mahurat 136
11Horoscopes Matching 144
12Matching of horoscope through KP Method 148
13Mudane Astrology 174

Sample Pages

Volume I

Volume II

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