Esoteric Buddhist Astrology: Japanese Sukuyodo and Indian Astrology
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Esoteric Buddhist Astrology: Japanese Sukuyodo and Indian Astrology

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Item Code: NAU757
Author: Michio Yano
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 97881793462171
Pages: 171
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About The Authors

MICHIO YANO PH.D. Kyoto University, is Emeritus Professor at Kyoto Sangyo University. He has published extensively on Indian astral science and history of science "Professor Michio Yano is one of the most competent specialists in the field of Indian traditional astronomy and astrology, including the sources from which they borrowed and the countries they influenced in their turn. It is therefore a matter of great satisfaction that his book 'Esoteric Buddhist Astrology' now appears in English translation. The book primarily focuses on a work that was most probably composed by the Indian Tantric master Amoghavajra, but that has only survived in Chinese translations. The in-depth study of this work provides Professor Yano with an opportunity to situate it between Mesopotamian and Hellenistic influences on one hand, and further developments in China and Japan on the other. This work will be a must for all those with an academic interest in Asian astrology"

BILL M. MAK PH.D. (2010) Peking University, is Associate Professor in History of Science at the Hakubi Center for Advanced Research/ Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University.

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