Essays in Zen Buddhism Second Series
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Essays in Zen Buddhism Second Series

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Item Code: NAU411
Author: D.T. Suzuki
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788178224305
Pages: 368
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About the Book

ESSAYS IN ZEN BUDDHISM (Second Series) Zen Buddhism is a unique school of spiritual development which uses many systems of philosophy, psychology, and ethics in the course of its own technique of Sudden Enlightenment. This volume contains the Second Series of the author's famous Essays in Zen Buddhism, including those on the Koan, the Secret Message of Bodhidharma, and Passivity in the Buddhist Life. In this Second Series of Zen Essays, the chief stress has been placed on the study of 'The Koan Exercise', which at present constitutes almost the alpha and omega of Zen discipline, especially as it is practised in the Rinzai School of the Zen sect. The koan technique is full of pitfalls, but its development was inevitable, and without it Zen might not have survived. My study of the koan exercise as presented in this Series is not a very complete one, but I hope I have given the reader a general idea of what it is. I further hope that the psychologist and the philosopher will take up this study as facts of experience specifically developed in the Far-eastern mind.

About the Author

D.T. Suzum, (also written Daisetz) in full Daisetsu .Teitaro Suzuki, born Oct 18, 1870, Kanazawa Japan - died July 12, 1966, Kamakura, was a Japanese philosopher and author of Books and Essays on Buddhism, Zen and Shin that were instrumential in spreading interest in both Zen and Shin (and for Eastern Philosophy in general) to the west. Suzuki, was also a prolific translator of Chinese, Japanese, and Sanskrit literature. Suzuki spent several lengthy stretches teaching or lecturing at Western universities and devoted 'many years to a professorship in a Japanese Buddhist University, Otani. He was a best key figure in the introduction of Buddhism to the nen-Asian world.

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