Essence of Ayurvedic Rasashastra
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Essence of Ayurvedic Rasashastra

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Author: H.C. Jain
Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8121802296
Pages: 76
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Ayurvediya Rasasastra is not just a medical science but it is specific science which advocates Naisthiki cikitsa. In other words it cures the diseases permanantly, Rasagistra gives immediate MoIcia (Relief from disease). Originator of this science is 'Adinath' Lord Sankara himself. This Rasagastra was originally composed in axioms and it advocated Dehavada. Afterwards sages like Nagarjuna etc. developed & ornamented it with Lohavada and used in the treatment of diseases. After many centuries with effect of time, Dhatuvada & Dehavada both were extinguished.

Rasaratnasamuccaya consists of thirty chapters. In the first eleven chapters various medicinal substances with their classifications have been described from all angles along with information about various accessories required. In the first chapter Mercury along with its properties & origin, types etc. have heen described. 6th, 7th & 8th chapter are important as they describe teacher & students of Rasasistra, construction of manufacturing unit & terminologies of Rasakbtra. 9th & 10th chapters are meant for various equipments & fireplaces & their construction Sc uses. 11th chapter describes various units of measurements & various processes to which Mercury is subjected. The author himself has accepted thtit all this information is compiled from Rasantava etc. texts.

Present era is of English language. Many translations in English are there in the market, but Prof. Dole's edition is specific. The learned author has translated every verse of chapters one to eleven and along with translation, he has written commentary also. This makes the meaning of verses more clear. This translation with commentary will be definitely beneficial to undergraduate as well as postgraduate students & teachers alike. Now a days Ayurveda collages are opening in foreign countries also like U.K., U.S.A., Japan etc. Students & teachers of such colleges will get advantage of translation in English with commentary like this.


Rasa sastra and Indian alchemy a branch of Ayurveda evolved with an aim to alleviate human miseries, pain and poverty, survived as a distinct system for curing ailments from remote antiquity to the present day.

This branch of Ayurveda was at its culminative point during Budhistic era, During medieval period many original works compilations, collections of the subject done. Taking into account the present problem this book was planned. This is a basic book to study Rasa sastra. After studying it you can further study Rasa sastra conceptual, Pharmaceutical, chemical, Experimental/Pharmacological and clinical.

History of Rasa tantra starts from Vedic era to 20th century. Veda provides some fundamental information about Vedic chemistry. 5th to 10th century A.D. shows that during this period alchemy was at it peak. Many exeriments had been done in this era. Nagarjuna got success to some extent.

During 11th to 15th century many Rasa Tantric Text have been written by Scholars, 16th to 20th century during this period important book on Rasa sastra written by Yadavaji Trikamji Acarya Named Rasamrtam.

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