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The Essence of Drk-Drsya Viveka

The Essence of Drk-Drsya Viveka
Item Code: NAU001
Author: Dr. Shrikrishna Deshmukh
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788120842175
Pages: 110
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch

Foreword The name of the text Drk-Drsya Vivéka suggests that it shows the difference between Drk (Atman) and Drsya (24, the visible world). Vakya Sudha is another famous name for this treatise. Logical intellect is the best tool to free the mind from incorrect ideas and conceptions. One who has logical intellect is rightly eligible for the study of Vedanta. According to Vedanta, one must make use of his intellect for progressing on the path of Self-realization. The seeker’s intellect should be as sharp as a razor’s edge for treading on the spiritual path. The same intellect is called as Mahadhi or Mahabuddhi in Mandiikya Karika (4.29). Vedanta says that only the seeker who has righteous conduct, focused mind and controlled sense organs can realize Atman with the help of subtle and sharp intellect (Katha Up. 1.2.24). The Knowledge of Atman can be gained with meditation, -pure intellect, persistent persuasion of the Eternal Truth and celibacy (Mundaka. Up. 3.1.5). Scholars have rightly understood the complexity of Vedanta doctrine and written many texts, treatises to supplement Vedanta philosophy. Such treatises are called as Prakarana Grantha. Drk-Drsya Vivéka is one such Prakarana Grantha. Respected Swami Nikhilananda from Ramkrishna Matha has stated its significance in his commentary ‘An inquiry | into the nature of the Seer and the Seen’. The main purpose of this treatise is Self-realization with the practice of Samadhi. After realizing Atman as the real Self, the enlightened person experiences (uninterrupted) Samadhi wherever his mind goes. ‘One who has detached himself from the body and achieved steady realization of Atman as the real Self, experiences (uninterrupted) Samadhi wherever his mind is directed.’ Dr. Shrikrishna Deshmukh, who is a well-known saint from Kolhapur District in Maharashtra, expressed a desire that I write a remark on his commentary on Drk- Drsya Vivéka. My association with Dr. Deshmukh goes back a long way. He has in-depth knowledge of the Upanisads and the Brahmasiitras. He has done a phenomenal job of propounding the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta in lucid language through his many lectures, discourses and writings. His work continues even today, and I feel short at words to express appreciation for his contribution to the field. Dr. Deshmukh has cited many scholarly references in this text. His profound knowledge and distinguished writings are highly remarkable. I pray to the God for his long healthy life, so he can continue his work of propounding the Advaita Vedanta doctrine.

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