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The Extraordinary Consciousness of An Ordinary Man (A Philosophical Novel)

The Extraordinary Consciousness of An Ordinary Man (A Philosophical Novel)
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Item Code: NAQ521
Author: Roy
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9781945400155
Pages: 392
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.5 kg
Back of The Book

It was a simple question asked by a stranger on a flight from New York to Mumbai that sees the beginning of a fantastical journey for a young advertising executive.

An unknown Himalayan yogi mysteriously appears and teaches him an intense and forgotten yoga which he practices sincerely in the loud and bustling Mumbai city.

But the yoga unleashes a power so profound that he plunges into a bizarre madness and falls into the clutches of the fabled Hindu goddess of illusion Maya devi. His only way out
of this mythical insanity is to dive deep into the knowledge and mystical lives of his Hindu ancestors who walked the Earth in a very distant past. He is plagued by doubt, rattled by chaos and teased by hope. Will the young yogi be subdued by Maya devi's countless confusions or will she lift her veil and grant him a consciousness that is extraordinary?

About The Author

Roy was born and brought up in the city of Mumbai and had a twenty-year career in advertising. He has lived and worked as an award-winning creative director in South East Asia, Middle East and India with very prominent multi-national networks. He is also a practicing yogi and his curiosity about ancient yoga practices and sacred texts led him to intensively research and experiment with many different forms of yoga. He even joined a Hindu monastery in Bengal for a short time. After years of balancing the corporate world with the spiritual world, he and his wife decided to move away from Mumbai to a quaint little village in Goa to live a quiet life of writing books and contemplation. He hopes to continue writing books about the many subjects he has been exposed to in his life.


He was a simple young man satisfied with a small amount of fame and money, living a happy life in Mumbai, drinking his beer, smoking his marijuana and creating television commercials in his day job. But it all changed when the divine temptress, the Hindu Goddess known for her transcendental mischief, the great Maya Devi, decided to play with the Yogi lying asleep in the young advertising Creative Director. She would engulf him in the most profound yogic states, grant him the bliss that even the yogis in the far mountains seek, fill his intellect with fantastical ideas of the ancient Hindus, soak him with the deepest love and even push him into an insanity of magnanimous proportions, until his entire past was wiped out and his consciousness became extraordinary. And the mistress of infinite illusions chose a Jet Airways flight from New York to begin her divine drama.

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