Feng Shui 80 Golden Ways To Goodluck

Feng Shui 80 Golden Ways To Goodluck

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Author: Dr. Nitin Parakh and Mrs. Seema Parakh
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788124306505
Pages: 95 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 140 gm

For the past many years, I have been working on a detailed book on Feng Shui, but the constraints of time posed by my busy schedule, very much delayed the project.

Meanwhile, my wife suggested that I should write a book with small easy tips for the common man, which he can easily use in his house. That is where the idea of this book took seed. My wife is a great help and inspiration to me, and under my training, over the years, her knowledge of Feng Shui increased considerably. She is the co-writer of this book, and has actually done a lot of ground work for this book, under my guidance.

I hope the readers will benefit greatly from this book, and solve their smaller type of problems as regards the subject easily.

About the Author

‘SARVSHRI’ Dr. NITIN PARAKH is a highly qualified Feng Shui and Vaastu consultant. He is a gold medalist and has been honoured with many prestigious awards and titles in the past. Most recently, he has been awarded ‘Man of the Millennium’ Gold Medal. He is a highly experienced and leading consultant of India, and his clientele includes dozens of Public limited companies, leading Industrialist, Filmstars, TV Channels, Clubs, Hotels, Prominent Restaurants, leading Builders and Doctors. He has NRI clients in many cou8ntries and he is a member of the prestigious ‘FENG SHUI SOCIETY’ London, UK.

His articles & interviews have appeared in many newspapers like ‘The Times of India’, ‘The Indian Express’ & ‘Sunday Midday’.

Mrs. Seema Parakh is the woman behind the success of ‘Sarvshri’ Dr. Nitin Parakh and the real inspiration behind this book.

This is a book for the layman who wants to solve his minor problems of life. This book details 80 Easy Ways to Good Luck, from your house. It is written in simple language and has many illustrations, examples and diagrams to facilitate clear understanding.

“My best wishes for the success of your book on Feng Shui, with warm regards.”

Introduction to Feng Shui

These days you hear everyone talking about Feng Shui and its ease and effectiveness! People often ask me whether Feng Shui is the only thing that influences a person’s luck. The answer is a definite ‘No’! But of course, I would not hesitate to say that Feng Shui correction, is the easiest way to enhance your personal luck!. There is a great philosophy behind this, called the ‘Trinity of Luck’. There are three types of lucks (1) Heaven Luck, (2) Earth Luck, (3) Mankind Luck. Heaven Luck is the luck you are born with i.e. the influence of stars and planets on your destiny or the retribution or reward you receive for the deeds of your past life. This type of luck is very difficult to change. Mankind luck is the luck that you draw, by really worming hard with devotion and dedication i.e. ‘Karma’. This is the general assumption that each person would do his best. Earth luck is the luck that you draw from the places you live and work in. this part of the Trinity of Luck is the easiest to correct and can be totally turned in your favour! This is where Feng Shui comes in. the most followed school (system) in Feng Shui is the compass school which is mainly based on a combination of the ‘Lo-shu’-


A Introduction to Feng Shui. 13
B The 80 Golden Ways to Good Luck: 21
1 Front Door Should not Face a Toilet 21
2 Front Door to be Free of Obstruction 22
3 No Obstructions Outside Your Main door 24
4 No Mirror Opposite the Front Door 25
5 Avoid Flats Above Stilt Floor 26
6 Avoid Three Doors in One Line 27
7 Avoid Top Floor Flats 28
8 Mirror Reflecting the Dining Table 28
9 Aquarium with Goldfish 29
10 Display Auspicious Symbols 30
11 Avoid Scenes of War and Violence 32
12 Hang Feng Shui Coins or Bells on Door Handles 33
13 Avoid Cactus and Bonsai, Keep Jade Plants 34
14 Peony Flowers 35
15 Avoid Dried Flowers 36
16 Hi-Fi-Appliances 37
17 Avoid Open Shelves 38
18 No Mirrors in the Bedroom 39
19 Don’t Sleep on Double Bed with two Separate Mattresses 40
20 Avoid Sleeping in Front of the Door 41
21 No Aquariums in Bedrooms 42
22 Laughing Buddha 42
23 Three-Legged Frog 44
24 Happy Family Photo for Good Relationship 45
25 Keep Brooms Hidden 46
26 Mopping the House with Salt Water 47
27 Clutter Clearing 47
28 Crystal Balls for Good Relationship and Romance 49
29 Yellow Flowers in Cream Colour Ceramic Vase 51
30 Growing an Orange Plant 51
31 Lovebirds for Romance 52
32 Chandeliers in South-West 54
33 Crystal Glass Bowl with Coins in ‘NW’ 55
34 Keep Toilet Doors, Always Closed 55
35 Kitchen Clean and Burners Unblocked 56
36 Water and Fire in the Kitchen 57
37 Eating Together Daily 58
38 Picture of Greenery in SE 58
39 Knives, Scissors are Bad Gifts 59
40 Crystals in ‘NE’ for Education Luck 59
41 Children’s Pictures in ‘W’ 60
42 Don’t sit With Open Window Behind You 60
43 Boss’s/Mentor’s Picture 61
44 Bowl of Salt in Toilet 61
45 Avoid Leaking Taps and Choked Drains 62
46 Windchimes 62
47 Owner’s Picture in South 63
48 Ship with Gold Coins 64
49 Avoid Ceramic/Earthen Ware in the North 65
50 Globe in ‘NE’ for Education and Knowledge 65
51 Chinese Coins for Money Luck 66
52 Metal Vase with White Flowers in ‘N’ 67
53 Musical Clocks 67
54 Avoid Blue Colour Pictures and Water Scenery in ‘S’ 68
55 Round-off Sharp Edges and Corners 68
56 Seven-Rod Windchime in ‘W’ 69
57 Red Picture or Object in ‘S’ 69
58 Three Lucky Coins in Cash Box 70
59 Cream Flowers in Yellow Earthen Vase in ‘W’ 71
60 Avoid Green Plants in ‘SW’ 71
61 Agarbattis for Cleansing Negative Energy 72
62 Gayatri Mantra or Sacred Chants 72
63 Avoid Bright Light and Red Objects in ‘NW’ 73
64 Avoid Metal Objects and Scissors in ‘SE’ 74
65 Metal Turtle in the North 74
66 Curtains for Good Luck 75
67 Non-functional Clocks and Appliances 76
68 Don’t Sit with Back to the Door 76
69 No Calendars Over, or on Any Door 77
70 Don’t Sit Facing a Blank Wall 77
71 Mountains Behind You for Support 78
72 Dragon for Good Luck 79
73 Phoenix for Success 81
74 Horse-shoe for Good Fortune 82
75 Bamboos for Luck 83
76 Telephones and Fax at Right Place 84
77 Water at the Door 84
78 Luck from Colours 85
79 Couples Without a Baby 87
80 Fuk, Luk and Sau 88
C Limitations 90
D Where to get these items? 91
E Details about Professionally Consulting the Author 93
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