Forget to Be Ill (Take Care of Your Body)
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Forget to Be Ill (Take Care of Your Body)

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Author: Dr. Abrar Multani
Publisher: Smt. Madhu Jain (Mausam Book, J. K. Jain Brother, Bhopal)
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789384752279
Pages: 276 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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I meet many patients on a daily basis, they always tell their age according to their mark-sheets. In reality however, their bodies have become much older and poorer than their actual age. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of self-aware and self-conscious people around us to tell us the secrets of good health, what is even more tragic is, that we hardly have any interest in knowing the right way of living and staying healthy.

Don't you think those huge spectacles on the eyes of our children tell us an unmistakeable tale of their aging bodies? Constant graying of their hair, constipation, acidity and bent waist, don't you think these problems make them feel old despite their young ages?

My intention with this book is to point out the smallest and most basic things which we tend to ignore, but the truth is this neglect costs us our health and that of our loved ones. I am not saying that everything you are doing is wrong, my intention is to make you aware of the rights that you are following, so that you know their benefits and make them a habit for a lifetime. This book is divided in two parts. In the first part, I am going to talk to you about things where you can make small changes and improve your health. However, despite self-control and discipline, we still fall sick. Why is that? This will be answered in the second part of the book. The second part will make us aware of the reasons behind us feeling sick and how our life expectancy is reduced and yet death is moving farther away. The good news is that this book will not leave you alone at any point of time, neither will it scare you. This book will not only make you aware of the problem, but will also tell you a steady solution to overcome that problem. However, the solutions will only be effective by personal and group efforts and due diligence.

I wrote this book to make my contributions to the greater good of mankind, for which my God inspired me and it is because of the same God that this book became a best seller overnight and we received several requests from global platforms. The pressure that my publisher and I have been getting to translate this book in several other languages is so loving that we will be putting extraordinary efforts into making this possibility a reality.


Why did I Write this Book? 7
How can we make the most of this book? 9
Introduction 11
Part A: The Right way of Living Life
Knowledge of Breathing 15
Knowledge of Drinking Water 23
Knowledge of Eating Food 29
Knowledge of Standing, Posture and Walking 35
Knowledge of Sleeping 45
Knowledge of Clothes 51
Knowledge of Bathing 55
Knowledge of Exercising 59
Knowledge of Toilet Habits 63
Knowledge of Care During Pregnancy 67
Knowledge of Childcare 73
Knowledge of Treatment 79
Knowledge of Thoughts 87
Part B: Issues That Affect Our Health
Ailling Body 119
Insecticides Causing Genocide 127
Three Poisons in Your Food 133
Nouveau Riche Depriving Us of Health 141
Your kid Should be Delicate not Fragile 147
Pregnancy and Unnecessary Medicines 153
Business of Diseases 159
Diabetes on an Upward Spiral 167
Thyroid, Gland, or Nuisance? 173
Oh! Hypertension! 179
Business of Heart Pain 183
Cancer 193
Abstinence and Dietary Regimen 199
Repercussions of Small Carelessness 203
Killer Gyms and Adulterated Supplements 209
Beauty products Robbing Beauty 217
Irregular lifestyle and Sexual Health of Youngsters 223
Aging Spine of the 21 Century Youth 229
Future of Ayurveda as the Saviour of Mankind 237
Steroids in Ayurveda Medicines 245
Side Effects of Specialization 253
The Journey of Doctor from God to Butcher 259
Bizarre Doctors of a Weird Country 267
Acknowledgements 273
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