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Glory of Krishna

Glory of Krishna
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Item Code: IDK505
Publisher: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8175971878
Pages: 262
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"

Krishnaya Tubhyam Namah

It is an ancient tradition that that stemmed forth from the Vedic period that gave us the word Namah. In the passage of time, it came to be interpreted as prostrations or salutations, Namaskar.

In its virginal meaning, it was a term that came in vogue by the spoliation (lopa) of a term that is repeated very often in the vedic rituals, as the pundits chant the mantras and offer the oblations to the sacred fire: 'Agne idam Na Mama' ("O Lord Fire ! this what I am offering is not mine"). This term Na mama (not mine) expresses the mental attitude of the devotees; everything belongs to thee O Lord – I am only offering to thee what is already owned by you. This spirit of total dedication, complete surrender, supreme selflessness is that which is expressed by the term Na mama.

When this term came to be oft repeated by the mass of people the term got 'defaced'; when coins are minted and sent into circulation, after a time in their wear and tear of the people's handling, they do become worn-out and defaced – so too, words in living languages.

This Na mama became Nama; the middle ma appears to have got lost in the stampede of centuries, in the cascade of general conversations. Thus when we say Krishnaya Tubhyam Nama, we mean, nothing is mine O Lord, everything is Thine and I thus totally surrender to thee my beloved Sri Krishna. Here surrender is not of your hands or legs, your activities or relationships, your responsibilities or duties; the surrender here is exactly like you surrender yourself into the rising fumes of sleep. It is man's attempt to tune himself totally to the higher and thus act in the world, centred in the Krishna factor in himself.

Bhagawata is a unique literature and it has in its alchemy of poetry and philosophy the magic of smuggling the devotes across the frontiers of the finite into the timeless kingdom ruled by the Blue Boy of Brindaban. I am sure this volume can waft the mischievous tunes of His melodious flute into the loving hearts of all devotees everywhere.

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This Supreme Essence born as a mass of Beauty, Music and Joy, dazzling in Wisdom, noisy with Laughter, ever a Master of Circumstances, a King of Events, frisking about in life's melancholy contentions, meeting challenges with daring and confidence, at once a Hero and a Child all rolled in one – this is the perfect God-Man, the Eternal Child of Brindavan.

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