Gods, Goddesses and Demons

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Item Code: IHF077
Author: M.L. Varadpande
Publisher: Shubhi Publications
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8182900972
Pages: 274 (Illustrated Throughout In Full Color and B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 11.8.” X 11.5”
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Fair trade
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23 years in business
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Book Description

From the Jacket

The book is in-depth study of Gods, Goddesses and Demons of Indian Pantheon. It gives insight into religion, mythology and culture of India since the days of Indus Civilization. Drawing from various sources such as archaeological finds, iconography, Vedic, Upanishadic, Puranic and epic literature it provides a rich research material critically apprised by a renowned scholar.

M.L. Varadpande with number of scholarly books to his credit is known for his insightful study of Indian art, literature and culture. He has penned a very readable account of Indian gods, goddesses and demons and their mythology in a lucid style. His major works are - History of Indian Theatre (3 Vols) Mahabharata in Performance, Woman in Indian Sculpture, Love in Ancient India, Apsara in Indian Art and Literature.


In India God is everywhere, in myriad forms. Sometimes he is a tree, sometimes a mountain, sometimes a river, sometimes a sky, sun, moon and stars, even a blade of grass. There is no escaping his all pervading presence. He envelopes you from all directions. You are compelled to feel his presence, even if you are an atheist. India, after all, is a land of God!

If you want to understand Indian art, literature, culture, her very way of life you must know her God. His myriad manifestations. Bhagavata Purana states” ‘Just as from an inexhaustible lake thousand of streams flow on all sides so also from Hari come forth countless incarnations.’ There is no conflict among them all as their source is one.

Let us salute Him before we turn the pages of this book to encounter Him in his many manifestations.


Preface 5
Vedic Pantheon 11
Mahadeva 23
Vishnu 31
Brahma 42
Buddha 48
Ganapati 52
Skanda 62
Rama 66
Hanuman 74
Krishna Vasudeva 82
Worshipful Ones 93
Minor Deities 104
Goddesses 117
Apsara 128
Kamakhya 139
River Mother 147
Kali 156
Yakshi 163
Dakini 170
Yogini 176
Durga 186
Yoni Worship 194
Shakti Pitha 199
Matrika 205
Benign Mothers 211
Demons 219
Ravana 224
Ghatotkacha 233
Bali 239
Mahishasura 243
Tarakasur: Tripurasur 247
Minor Devils 252
Select Bibliography 261
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