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A Grammatical Analysis of Taittiriya - Padapatha (Pre-Paninian Grammatical Traditions Part - II)

A Grammatical Analysis of Taittiriya - Padapatha (Pre-Paninian Grammatical Traditions Part - II)
Item Code: NAS156
Author: Nirmala R. Kulkarni
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1995
ISBN: 8170304547
Pages: 252
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.4 kg
About the Book

The present volume is a companion volume to the earlier book A Linguistic Analysis of the Rgveda- Padapatha in the series of Pre- Paninian Grammatical Tradition. The "present book is on the Padapatha '(Pp.) of the Taittiriya Samhita (TS), although occasional comparison is made with other (Pps). The method used is that of a descriptive analysis. All words of the Pp are individually studied and an attempt is made to formulate the rules of the Pp. The book is divided into two parts. Part one consists of introduction, reconstruction of the knowledge of grammar on the part of the Padakara and the rules of the TPp. The second part deals with the description of the analysis. Each suffix is individually studied in comparison to the other Pps.

Description given by different Pps. is taken into consideration, generally everywhere it is compared with Paninian description. The book reveals that the TPp is closer. to Panini insofar as the notions of grammatical categories are concerned.

About the Author

Nirmala R. Kulkarni is presently in the Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit , University of Poona.


It is a matter of great pleasure that Indian Books Centre, Delhi is brining out another volume in the series of Pre-Paninian Grammatical Tradition. It is an established fact that there is a long grammatical tradition before Panini. But unfortunately the texts written by different pre-PaƩninian grammarians have not been handed down to us. But fortunately our Vedic tradition has given us Padapatha texts which could have been prepared without the knowledge of grammar of Vedic language. The earliest available Padapatha is the Rgveda Padapatha. I myself had taken up to study the Padapatha of the Rgveda with a view to reconstruct the grammar known to Sakalya, the author of the Rgveda Padapatha. The results of my study have been published by Indian Books Centre, Delhi. The results | obtained by me were so interesting that I thought of persuing the study of other Padapathas. In order to get the picture of development of grammatical thought preceding Panini, I advised Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmala Kulkarni, the author of the present volume to take up the study of Taittiriya Padapatha from the same angle. To my satisfaction she completed the work and the results were much more fascinating. The picture has become extremely clear. We know, for certain, now what was the Pre-paninian concept of a Pada-maker and non-Pada-maker. The study of Dr. Kulkarni has added meaningfully to draw this conclusion. One can see how much hard labour she has put to derive meaningful conclusions from the entire corpus of the Tattiriya Samhita. By such studies the Pre-paninian Linguistic activities are becoming more and more clear. I wish that Dr. Kulkarni continues such activities in future too. I am confident that scholars in the field of Vedic grammar, Paninian grammar and Linguistics will welcome and appreciate the present volume.

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