Guru Nanak: His Mystic Teachings
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Guru Nanak: His Mystic Teachings

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Author: J. R. Puri
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8182560403
Pages: 494
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"

About the Book:

Many books have been written on various aspects of Guru Nanak. The recent trend has been to lay exclusive emphasis on certain sociological aspects of his teaching and influence. In Comparison, far too little has been said on the essence of his teaching, which may be designated as spiritual or mystic. The present work has a distinct focus on this specific aspect.

The Author has also lucidly brought out the close relationship that exists between the mystic experience and ethics as well as religion, drawing on his rich background in western philosophy. The mystic experience has been shown to be the cause as also the effect of ethical living. And, it has been forcefully brought out that all religions are essentially mystical.



Guru Nanak is another volume in our Mystics of the East Series. All the monographs previously published in this Series have been well received; hence, need was felt for a monograph on Guru Nanak, one of the greatest saints of India.

Like the other volumes in the Series, Guru Nanak brings out the same essential features that are inherent in the teachings of all true saints. The author ably expounds some important aspects of Guru Nanak's teachings that are generally ignored. Thus, although there are already many books on Guru Nanak, we hope this book will have special interest for those with some background in the subject who are imbued with a seeking spirit.

Guru Nanak differs from the rest of the Series in its exposition at some length on the meaning and significance of mysticism for human life. The author also attempts to bring out the close relationship of mystical experience to ethics as well as religion, drawing on his background in Western philosophy. He has made a lifelong study of the teachings of the saints, and has a deep and penetrating insight into the essence of their teachings. It is hoped that his discussion of the universal truths taught by perfect masters of different countries and different ages will be found most fascinating.

The greatness of the saints lies in their achievements in the realm of spirit, and it will be seen that this great saint of the Punjab, Guru Nanak, reached heights of spiritual exaltation rarely achieved in any age. We hope that every genuine seeker and aspirant for God-realization will derive much benefit from the study of Guru Nanak's mystic teachings.



Back in 1969 I contributed a paper entitled "Mystical Teachings of Guru Nanak" to an international seminar organized by Punjabi University, Patiala, on the occasion of Guru Nanak's quincentenary celebrations. A few years later some friends suggested that I might get some reprints of the article for the benefit of people interested in Guru Nanak's mystical philosophy. The seed of this suggestion took some time to germinate and grow in my mind. In the process I was advised to expand the scope of the article to include a biographical chapter on Guru Nanak's life. Later still it was impressed on me to add some of his hymns to give a flavour of his own writings, albeit in translation, to the reader. I was also prevailed upon to add a few subsections under the head 'Teachings', as also to give a few quotations from the other Gurus in the House of Nanak to support and elaborate Guru Nanak's teachings. So, what started as a humble project of a small article has now assumed the dimensions of a book.

I am deeply beholden to Prof. K.S. Narang, who has not only taken a keen interest in the project but has also given valuable suggestions in the writing of the book. My thanks are also due to the various members of the Dera Publications Committee who helped finalize the manuscript; to Mrs. Beverly Mansukhani and Mrs. Kamla Samtani for typing it; to Miss Anthea Guinness for going through the manuscript and preparing the press copy; to Gopi Gajwani for designing the cover; and to Miriam and Wayne Caravella who saw it through the press, guided by Miss Louise Hilger with her usual care and devotion.
















  God the Absolute 113
  God the Eternal 114
  God's Supreme Will 115
  God the Infinite 116
  God the Creator 117
  Beyond the Theologians 119
  Beyond the Scriptures 122
  The Power of the Master 123
  The Authority of the Master 124
  Nam as Reality 125
  By Hearing the Word 127
  By Practicing the Word 130
  Words and the Word 133
  Nam the Cleanser of Sins 135
  The Finitude of Man 137
  Sach Khand 139


Born of Air, Water and Earth 140


The Door 142


  Who Dwell Not on the Guru 149
  The deluded World 150
  False Is the World 154
  What Is God's Grace? 157
  Impurity 159
  Evil Speech and Wicked Deeds 162


  How Great He Is 166
  Thy Name 168


  Bedtime Prayer 170


  The House of the Lord 173
  The Lord Is One 174
Sidh Gosht


Nanak and the Yogis 175


The Four Stages of Life 194


Acrostic 201
Barah Maha


The Twelve Months 204










  Thy Greatness Is Immeasurable 211
  The Ocean and the Fish 213
  The Lord Provides 215
  The Microcosm and the Macrocosm 216
  The Absolute Lord 219
  Creation, God, Guru and Salvation 221
  When Nothing Existed Except God 225
  God Is All-Pervading 231
  The Omnipresent Lord 236
  Omnipotent and Omnipresent 241
  The Self and God 246
  God and Soul 247
  The Lord's Mansion 251


  Be One with the Master 257
  Seek the True Master 260
  Lost without the Master 263
  If We Find a True Master 267
  Love the Master 271
  The God-Realized 276
  The Swan and the Heron 279
  The Rare Opportunity 283
  In Homage to the Master 286
  The Dreadful Ocean 288
  No Salvation Without the Master 292
  The Lord and the Guru 295
  Prayer to the Master 300
  Home within Home 305
  God and the True Guru 307


  The Glory of the Word 311
  Dwell on the Lord's Name 313
  My Mind ! Repeat the Lord's Name 316
  Dear Is the Lord's Name 319
  Merging in the Lord's Name 321
  True Is t he Lord's Treasure 324
  The Word 329


  Wander Not from Place to Place 335
  The True Muslim 337
  The Door to Salvation 339
  Leave All Prayers and Penances 341
  On Rituals 345
  Ambrosia Is Within 352
  The Anchorite 354
  Denunciation of Hatha Yoga 357
  The Fake Pietist 360


  Fish in the Net 367
  The Ten Stages of Life 371
  One against Five 373
  Wasted Chance 375
  The Plight of the Worldly 377
  Kal 380
  The Rogue Elephant 383
  Bondage 387
  Deluded Mind 390
  The Book of Our deeds 394
  The Manmukh 396
  Counsel to the Mind 402
  Shed the Five Passions 407


  Talk of Love 415
  Forget Not the Lord 417
  What Pleases the Lord 420
  Divine Love 423
  The Happy Union 427
  The Beloved Lord 430
  Season Love 433
  The Sinner's Vow 436
  The Inept Bride 438
  The Meritorious Bride 440
  The Lost Opportunity 442
  Couplets on Love 445
  Love Intoxicated 447
  Vaisakh 448


Literary Style 449






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