The Hindu Way of Awakening: Its Revelation, Its Symbols

The Hindu Way of Awakening: Its Revelation, Its Symbols

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Author: Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 817224746X
Pages: 343
Cover: Paperback
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From the Jacket:

"The Hindu Way of Awakening…provides a key to Hindu symbolism and its deep implications that makes it come alive with universal meaning." - David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri), President, American Vedic Institute, author of Ayurvedic Healing.

Hinduism, as it comes across in this book, is a robust, joyful religion, amazingly in step with the most advanced thinking of modern times, in love with life, deeply human as well as humane, delightfully aware of your personal life's needs - or so it seems, for the teaching in this book is no abstraction : It is down-to-earth and pressingly immediate. And yet, it addresses issues that are as eternal as time itself! It takes you where you right now in your life, and places you in the loftiest possible context. What is God ? it asks : "Think of God as the highest potential you can imagine for yourself."

This book gives hope-for each one of us, for life, for the future. It is, as the subtitle claims, an essential view of religion; it points to that essence of eternal truth that animates every great religion in the world. The following is from the last chapter, titled "Unity in diversity":

The essential truth in all religion, like the central point of a circle, is one. The path inward to that center is the Way of Awakening in every religion. The Ways of Belief are like lines radiating outward from that center. No two of these lines are parallel; each one radiates out in a different direction. The longer these lines, moreover, the more widely separated they become from one another. The circle is a necessary concept for understanding the universe. And there would be no circle, and no center, were there but one straight line.




  Introduction 9
  Prefatory Note


Part One: The Revelation
1. What Is Revelation? 17
2. What Are Symbols? 28
3. The Power of Symbolism 37
4. Symbolism in India 43
5. Dating It All 50
6. Symbolism: Truth, or Imagination? 69
7. Philosophy, Religion, Science, or - What? 79
8. The Hindu Revelation - Part One 91
9. The Hindu Revelation - Part Two 109
10. Symbolism - or Idolatry?


Part Two: The Symbols
11. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva: The Trinity of AUM 153
12. The Symbolism of Brahma 169
13. Brahma's Secret 184
14. The Garden Door 195
15. The Importance of Satsanga (Good Company) 213
16. The Avatara: revelation, or Return Voyage? 233
17. The Avatara and Human Evolution 245
18. Symbolism in the Bhagavad Gita 272
19. Tantra - the Way of Confrontation 294
20. The Divine Mother 312
21. Unity in Diversity 331

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