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A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food

A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food
Item Code: IDD624
Author: K.T. ACHAYA
Publisher: Oxford India Paperbacks
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 019565868X
Pages: 363
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book:

This book contains a wealth of information on the food materials, food ethos, cuisine, and recipes of India. It traces the gastronomic history of India, drawing on archaeology, historical writing, botany, genetics, and the country's oldest literatures in Sanskrit, Pali, Tamil, and Kannada. Arranged in alphabetic order, the dictionary

  • Situates Indian foods in time and place
  • Offers fascinating information on the migration of food plants from the New World to India, and their rapid integration into Indian cuisine
  • Draws attention to the transfer of words, across languages, from the aboriginal Munda tongues into Sanskrit, from Tamil and Malayalam into English and vice versa.
  • Has an extensive cross-referencing system that guides readers along the food-routes of India.

Note: Cover Miniature: 'Babur Enjoying a Repast at Herat' (from the Baburnama, Mughal 16th century). Courtesy: The National Museum, New Delhi

About the Author:

K.T. Achaya is a renowned nutritionist and an authority on Indian food.

Experts from Reviews:

'One should congratulate the author for…bring[ing] to shape the Indian food scene and creating a novel dictionary of Indian foods.'

-Journal of Food Science Technology

'Achaya's excellent dictionary takes us on a fabulous human journey through time, across vast distances…'

-Economic Times

'…Achaya's book gives us plenty to chew on… This [is] a truly valuable reference book.'

-Indian Review of Books

'…Dr Achaya has done a commendable job…cover[ing] a great deal of ground in painstaking and often interesting detail.'

-India Today,


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