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Hora Shatak (Basic Concepts of Predictive Astrology)

Hora Shatak (Basic Concepts of Predictive Astrology)
Item Code: IDL086
Author: J.N. Bhasin
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8188230332
Pages: 179
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"

In spite of the fact that numerous authoritative classics on Hindu Astrology are available we have taken the liberty to present this small volume on the subject. We have felt it very necessary due to our experience of several years that we discovered that certain basic concepts of astrology that had sight of and had not found place in the books of astrology that had lost sight of and had not found place in the books of astrology at present available. As will be seen by the readers after a perusal of this book there is a good number of aspects and principles brought to light in this book, which will prove to be of immense practical utility not only for persons with an elementary knowledge of astrology but also for those engaged in research and are in an advanced stage of their studies.

The basic concepts of astrology dealt with in this book are such which ascribe great significance and importance to the connections between a house its lord and its significator (Karaka). We have found in our prolonged study and research that basic rules for proper analysis of Yogas in Astrology, which cause certain events in the lives of the natives have not been dealt to fill this gap to the best of our ability by analyzing and demonstrating such principles logically because it is our firm belief that logic is the soul of the science of astrology. We have often observed that the students of astrology while dealing with certain aspects in a nativity keep only a limited or partial vision on the principles of assessment of a horoscope. We have therefore, made an attempt to devise rulers rules to examine a certain human aspect from a number of houses and we ardently hope that the methods demonstrated here will receive universal acceptance and recognition.

A serious consideration of facts will inevitably lead to the conclusion that symbology plays a very important part in predictive Astrology. It will be very difficult for one to successfully study and correctly understand the subject of astrology, if he is ignored of significant of symbology. How important is the use of symbology will be apparent from a perusal of sloka 47 which demonstrates that all masters related to the Ascendant can be easily analysedadn determined through the principles of symbology. Similarly another example of the practical utility of symbology will be found in the case of Mercury who has been described as ‘Kumara’ (a boy of tender ago). We have found that as mercury represent very young ago therefore he gives his results in the early part of life (see Sloka 30).

With due respects to the learned and very proficients in astrology we humbly submit that the generally accepted theory that planet when retrograde gains more strength, is not wholly acceptable to us. We however agree that the theory is true partially. While dealing with this subject we have fully discussed the principles laid down in Uttara Kalamrita for retrograde planets in exaltation and in debilitation alongwith other situations in which a planer is retrograde. We are confident that all those engaged in the serious study of astrology after practical application of our views will supports us.

We are perhaps the first in the field of astrology to discover mention and put to practical use the special effort of the aspects of planets on either side of a house or the planet situated in it. We are of the view that special efforts of such aspects not only prove the validity of Yogas like Adhiyoga (for example see sloka 28) also enable us to correctly interpret the effects of the concerned planets.

The method of determining the times of event like marriage dawn of fortune (Bhagyodaya) by calculating the average period of planets like Mercury etc., described by is here has been devised after prolonged research and will not be found in any other work on astrology. This method could also be usefully applied for determination of the length of academic career, etc. we have only indicated the results of our research and their applicability on other matters concerning a nativity will depend on further research by our readers.

The author of various astrology works have generally laid stress on the examination of the 8th house for determining the cause of death but we feel that it is also important to take into account the disposition and strength of the ascendant and its lord for this propose. (See sloka 64 and the illustration given by us).

Although we do claim that many of the concepts of predictive astrology discussed in this book have been brought to light for the first time, but we are quite sure that none of them is against the established principle of Hindu Astrology. All the principles mentioned here can be authenticated by reference to classical texts but we have not found it possible to do so for want of space.

While we are confident that meticulous applications of principles contained in this book will enable our readers to make amazingly accurate predication. We would feel more than satisfied if even appreciable success is achieved in this direction.

A Tribute

The late Shri J.N. Bhasin was a great exponent of Hindu Astrology. His deep study, keen intellect, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, original thinking and practical experience turned him into an astrologer and writer of great eminence. He wrote both in Hindi and English. All his books are simple in language, easy to follow, and extremely rich and instructive in content. They are of a high standard and authoritative. They contain many rules and principles which have been brought to light for the first time. There will hardly be any student of Hindu astrology not having Shri Bhasin’s books in his library.

His monumental translation in English of “Prasna Marga” a greatly referred Sanskrit work on Horary astrology and other book will always remain a powerful source of inspiration and guidance to all those interested in the study of astrology. His last book published is ‘Dispositors in Astrology’ his daring principles propounded in this work HORA SHATAK have opened new vistas for study and research in the field of predicative astrology.

It is my great privilege to present this meritorious Hindi book HORA SHATAK first time in English, containing rules for the judgement of horoscopes many of which will not be found in any other book on the subject. He put them in print only after he was fully convinced by practical application of their efficacy and correctness. I am fully confident that this book though small in size yet worthy in its contents, well definitely enhance the knowledge and predictive capability of our readers.

Though the great savant is no more yet the rich treasure of knowledge left by him will continue to guide the aspiring students like a luminated lighthouse in the vast ocean of Astrology.


Sloka Content Page No
No A Tribute 3
Introduction 9
1Prayer 12
Part I
Elementary knowledge of Astrology 13
Part II
100 Basic concepts of Predictive Astrology27
Chapter dealing with special rules
2Importance of house its lord and significator in Judging a horoscope 28
3Yogas for asceticism and separativeness 30
4-7The effects of significator in his own house 31
8Added strength of a planet in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu 33
9-15Special Rules on Retrograde planets 34
16-18 Rules about a planet aspecting one of his own sign and its effect on his other sign 38
19-22Effects of a planet in the 8th place from his own sign 40
23-28Parshwagamini aspect 41
29-31Conjunction of a planet with two enemy planets 45
Chapter about special concepts about planets
32Strength of the Moon 47
33-34Mercury giving quick results 48
35Yoga for interest in religious matters 50
36Special effects of Venus in the 12th house 54
37-40Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venus in the 12th house55
41Results of Venus in 12th from any house 58
42Yoga for Abundant wealth through Venus in 12th house.58
43Advancement of the significationsof 5th by the position of Venus in the 4th house.
Saturn as significator of diseases.67
Chapter dealing with special effects of house
45About Lagna the principle of symbology and its significance 70
46Planets in Kendras always influence Lagna 72
47Importance of Surya and Chandra Lagna (the sun and Moon signs )75
48Yoga for the birth of twins 79
49Diseases of the Dhatu of the afflicted lord of Lagna 82
50Disease of the sign occupied by lord of the lagna 85
51Yoga for being an adopted child 86
52Significations of Jupiter for wealth vis-s-vis Kumbha Lagna 89
53Result of Saturn’s aspect on the 4th house 93
54-55Diseases as a result of affliction on any part of Kalapurusha 98
56Diseases due to affliction of Karakas of house 104
57what causes diseases 107
58-59Example of mother’s illness 108
60-62Relevance of the Lagna in ascertaining the cause of death 108
63-64Jupiter as Rajya Kripa Karaka 113
65-66Profession Through Lagna and tenth house 115
Chapter various Yogas for diseases
67-69Yoga for insanity 121
70Yoga for Leprosy 126
71Yoga for Epilepsy 132
72Diseases of the nerves134
73-74Yoga for dumbness 135
75-76Yoga for chronic illness to wife or husband 137
Chapter on Raja Yogas
77 Yoga for Rulership 138
78Vipareeta Rajayoga 148
79Other Yoga as concerning Administration 153
80-83Yogas for violent disposition 157
84Yoga for imprisonment 157
85-86Fondness for sensual pleasures 162
Chapter on results of directional influences (Dashas and Antardashas)
87Results of the sub-period of Venus posited in the 12th house164
88-89The time when the significations of planets will fructify Determining the approximate age for marriage and dawn of fortune 164
94Dawn of fourtune 167
95-96Results of the sub-period of a malefic planet in his own period 168
97Results of sub-period of Mercury associated with malefics in his own major period169
98-99Results of sub-period of Mercury associated with malefics in his own major period169
100-101Association with Mlecheas 172

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