Horoscope: Construction and Organisation (Glimpses of Hindu Astrology)

Horoscope: Construction and Organisation (Glimpses of Hindu Astrology)

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Author: R.S. Chillar
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8120724712
Pages: 190
Cover: Paperback
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From the Jacket:


Horoscope: Construction and Organisation is an endeavour to enable both a student and astrologer to cast horoscope and organize its elements, consonant with the tens of Hindu astrology, in an intelligible and comprehensive manner, so that it reflects a systematic pattern of cosmic energies. It is also intended to the serve as a prelude to the study of Vimsottari system in Hindu astrology. Verification of the horoscope and birth time, and its erection with uncertain time has been precisely explained.


About The Author:


Born in 1930, in a small village of Punjab, R. S. Chillar holds a postgraduate degree in Ancient Indian History and Culture from Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi. He is the disciple of late Shri Manik Chand Jain, the Modern Arayabhat and Late Pt. Dina Nath, the Nakshatra Samarat and the Freedom fighter of Punjab. His articles in Occult India and Mystique India were well received.

R. S. Chillar has been profusely awarded for his lectures on astrology in several national astrological conferences, especially organized by Bharat Nirman and All India Saraswati Jyotish Manch. The Internatinal Biographical Center, London, also approved his credentials for the award of International Man of the Year - 1997.

Present work is an endeavour of the author to translate the difficulties, problems and requirements of a layman, student and professional astrologer.



The eagerness with which people from all walks of life are increasingly delving into astrology, is a healthy sign of hunger for a more meaningful and smoother life. Man, by nature, has always been seeking the influence of various objects and phenomenon of the nature on this universe as well as on human life.

In ancient times, astronomy and astrology were the body of the knowledge that belonged to the seers and saints irrespective of place, religion and belief, because it was considered a sacred and social welfare activity. However, their role is no more as dominant as before. Explosion of knowledge and technology has made everything easily accessible.

No doubt, disintegration of India and its subjugation to foreign rule for centuries, eroded the invaluable treasure-house of astrology. Consequently, fragmented and mutilated knowledge has been handed down to us. Moreover, the ill-educated folks who adopt astrology as their means of livelihood, also corrupted astrological knowledge and it has been reduced to gossips in sings, houses, planets and the daily or weekly forecasts through magazines and newspapers.

The serious and sympathetic people have started asking whether the astrological knowledge that has been handed down to us, can serve any useful purpose to satisfy an eager man's hunger. This expression is reflected in resentment against teaching of astrology in institutions of higher learning i.e., colleges and universities. The antagonists of astrology cried hoarsely that this is incomplete and inaccurate knowledge. One should not forget that no system of knowledge is complete in this age of explosion of knowledge and technological advancement. To accept a body of knowledge as accurate and complete, forestalls its progress and portends downfall.

In spite of all accusations, corrupt practices, lack of support from the government and the institutes of higher learning, astrology still has the largest following in every fold of the society.

A serious study, research and experimentation for advancement and refinement of our knowledge on astrology, warrants a conducive environment and sincere efforts that can be provided by the institutes of higher learning and universities. Moreover introduction of astrology as a subject of study does not compel anybody to necessarily take it up. Therefore, a fair chance should be given to those who are interested in this subject, without prejudice and narrow political considerations.

The book has been written keeping in view the difficulties encountered during the course of learning and professional preparedness. A large number of tables and annexures shall enable the readers to construct and organise the horoscope in a scientific manner and estimate the potential.

I shall be failing in my duties, if I do not express my heartiest gratitude to Mrs. Starr Austin, a well-known American astrology, whose guidance, constant inspiration and timely help made it possible to bring out this book.

My thanks are also due to Mr. J K Sethi, a promising astrologer of Delhi, who took pains to go through the script and provide valuable hints and suggestions. Besides, he also helped immensely in bringing out this book.

In the process of realignment of matter and the principles, some errors and omissions are bound to creep in. I shall be grateful if the readers send their comments and suggestions for improvement. Their kind gesture shall be gratefully acknowledge and their valuable suggestions shall be given due consideration in the subsequent editions.

I sincerely thank the publisher, Sterling Publisher Pvt. Ltd., for publishing this work with great pain and effort.


  Preface v
1. Introduction 1
2. Mother Earth 2
3. Time 3
4. Sidereal Time 4
5. Ayanamsa 5
6. Formats of Horoscope 29
7. Casting the Horoscope 35
8. Analysis of Horoscope 46
9. Karmic Control Planets 54
10. Dispositors 58
11. Dasha System 66
12. Concept of Horoscope 71
13. Rashis 74
14. Vargas 81
15. Vargas Charts and Interpretation 94
16. Verification of Chart 110
17. Rectification of Natal Chart 112
18. Erection of the Horoscope with Uncertain Time 115


I: Sidereal Time 121
II: Noon Sidereal Time 126
III: Table of Mahadashas 131
IV: Balance of Antardasha by longitude of the Moon in Various Signs 135
V: Table of Pratyantardashas 139
VI: Consolidation table for Shadvargas 143
VII: Time Zones and Time Change 160

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