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How Should The Clothes Be From A Spiritual Perspective? Guidance On How To Increase Sattvikta Through The Medium of Clothes

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Item Code: NAE196
Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale And Dr. Anjali Mukul Gadgil
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788189970642
Pages: 74 (5 B/W Illustraions)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author

Dr. Jayant Athavale started writing Holy texts with the blessings of His Guru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. These Holy texts impart knowledge on Spirituality in scientific terminology and as per the present times. Due to God's grace and Sankalp-shakti of Dr. Athavale, some seekers of Sanatan are receiving Divine Knowledge from the subtle - this is the unique feature of these Holy-texts.

Dr. Athavale's guidance and research on God-realisation through various art forms and subjects such as mission of demoniacal energies and guidance for protecting humanity from them is taking place incessantly.

In Dwaparyug, the Guru Principle was active through the medium of Srikrushna. Today in Kaliyug, it is active through the medium of H.H. Dr. Athavale. The Paratpar Guru alone shoulders the responsibility of the welfare of the entire Universe and incessantly strives to take every jiva to the next step in Spirituality. H.H. Dr. Athavale is teaching seekers appropriate methods of spiritual practice and how to abide by Dharma as per the science, to speed up their progress towards God-realisation. This will enhance the Sattva component in the seekers, bring about a change in the entire structure of the society, leading to peace in the Universe. (Divine Knowledge received by Sanatan's seekers through various sources of God !)


The overall appearance of an individual is generally decided by the clothes he wears. The modern youth, under the pretext of fashion, wear multicoloured clothes, short tight-fitting clothes such as jeans, stretchable clothes etc. This reflects a perverted dressing style makes a man’s intelligence depraved, a slave to evil tendencies. He comes under the control of the six foes, such as lust, anger, and becomes a victim to attacks of negative energies. As against this, wearing sattvik (please see glossary) clothes enables the wearer to imbibe chaitanya, thereby making his mind and intellect sattvik. Besides helping attain good character and wisdom, it also helps in gaing protection from attacks of negative energies.

Every object has indigenous vibrations with its own attributes. The Vibrations of clothes depend on factors such as the type of cloth, shape, colour, design, stitching of the cloth etc. The more sattvik these components are the greater is the sattava component of the final product, that is the clothes. This holy text is all about how these components should be like from the perpective of sattvika (please see glossary). Answers to the following question will help in clarifying the spiritual aspect of clothes-why clothes Made from natural fibres from artificial fibres such as cotton and silk should be preferred over those made natural fibres artifial fibres such as nylon or terrycot, which colours are sattvik, why clothes without heavy designs are more appropriate, why purity of clothes is essential etc. it will be seen that while selecting sattvik clothes, more than our likes or dislikes, it is the study of the science of vibrations that proves beneficial. Some of the subtle-experiments provided in this holy text will introduce the reader to such a study.

An average individual should wear sattvik clothes so that he can imbibe Chaitanya from them. The temperament of an indivi- dual with bhav is sattvik and because his activities are full of bhav, he can easily imbibe Chaitanya. Similarly, the march towards God-realisation of seekers with a spiritual level over 60% and those who have lost body-awareness is brisk. To them, the type of clothing is insignificant. Yet, settvik clothes do increase their sattvikta; besides, the society also benefits from their sattvikta. Sattvik clothes also help create positive senskers on children. Hence, it is preferable that children wear sattvik clothes.

We pray at the Holy feet of Sri Guru to let more and more people be inspired to understand the spiritual facts about sattvik clothes and bring them into practice.


  Preface 7
  Attack of negative energies on the front cover 8
  Commenatry by 'A scholar' on the Divine Knowledge received about this holy text 10
  Some terms used in connection with the 'Subtle dimension' and their meanings 13
  Introduction to the recipients of Divine Knowledge 15
1. Importance and advantages of wearing clothes 17
2. Factors that determine the sattvikta of clothes, and their importance 22
3. Type of clothes 22
4. Colour of clothes 38
  General spiritual perspective while selecting colours for clothes 42
  Colours to be worn by the worshipper, associated with the Diety of worship 46
  Why using black colour is prohibited in Hindu Dharma 46
5. Designs on clothes 53
6. Method of sewing clothes 57
  The appropriate practice of wearing knotted clothes prevalent in the earlier times 57
  Why should clothes have minimum of stitching 57
7. Some practical suggestion about clothes 61
  New clothes should be inaugrated on the days of festivals, auspicious days and on days of religious rituals 67
8. From the perspective of good seekers, evolved seekers and saints, clothes do not carry mauch importance 70

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