How to Achieve Incredible Results by Inspiration
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How to Achieve Incredible Results by Inspiration

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Item Code: NAU488
Author: Swami Nishchalananda, Vanitha K. Bhat and S. Ramaratnam
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 9788178220352
Pages: 162
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Weight 270 gm
About The Book

This book is full of inspiring anecdotes which show us that there is more to life than we think. We may think that we are in-charge of our life, but there is a greater Intelligence which guides and rules the fate of all of us. In despair, we turn to God for help and it arrives unexpectedly like a thunderbolt. This book is the story of people who have had these kind of experiences. If we obey our conscience, the results would be wonderful. The book deals with the nature and power of thoughts and exhorts to have positive thinking. It also speaks about obedience and glory of Sadguru who has realised God and himself is an embodiment of God. The anecdotes in the book are removers of the pessimism and pointers to enjoy permanent joy, peace, health, happiness and prosperity in life.

About The Author

SRIMATHI VATSAIJ% and SRI GOKUIAN are a peace loving, Guru inspired couple. Their other book is Management by Commonsense. They have conducted several training programmes for GEC; ITC, SPIC, Kaveri Engg. Secheron-Electrodes, FACT; Neiveli Lignite Corporation etc.


We all are quality-conscious. We are excellent and positive when we obey our conscience. We want quality food, pollution free air, clean water, garbage-free roads and streets, law-abiding and safety-conscious vehicle drivers. In short, our cities and towns should be like Singapore. Of course, we want the whole country to be like Japan, Europe, or U.S. with beautiful gardens, natural parks, Plenty of trees etc. -- a heaven on earth. Why is our wish not materialized? Why are we lagging behind the advanced countries? "Disobedience, disobedience, everywhere. No discipline any where." This is our problem (except in our armed forces and ashrams). Let us look at a common scene: Due to low marks in his examination, 2 student was unhappy. On his way home, he tore away all his answer-papers into tiny hits and threw them in the bus stop where he had to wait for his us. The breeze spread them all over the place. An elderly gentle-:ilan seeing his wild action advised him: -.My boy, if you were in Singapore, you would have to pay a fine. Wily not pick up the pieces and put them into that ..:..bin over there the student did as he was told and picked up all the pieces of paper. His first action was disobedience due to emotions which blinded to his conscience. Later, he obeyed his conscience which away garbage from their houses and shops and the wind spreading them all over the places. If all of us obey our conscience, which is reflected in law and order/rules and regulations, the result would be wonderful. But our mind, the doer, doesn't listen to the inner voice of conscience. So, as Mr. Seshan ex.- Chief Election Commissioner says, "Our nagaram is now narakam (our cities and towns are a hell)." Similar to environmental pollution, our mental world (chitakash) is also being polluted by negative emotions and thoughts such as anger, fear etc. These thoughts do us much harm by producing and secreting; excessive bio-chemicals in the body system that we become mentally and physically sick. Most of our ailments are said to be psychosomatic originating from the mind and percolating into the body. So we need immediate cleansing of our own mind and we need to become positive in thought. word and deed. The first chapter of this book deals with the nature and power of thoughts and how positive thoughts bring good results and negative thoughts bring bad and dangerous results. Prajnanam Brahma' (Aitareya Upanishad) means 'conscious-ness is Brahman/God' . We all have consciousness/divinity within. All the great Masters have been reminding us of this. Svadbamia. the righteous individual actions, are elaborated and codified by the Masters. To remind us to follow the right path, temples, churches, mosques etc. have been built. Thus the light path is also called the divine path or dbanna. By surrendering our ego and obeying the divinity/God we are impelled to think positively- and- do righteous actions. From negative attitudes we will shift to positive attitudes and action. In other words. we will give up temptations and shortcuts and move on to good actions in life such as lovin all and serving them with our limited means. In this way, we wil enjoy eternal happiness. Reduction of selfishness and self-centredness eads to moksha the real freedom/spiritual freedom. All the anecdotes given in this experiences of many ordinary people inducting the authors. They are pointers towards permanent joy in life. Peace, health, happiness and prosperity (material and spiritual) are everyone's objective.

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