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Indian Toys Come Alive

Indian Toys Come Alive
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Item Code: IHG082
Author: Dr. Vijaya Gupchup
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8124314497
Pages: 55 (Illustrated Throughout In Color)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 10.5 inch X 7.5 inch

A granddaughter’s return to India from America strengthens the bond between her and the grandmother ‘Amma’ as the latter lovingly shares an heirloom of exquisitely crafted miniature silver vessels with the former, Keya. Keya arrives in India at the auspicious time of Dassera. Her friends, Sonali, Radhika and Toral welcome her home and participate in the chat sessions with Amma. Amma and Keya hail from Mangalore in Karnataka. In South India it is the tradition for a mother to present a new toy to her daughter during Navratri. This gift enhances the relationship between the mother and daughter this bond is celebrated with ‘Kolu’, a display of Navratri toys collected over the years and arranged on nine step for all to see. Here, it conjures up a magical tie between Amma and Keya.

During the ten days of Dassera, Amma unravels her fund of knowledge and toy treasures, each with a history of its own. They are all indigenous toys made in remote corners of India, yet each one is beautiful and has a tradition and meaning that should not be forgotten, when plastic toys are replacing these wonderful treasures and precious wealth of India. “India Toys Come Alive” - Chats with Grand Amma, lucidly recreates a world where these toys were valued and cherished. It is for us, the new generation, to -re-establish these values.

Publisher’s Note

Indian Toys Come Alive! Is an absolutely unique book on Indian culture presented through a fascinating aspect of growing up that invariably interests children of all ages - play. A treasure-house of information on Indian culture, this book sees our country’s heritage as reflected in the making of toys through centuries. Moreover, it follows a dramatic structure which incorporates nine scenes corresponding to the nine days of Navratri.

A granddaughter returns from the United States during Navratri and its becomes an occasion for a great deal of storytelling. Keya’s grandmother tells her and her friends the stories about various native toys. To make the stories more interesting she shows them the real toys which she has been preserving for years. The readers also take part in the mirth as the book closes with toy-making projects.

Back of the Book

Toys are not just playthings. They symbolize the culture and age to which they belong. In India, presenting toys to children during festival seasons established the bond between them and the elders. It helped children see themselves as part of a rich tradition. In the modern world of mechanized toys, this book tries to re-establish the cultural world that once our toys had instantly conjured up. Its enjoyable activities, vivid pictures and dramatic structure enhance its appeal as an interactive learning tool.

Indian toys Come Alive! Attempts to bring to
children an understanding and appreciation of their own heritage.

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