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Inspiration from Savitri: Earth (Volume 3)

Inspiration from Savitri: Earth (Volume 3)
Item Code: NAV742
Author: Narad (Richard Eggenberger)
Publisher: Savitri Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789382547594
Pages: 242
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.26 kg

Savitri is a song of the earth, a song of a divinised earth in which the 'Life Divine' will have its full manifestion and expression in beings transformed from men with all their baggage of the karmic years.

Replacing them will be a 'superman' with a new body and a consciousness of oneness, infinte love and compassion, who will help to uplift the masses by the Light of the Supreme.

This volume with all the quotations about earth in Savitri, is filled with passages of promise, of the beauty she will offer in a not too distant future, surviving all the harm man's greed and lust for domanation has visited upon her.

The series of books , Inspiration from Savitri, is a compilation of selected passages from Savitri, themes that I have chosen because they resonate most strongly within me. This method of approach enables one to read only a few lines at a time, meditate on them and allow their mantric force to enter into the cavern of the soul where they will illumine and transmit to the inner being and make eventually understandable to the mind something of the essence of Overhead poetry that Sri Aurobindo has brought down to earth. One could easily have chosen other themes as well, as the possibilities are endless in this epic of Divine Love conquering death and the establishment of a divine life on earth.

People often tell me that Savitri is 'too difficult' or 'closed' to them. To give a facile suggestion to 'Go Deeper' or to say that Savitri has been written from planes above the mind and is therefore impossible for the mind to understand, does nothing to encourage anyone to begin this marvellous 'adventure of consciousness and joy'.

The universal themes I have selected will hopefully capture the interest of all who would like to begin reading Savitri but fear it is too daunting. As an example, the book on Nature with quotations about animals, insects, flowers, etc. with all the passages in Savitri that contain these words, can inspire many to read further. Passages are often duplicated because they contain more than one key word. For me this is an additional enrichment of the spirit leading to a deeper understanding within, a pouring into the soul of a vaster breath of beauty, power and plenitude descending from the Overhead planes, something rarely seen and unknown until now in its fullness, in all the world's poetry. Here are a few quotations from Savitri in this volume. May they inspire us and move us to pray and aspire for earth's rapid healing and transformation. Earth is the chosen place of mightiest souls; Earth is the heroic spirit's battlefield, The forge where the Arch-mason shapes his works.

All earth shall be the Spirit's manifest home, Hidden no more by the body and the life, Hidden no more by the mind's ignorance; An unerring Hand shall shape event and act.

And here the promise of the Avatar: The truth above shall wake a nether truth; Even the dumb earth become a sentient force. Then man and superman shall be at one And all the earth become a single life. Sri Aurobindo once wrote to a disciple, Dilip Kumar Roy, long before the Gaia theory was expounded, the following, (paraphrased). The earth is a conscious being and the world is only the form it has taken to manifest.

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