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Inspiration from Savitri: Music and Sound (Volume 5)

Inspiration from Savitri: Music and Sound (Volume 5)
Item Code: NAV747
Author: Narad (Richard Eggenberger)
Publisher: Savitri Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789382547617
Pages: 550
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch

Savitri is the embodiment of the Solar Word itself, the creative energy flowing forth from the core of our existence, the vibrant expression of a new consciousness-force emanating straight from the source, coming into our life with its cosmic dance of a myriad of meaningful words and intentional rhythms charged with the infinite origin, the refreshing wellspring of eternal silence.

This compilation on "Music and Sound", from the series of 'Inspiration from Savitri' with its varied themes, dives straight into, and wonderfully elaborates the creative process of the expression of the original vibration in sound and word. Each of the selected words represents an aspect and describes an occurrence of, and can bring into direct experience, this streaming forth of the Divine Word into a new creation. From an inarticulate whisper to a thunderous roaring, from a simple tone to ecstatic symphonies, from a poetic strain to a radiant hymn, one can find and discover in each quote a reference or living image of the multitudinous power of the one vibration as it morphs and manifests into shades and forms of the living expression of the sacred, effectuating word.

Reading silently and preferably speaking aloud the rhythmic verses lets one participate in this constant flow of heard sound and seen image of the Seer-Hearer of the Truth, the Rishi, who not only shares his deep and direct experience of all the layers and dimension of the world, but can convey and imbibe this multi-sensory perception of reality through the medium of the mantra, the sacred syllable, word and rhythm.


Since my childhood I have been surrounded by song, immersed in harmonies and winged in melody. We all sang as one in praise, in joy and in sorrow.

When I left the path of religion and came to Mother my audience with Her lasted about an hour. After She gave me my initiation She also gave me my first adesh, "You must bring down a New Music. When I replied to Mother, "Mother, I don't know anything about combining words and music", Mother replied, "No, no, you must go far above words and bring down the pure music."

For more than fifty years I have been listening to music from all parts of the world seeking to catch at least a few moments of the New Music. This search culminated approximately ten years ago in the formation of the first OM Choirs, a result of a inspiration received through the Divine Grace.

The OM Choirs, now beginning is many countries throughout the world, aspire as a group soul, a holy body, to become instruments for His song. In the Ashram and in Auroville seekers and devotees come together each week - and the descent comes in great waves through the power of OM.

The transcendent music of Savitri has guided me all these years and I have found in it the plenitude of inspiration that informs and inspires the OM Choirs and opens the heart centre, infusing it with light, allowing the mantric lines to transcend the small human personality and begin, or rather continue, the transformation of our nature and the healing of the earth.

The music and rhythm of Savitri descends Word of the New Creation, Inspiration from the Life Divine on earth. Immerse yourself in these passages, repeated numerous times in various sections, for here you will find in Sri Aurobindo's eternal words, in poetry that will touch the chords of your soul and, in the silence that follows a passage, take you to realms of beauty and truth inconceivable before the writing of Savitri.

Each of these books offer an entry into Savitrithrough a key word (and ultimately the complete sentence) to inspire everyone, those with varying personalities, sensitivities and inner openings of the mind, others predisposed to the search for the Divine through knowledge, somewho seek Him throughbhakti, the heart's aspiration, others who are drawn to Him bybeauty and all, in the deepest part of their being, who aspire to be guided by the soul's choice to the transformation of earth and men to a life divine on earth. If even one word or phrase rings in your consciousness, one line reverberates in your inner being, then these books will have meaning for the world and help lead us to the glorious and golden future promised by the Avatars of the New World, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Included in this volume are Sri Aurobindo's writings on OM and The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on Mantra and on Music.

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